Yellowjackets Season 2 Predictions: A compendium of the top fan premises on the internet

Yellowjackets, a series on Showtime follows the story of four highly skilled teenage girls who are part of a soccer team. They take a journey to Seattle for a national tournament, but their plane goes down in the Canadian wilderness and they are stuck there for almost two years. The series follows their attempts to survive the harsh conditions while also keeping up with their lives in 2021.

As the story progresses, the team splits into different groups and they find themselves struggling to survive and make peace with each other. The show follows the girls as they go from being a team to becoming adversaries and also reveals the aftermath of their survival 25 years later.


The cast includes Lauren Ambrose, Sophie Nélisse, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Sophie Thatcher, Sammi Hanratty, Melanie Lynskey, Tawny Cypress, Christina Ricci, and Juliette Lewis. YellowJacket Season 2 which will premiere on Showtime is sure to bring some exciting new plotlines.

The show will be released at the end of March and anticipation is high among fans, who are already making guesses about what might happen in the new season. Let’s have a look at the predictions for the new season.

Gruesome Reality: Full-Blown Cannibalism Emerges


The showrunners for the drama series have all but confirmed that the girls will resort to cannibalism in the upcoming Season 2. Lyle, one of the showrunners, told The Playlist that they are aware that they have tried the viewers’ patience with the tease of cannibalism in the first episode. She promised that they wouldn’t be dragging it out much longer and encouraged viewers to be ready.

Although she didn’t explicitly say that there would be cannibalism in the new season, it appears that it will be necessary as the cold and snow, as well as the food shortage, will drive them to it. It would be too much of a wait to keep viewers waiting for another season and thus unlikely that the showrunners would drag it out.

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Jackie’s Fate Uncertain: Will Cannibalism Claim Another Victim?

jackie yellowjackets

At the end of Season 1, it was revealed that Jackie had frozen to death. So, it can be expected that what happens to her body will be shown early in Season 2. A Reddit user proposed the theory that the team would eat Jackie’s body.

However, this was mostly shot down in the comments, with people suggesting that they would likely bury or burn her body, either with a Viking funeral or on a pyre, similar to what they had done when they thought Van had died. Although some of the team members may not object to consuming Jackie’s body, it is hard to picture Shauna allowing this to happen.

Dynamic Duo Team Up to Uncover Missing Friend’s Whereabouts

Misty and Natalie

Misty won’t take long to realize Natalie is missing and was taken against her will. Her captors left a shattered door and Natalie’s phone with a suspicious voicemail, which makes it clear that something isn’t right.

Nowlan101 on Reddit suggested that Misty will likely deduce something is wrong and enlist Kevyn Tan, a real detective, for help. This further shows that Misty is capable of being a citizen detective and that Kevyn Tan will be the one to provide the professional assistance Misty needs.

Will Fate Smile on Shauna’s Baby? The Answer Will Be Revealed!

shuana yellowjacket

Shauna’s pregnancy presents a multitude of possibilities, most of which are not particularly positive. She could suffer a miscarriage or stillbirth, the baby could be born alive but later die or be killed, or she could manage to conceal the birth and put the baby up for adoption. It is difficult to predict how far along Shauna is at the end of Season 1, as the showrunners decided to omit a timeline in order to keep the show feeling disorienting.

However, if the proposed timeline of four to five months for Season 1 is accurate, then the baby’s fate could be revealed in Season 2. If Shauna makes it to term, the birth of the baby could be a major plot point in the season finale.

The Secret Behind Adam’s Identity to be Unveiled!


It is unfortunate that Adam has seemingly died, as Peter Gadiot is pleasing to look at. However, it appears that his story is not over yet. In the finale, we see Shauna’s husband and daughter watching a news report about his disappearance. It is likely that the police will soon be looking for Shauna and asking questions. One of the biggest questions is how much was Adam lying about. Was he simply a guy who became infatuated with Shauna and told some untruths to try to impress her, or was there something more nefarious behind his motives?

There has been speculation that he is actually grown-up Javi, however, it seems strange that he was killed off before this was revealed. We may not know the answers to these questions until Season 2, however whatever the truth is, the repercussions of his death will be felt. Whether he was Javi, a cult member, or just a random person who became involved with Shauna, his story is not over yet.

Unraveling the Mystery of Javi’s Disappearance


Javi’s strange behaviour in the second to last episode of the season had everyone puzzled. He disappeared into the woods after consuming some kind of hallucinogenic drug, leaving everyone including himself in a state of confusion. As the season finale approached, Travis decided to try and find Javi, but his efforts were fruitless and there was no sign of him.

It is difficult to imagine that the show will simply ignore the fact that Javi is missing and whether or not he is still alive. This major plot point will have to be addressed in the next season if the show wants to keep its viewers interested and engaged.

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The Mystery of the Man in the Attic Unveiled


The cabin in the woods that the Yellowjackets moved into had been occupied by someone else prior to them and they discover the deceased body of this person in the attic. After they find another, smaller plane nearby, they assume that it belongs to the person. In the finale, Jackie is drifting off and has a dream which Laura Lee interrupts.

A man then appears in the shadows and tells Jackie that they have been waiting for her. Through the opening credits, this character had only been seen briefly, but more of him is expected in the following episodes. Showrunner Bart Nickerson has confirmed that they know who the man is and have a plan for him.

Van Makes a Miracle Reappearance – Taissa Holds the Key


Some people think Tai is unknowingly part of Lottie’s cult, and it would explain why her sleepwalking habit has come back. This would mean she’s doing things like consuming dirt, climbing trees, and potentially even sacrificing the family dog. Showrunners have revealed this so early on in the series though, which makes it feel like a red herring. An alternate theory is that it’s not Tai, but Van, who is involved in the cult.

We saw Van acting very cult-like with Lottie in the Season 1 finale, and if she survived, it’s not unreasonable to think she would still be loyal to Lottie as an adult. There are also hints early in the season that Sammy has seen Van with his mom during her sleepwalking episodes.

A Reddit user wrote: “In the ritual room, it definitely looked like there was an outline of a door. Perhaps it’s not really Tai, but someone else doing this? I like the idea that it is Van. And in Episode 2, I believe Sammy drew a picture with a red-haired woman.”

Wrap Up

Yellow Jacket season 2 predictions can be summed up as exciting and full of surprises. The show’s intense drama and compelling characters have garnered a loyal fan base that is eagerly anticipating the next season. Fans have speculated that the show will explore the mysterious past of its main character, the enigmatic Yellow Jacket.

There may also be a deeper look into the world of espionage and how it affects the characters. The stakes are high and the action is sure to be intense. It’s also possible that the show will dive into the personal relationships between the characters, with more development of their backstories and deeper character insights. With the anticipated building, it’s safe to say that Yellow Jacket season 2 will be an action-packed thrill ride for viewers. Season 2 will premiere on March 26, 2023, on Showtime.

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