UK Amazon Prime Channels List, Trials, Costs & Offers- Updated

The subscribers of the Amazon TV Channels and Prime videos will get all the offers, free trial benefits, and price charges. Amazon channels will charge you 7 to 30 days of free trials and cost you £1.99 and £14.99/month. Here is the up-to-date list of all the Amazon Channels in the UK. 

Some of the videos are not available on Prime video channels and are difficult to find. So don’t worry this list contains all the hidden Amazon Prime channels and is easy for you to steam. This compilation brimming with options, complements your Amazon Prime channels subscription UK, ensuring a seamless entertainment experience. Explore Amazon Prime channels free trials, costs, and offers to enhance your Amazon Prime channel list in the UK. Enjoy a treasure trove of content on the best Amazon Prime channels UK in 2023!

What Are The Benefits of Amazon Prime Channels?

Amazon Prime channels facilitate their users to cancel the subscription at any time if they are not interested in the content free of cost. The devices like Smart Tv, mobile, Apple TV, and Roku have compatibility with prime videos will add extra benefits to Amazon prime channels.

How To Cancel Amazon Prime Channels Before Paying

Follow these simple steps to cancel Amazon Prime subscription before paying the charges.

  • Open the prime video page and click on Manager your Prime Video Channel
  • Click on cancel subscription
  • Now click on turn off Auto renew
  • Happy streaming until your trail ends

Amazon Channels with Prices & Trail Offers

Following is the list of best Amazon Prime channels UK has:

  • Acacia TV – 7 Days Free Then £5.99/Month
  • Acorn TV – 14 Days Free Then £4.99/Month
  • ALCHEMIYA – 7 Days Free Then £3.99/Month
  • Arrow TV – 7 Days Free Then £4.99/Month
  • Azoomee Video – 7 Days Free Then £3.99/Month
  • BeFit – 7 Days Free Then £5.99/Month
  • BFI Player – 7 Days Free Then £4.99/Month
  • BritBox – 7 Days Free Then £5.99/Month
  • Crime+Investigation – 7 Days Free Then £3.99/Month
  • CuriosityStream – 7 Days Free Then £2.79/Month
  • Curzon – 7 Days Free Then £6.99/Month
  • Daily Burn – 30 Days Free Then £14.99/Month
  • Dekkoo – 7 Days Free Then £7.99/Month
  • Discovery Plus – 7 Days Free Then £4.99/Month
  • Discovery Plus With Sport – £6.99/Month
  • Discovery Kids – 7 Days Free Then £3.99/Month
  • Docsville – 7 Days Free Then £3.99/Month
  • DocuBay – 7 Days Free Then £3.99/Month
  • Echoboom Sports – 7 Days Free Then £3.99/Month
  • Eros Now – 7 Days Free Then £3.99/Month
  • Eurosport Player – 7 Days Free Then £6.99/Month
  • Fandor – 7 Days Free Then £3.49/Month
  • Filmbox Live – 7 Days Free Then £4.99/Month
  • Full Moon – 7 Days Free Then £3.99/Month
  • Gaia – 7 Days Free Then £8.99/Month
  • H&C TV – 7 Days Free Then £5.99/Month
  • Hallmark TV – 7 Days Free Then £4.49/Month
  • Hayu – 7 Days Free Then £4.99/Month
  • Here TV – 7 Days Free Then £3.99/Month
  • History Hit – 7 Days Free Then £6.99/Month
  • HISTORY Play – 7 Days Free Then £3.99/Month
  • Hopster – 7 Days Free Then £4.99/Month
  • Icon Film – 7 Days Free Then £4.49/Month
  • ITV Hub+ 7 Days Free Then £3.99/Month
  • LaLiga TV – £7.99/Month
  • LIONSGATE+ – 7 Days Free Then £5.99/Month
  • Marquee TV – 7 Days Free Then £8.99/Month
  • MGM – 7 Days Free Then £4.49/Month
  • MotorTrend – 7 Days Free Then £3.99/Month
  • Motorland – 7 Days Free Then £1.99/Month
  • MTV Play – 30 Days Free Then £3.99/Month
  • MUBI – 7 Days Free Then £9.99/Month
  • Nautical Channel – 7 Days Free Then £3.99/Month
  • NextUp Comedy – 7 Days Free Then £9.99/Month
  • Noggin – 7 Days Free Then £2.99/Month
  • Okidoki – 7 Days Free Then £3.99/Month
  • Paramount+ – 7 Days Free Then £6.99/Month
  • Pash – 7 Days Free Then £2.99/Month
  • PBS America On Demand – 7 Days Free Then £3.49/Month
  • Pinoy Box Office – 7 Days Free Then £1.99/Month
  • Pokemon – 7 Days Free Then £2.99/Month
  • Pongalo Next – 7 Days Free Then £2.99/Month
  • Premier Sports – £14.99/Month
  • Realeyz – 7 Days Free Then £4.99/Month
  • Shorts TV – 7 Days Free Then £3.99/Month
  • Shout! Factory TV – 7 Days Free Then £2.99/Month
  • Shudder – 7 Days Free Then £4.99/Month
  • Stingray Classica – 7 Days Free Then £5.99/Month
  • Stingray dJazz – 7 Days Free Then £3.99/Month
  • Stingray Karaoke – 7 Days Free Then £5.99/Month
  • Stingray Qello Concerts – 7 Days Free Then £9.99/Month
  • Sundance Now – 7 Days Free Then £5.99/Month
  • The Great Courses – 7 Days Free Then £5.49/Month
  • TV 1000 Russian Kino – 7 Days Free Then £2.99/Month
  • Up Family – 7 Days Free Then £3.49/Month

What is Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video is a streaming service provided by Amazon, one of the world’s leading online retailers and technology businesses. It provides customers with access to a large range of movies, TV series, original material, documentaries, and other video content for online streaming.

What are Amazon Prime Video Channels?

Amazon Prime Video Channels is a feature offered by Amazon Prime Video that allows subscribers to add and access additional premium channels and streaming services to their Prime Video subscription. Instead of needing separate subscriptions and apps for each channel, users can add these channels directly through their Amazon Prime Video account, providing a more integrated and convenient viewing experience.

Here’s how Amazon Prime Video Channels work:

  1. Channel Selection: Amazon Prime members can choose from a variety of channels, each specializing in different types of content. These channels may include premium movie channels, specialized content providers, and niche streaming services. Examples of popular channels available through Amazon Prime Video Channels might include HBO, Showtime, Starz, CBS All Access (now known as Paramount+), Cinemax, and more.
  2. Subscription Cost: Each channel comes with its own subscription fee, which is billed directly through the Amazon Prime Video account. The cost of adding a channel varies depending on the channel itself and the specific terms of the subscription.
  3. Convenient Billing: Instead of managing multiple individual subscriptions and payments, Amazon combines the billing for these channels with the user’s existing Amazon Prime subscription fee. This can simplify the process and make it easier to keep track of expenses.
  4. Single Sign-On: Once a channel is added to the user’s Amazon Prime Video account, they can access the content directly from within the Amazon Prime Video app or website. This eliminates the need to switch between different apps and services.
  5. Integration with Amazon Features: Amazon Prime Video Channels benefit from various Amazon features, such as user profiles, parental controls, and personalized recommendations, enhancing the overall viewing experience.
  6. Flexibility and No Long-Term Commitment: Users have the flexibility to add and remove channels as they desire. There is no long-term commitment, and channels can be canceled at any time. This allows subscribers to tailor their content lineup based on their interests and preferences.

How to sign up to Amazon Prime Video?

  1. Visit the Amazon Website: Go to the Amazon website ( using a web browser on your computer or mobile device.
  2. Create an Amazon Account: If you don’t already have an Amazon account, click on the “Sign In” button at the top right corner of the page, then click “Create your Amazon account.” Follow the prompts to provide your name, email address, and password. If you already have an Amazon account, sign in using your existing credentials.
  3. Choose a Subscription Plan: After creating or signing in to your Amazon account, you’ll be presented with various subscription options. Look for the “Prime” membership and select the subscription plan that suits you. Amazon often offers different plans, such as monthly or annual subscriptions.
  4. Payment Information: You’ll need to provide your payment information to complete the subscription process. Amazon Prime is a paid service, so you’ll need to enter a valid credit card or other payment method.
  5. Confirmation and Benefits: Once your payment information is processed, you’ll receive a confirmation email from Amazon. This email will contain information about your Amazon Prime membership and its benefits, including access to Amazon Prime Video.
  6. Access Amazon Prime Video: To start using Amazon Prime Video, go to the Amazon website and sign in using your Amazon account credentials. You’ll see the “Prime Video” option in the top navigation bar. Click on it to access the Amazon Prime Video content library.
  7. Download the App: If you prefer to watch on mobile devices, download the Amazon Prime Video app from your device’s app store (Google Play Store for Android devices, App Store for iOS devices). Sign in using your Amazon account, and you’ll have access to the same content as on the website.


As you can see from above Amazon Prime offers a bunch of prime video channels you can subscribe to according to your preference. Amazon Prime Channels have a diverse array of content, prices, and free trials. The Prime Video Channels subscriptions UK cater to a wide spectrum of preferences.

The comprehensive Amazon channels list and prices let you curate a personalized streaming lineup. With the best free channels on Amazon Prime, an abundance of choices awaits you. Delve into Amazon Prime Channel offers and free trials, making your streaming truly exciting.


How do I get different channels on Amazon Prime UK?

Gaining access to Prime Video Channels is straightforward. Log into your Prime Video account via the web, navigate to the Amazon Prime Channels tab in the top navigation bar, and explore the array of available channels.

Do you get all the channels on Amazon Prime?

No, Prime Video Channels are separate from your Amazon Prime channels subscription. These are additional paid subscriptions that provide access to content from third-party premium networks and various streaming entertainment Prime Video channels.

Can I share my Amazon Prime channels?

Certainly, you can maximize your Prime membership by extending delivery perks, movies, TV shows, eBooks, and more with up to six individuals. From expedited shipping to premium streaming via Prime Video, a Prime membership offers diverse advantages.

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