‘Succession’ Season 4 is All About Family Ties and Power Struggles: A Must-Watch Review

Succession is a show about the Logans who are renowned for owning and managing the preeminent media and entertainment corporation in the world. However, everything is altered when their father resigns from the business.

The fourth and final season of Succession is a testament to HBO’s creative courage in knowing when to leave the spotlight. While the show has built steadily in popularity over the seasons, watching Succession, it feels like it has yet to reach the level of acclaim and viewership of shows like watching House of the Dragon and also watching The Last of Us.


However, it can be confidently said that it is one of the funniest and most addictive shows of the last decade. The most recent episode, titled “The Munsters” and alluding to one of Logan’s more scathing insults, was written by Jesse Armstrong and directed by Mark Mylad.

The only real criticism of the show is that not all episodes are as strong as those written and directed by the “Dream Team” of Jesse Armstrong and Mark Mylad. The season three finale was undoubtedly one of the most compelling episodes of TV, exploring the mean and nasty world of I Claudius (a novel by Robert Graves and a 1970s TV show). It is no surprise that actor Brian Cox is so perfect for this role, having discussed method acting in a recent quote.

Discovering the Beginning: Unveiling the Story Behind the Episodes

Diving into this episode of the show, the title sequence is always accompanied by music and a montage that gets viewers ready to watch people interact in an unkind way. This episode focuses on the Pierce family bidding war for PGM (Pierce Global Media), a legacy media company that is slowly declining in value. It is similar to CNN in terms of its politics and influence.

The sale of Waystar Royco to Gojo has made the Pierce children much wealthier and they are now looking to invest in this company. The Hundred is a new venture they are looking to launch and while it appears to be a disruptive innovator in the world of information, Roman says it’s ironic rather than iconic.


The emotions of the family members drive up the price, which Logan wanted to be 6 billion, but due to their interactions and conversations, the price keeps going up. Roman tries to tap the brakes at one point, but Logan calls the three kids ‘morons’ for agreeing to the 10 billion dollar offer.

The plot of the show isn’t always the most important part; it’s the little details, exchanges, and interactions that make it special. There are some highlights worth noting, and it will be interesting to see if the family regrets paying 10 billion for the company over the course of the season.

Logan’s Unstoppable Rage: An Unpredictable Journey From Topic to Topic


Logan was not particularly happy when he saw that Greg had brought a date, Bridget, to his birthday party. His reaction showed his rage and it was entertaining to watch as he teased Greg. It was unclear if Bridget was a spy or a random guest, as she carried a big bag with her. When Greg and Tom talked about the cameras Logan had installed, Greg was convinced by Tom that he should confess to Logan.

Logan was in the middle of trying to negotiate with the Pierces when his kids outbid him. This is how the episode got its title, “Meet the Monsters.” Logan’s rage was unpredictable as it moved from one topic to another. He was determined to figure out why Greg had brought Bridget to the party, and it was amusing to watch him torment Greg. Logan’s behavior showed no bounds, and it was delightful to watch.

Greg’s Lusty Adventure: A Tale of Unanticipated Passion

Greg Succession

Greg was feeling anxious and requested to have a private conversation. What started out as an exciting experience for Greg quickly changed, when Logan called on Carl and Frank to tell a joke. Greg attempted to interject with his own joke, however, Logan quickly retorted with a joke of his own. This joke resulted in the entire room erupting with laughter as Greg was left feeling embarrassed.

To add to the humiliation, Logan then asked if anyone wanted to smell Greg’s finger. All of this was too much for the audience, who were laughing uncontrollably throughout this episode. It was clear that Logan had the upper hand, and Greg was regretting his initial decision.

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Connor Fights to Hang On to His Position in the Polls as Election Day Nears

succession connor

Connor is a character on a TV show who is running for office and is worried about his one percent position in the polls. He fears that he may be considered a laughing stock if his poll numbers dip any lower, so he decides to spend a hundred million dollars to increase his visibility and make his wedding a spectacle for the media.

Connor’s antics are often humorous and amusing, but Shiv, another character on the show, also had a few great zingers. Regardless of their differences, both characters bring a unique form of comedy to the show. Connor’s fear of failure and his attempts to overcompensate make him a comical character and Shiv’s sarcasm and wit add an extra layer of amusement.


Though their personalities are vastly different, both characters contribute to the comedic quality of the show. The election is fast approaching and the stakes are high for Connor. His position in the polls may be slipping and his one percent rating is in jeopardy.

He’ll stop at nothing to ensure that he’s not seen as a laughing stock, even if it means spending a fortune of money and making a spectacle of his wedding. Connor’s fear and determination make him a source of comedy, while Shiv’s wit and sarcasm provide a sharp contrast. Together, they make this episode of TV a great source of entertainment.

Torture or Tough Love: Is Logan Crossing the Line With His Kids?


This episode of Succession had a mix of humor and sadness as the writers explored how Logan’s lack of close relationships leaves him lonely and isolated. His children are also on their way to being like him and this is highlighted in Shiv’s return to her home for a few of her belongings. She finds the place dark and the dog barks as if she’s a stranger.

Tom and Shiv have a moment of honesty and connection where they just lie down on the bed exhausted and just hold hands. However, their relationship is on the rocks and they are brutally frank with each other. While Logan may have the stomach for torture, his impatience means he wouldn’t make a good torturer.

 brian cox

The dark humor of the writers’ room is revealed here as they come up with some of the most creative insults imaginable. The humor is also present when Greg reports on Logan wandering around The Newsroom floor, comparing the situation to Jaws if everyone in Jaws worked for Jaws. All in all, the episode is filled with great lines, frank conversations, and bleak moments.

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Carl Brings the Laughs in a Bidding War: Even Frank Can’t Help But Love Him


Carl is a beloved character on the show and when he said something funny, the viewer couldn’t help but laugh. Even though he’s been around for a while, Carl still managed to surprise viewers with his wit. As the show progresses, fans hope that Jerry, another beloved character, will get some more “Zinger moments”–moments where his sharpness and wit shine.

Jerry has been an MVP of the show in previous seasons and viewers are confident he’s going to get some great scenes in the upcoming episodes. As viewers, we’ve become so familiar with these characters that it’s almost weird to refer to them by their character names and not the actors who portray them.

Wrap Up

Succession has been talked about a lot, and the actors in it were perfect for the roles they were given. Everyone involved in the show has created something special, which will be very hard to beat. Even small details like Logan watching TV at night and talking to Sid Peach are memorable and demonstrate the power of media, entertainment, technology, and influential people when it comes to information and how it affects us. This show has become one of the most important of this era, teaching us to be analytical and critical about where our news and information comes from and to always look at it with skepticism.

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