Ultimate Showdown: Succession Season 4 Finale Predictions – Who Will Reign Supreme?

The time has come to witness the Succession Season 4 finale, a gripping saga with Machiavellian twists and cutthroat power struggles. The Roy family’s empire teeters on the brink of collapse. Mark your calendars for the Succession finale date. HBO will air the highly anticipated Succession Season 4 finale on Monday, May 28, 2023.

As the critically acclaimed series reaches its climax, viewers will be treated to suspense and intrigue. Set against the backdrop of the ruthless corporate world, this electrifying drama has become a cultural phenomenon. As the Succession finale unfolds, prepare for the rollercoaster of emotions, shocking revelations, and the ultimate battle for supremacy within the walls of Waystar Royco.

Sneak Peek of Epic Showdown in Series Finale

HBO has released an exciting sneak peek of the Succession finale, an ultimate showdown for control of Waystar between the Roy siblings. The episode concluded with Kendall and Roman joining forces to challenge Shiv. She has aligned herself with GoJo CEO Lukas Matsson, to determine the fate of the GoJo deal. In the preview, concerned Shiv enters the board meeting as Matsson issues a warning, promising a cutthroat fight: “We’re gonna cut s–t close to the bone. We’re gonna get right f–king in there. It’s gonna get nasty.”

The tension between Kendall and Roman is also evident in the Succession finale, as Roman asserts that their father intended for him to take the reins at Waystar. “If we want to hold onto this company for us, we have to go into battle with our own version of the future… with a king.” It offers glimpses of Shiv attempting to reconcile with Tom “I know that we’ve said the worst things… but I just wanted to get a few things straight.

Other intriguing moments include Stewy’s presence at the board meeting, the return of Caroline and a furious outburst from Matsson. These hints leave viewers questioning whether the Nordic tech mogul will succeed in gaining control of Waystar after all. As anticipation builds for the HBO series Succession finale, it has primed audiences for an epic climax as the power dynamics within the Roy family reach the peak while the fate of the company hangs in the balance.

Succession Predictions: Spoilers for the episode ahead!

Heading into the final moments of the penultimate episode, Church and State, the audience is left with a sense of anticipation as the 90-minute finale episode approaches. With each passing episode, the pressure is on for the Succession Season 4 finale, titled With Open Eyes. To tie up loose ends, resolve subplots, and conclude character arcs in the world of Waystar Royco. Delve into succession predictions on what awaits our morally complex yet captivating characters.

succession season 4 finale predictions

The CEO Succession at Waystar Royco Intensifies

The most pressing question revolves around who will seize the coveted CEO position. Kendall appears to be in a prime position after the events of Episode 9 Church and State. His increasing ruthlessness, mirrored shades of his father Logan. With the support of godfather Frank and his ability to manipulate the media narrative surrounding Waystar Royco, Kendall seems poised to become CEO by embodying the very man he tried to eliminate repeatedly.

succession season 4 ep 9

However, Shiv shouldn’t be underestimated. While her business acumen may not match her self-perception, her recklessness leads her to promise loyalty. It’s worth noting that Shiv is exhibiting traits reminiscent of her despised mother. Additionally, Roman grief over Logan’s impending demise appears to be a façade, may surprise us.

Could his departure from Logan’s wake and immersion into anti-Waystar Royco protesters signify a complete break from the family? The outcome of his choice remains uncertain, but Kieran Culkin’s portrayal of a shattered youngest son is undeniably heartbreaking.

Tom and Shiv: A Reunion Amidst Misery?

As unpredictable as their relationship may be, there is a possibility that Tom and Shiv will find their way back to each other. However, their reunion may not bring happiness, as they are likely to continue their toxic dynamic. The portrayal of their characters and the dark humor suggest that they may make terrible parents and lead a miserable existence together. In the twisted Succession Season 4 finale, it wouldn’t be surprising to witness their reunion result in shared misery, where they reap what they have sown.


Connor’s International Appointment

Considering Connor’s unique mix of haplessness and self-sufficiency, he has the potential to find contentment in any setting. Whether it’s Marcia’s former home, the New Mexico ranch or even far-flung destinations like Slovenia, Slovakia, North Korea, South Korea, Oman, Peru, Tajikistan, or Uruguay. Connor’s adaptable nature allows him to adapt and find satisfaction wherever he lands.

As long as he has access to modern conveniences and an internet connection, he is likely to navigate any international appointment with relative ease. However, the same may not hold true for Willa, his partner. Her happiness may be more uncertain in this unpredictable scenario.

Colin’s Allegiances

For Colin, aligning himself with Kendall seems like a highly unlikely and unwise move. Although Colin may be lonely and directionless. He previously held significant leverage over Kendall by possessing knowledge of his involvement in a waiter’s death. Joining forces with Kendall would relinquish this leverage, which could have been used to his advantage.

Succession season 4 episode 10

While Kendall may be striving to emulate his father, Logan, Colin should prioritize his own well-being and find a path that allows him to maintain control and autonomy. Ideally, Colin should be able to pursue peace and therapy without getting entangled in Kendall’s web of power games.

Fikret’s Fate in Season 4

With Jess’s departure, it is highly likely that Kendall will hold onto Fikret even more tightly. Fikret’s role in Kendall’s life is expected to grow. Leading to a request for a raise as Kendall increasingly relies on his trusted confidant. Fikret’s loyalty and connection to Kendall could solidify his importance within the dynamics of Waystar Royco, further entwining their fates.

In the complex universe of Succession, where relationships are fraught with dysfunction, characters’ futures are often clouded in misery, and unexpected turns of events are the norm. These predictions offer possibilities for the Succession finale while acknowledging the show’s penchant. Only time will reveal the true outcomes for Tom, Shiv, Connor, Colin, and Fikret in this dramatic saga.

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Ebba’s Calculated Move

Following the revelation that Ebba, Lukas Matsson’s sexually harassed head of communications, has been leaking information to Hugo, it is highly likely that she has been building an exit strategy. With her knowledge of Matsson’s activities and potentially damaging information about Waystar Royco, Ebba may leverage these secrets.

To protect herself and ensure a smooth departure from the chaotic world she finds herself in. Matsson’s decision to send her blood bricks, now potentially regrettable. It may become a catalyst for Ebba’s strategic maneuvering as she uses her insider knowledge to her advantage.

The GoJo Deal and Mencken’s Manipulations

The fate of the GoJo deal hangs in the balance as Jeryd Mencken, the probable president-elect, exerts his influence. He may use the deal as a means to demonstrate his power over the CEO brothers, Kendall and Roman. Despite Matsson’s call to Shiv portrayed by Sarah Snook, the unpredictability of both Mencken and Matsson raises doubts about the ultimate outcome. The deal’s future remains uncertain, and the boardroom showdown in the Succession finale may shed further light on its direction.

succession predictions

Gerri’s Departure and Potential Return

While it is hoped that Gerri has fully exited Royco, the possibility remains. She could be rehired in the event of the GoJo deal’s success. Gerri’s potential return would exemplify the duality of female empowerment within a system that perpetuates harm. Whether Gerri reappears in the finale or not, her character’s impact on the narrative has left an indelible mark.

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Final Verdict

In Succession ending season 4, the Shakespearean undertones and intricate character dynamics promise an explosive and emotionally charged conclusion. In the highly anticipated Succession Season 4 finale, the stakes have never been higher for the Roy family. With Kendall positioning himself as the rightful heir, Roman questioning his place in the family, and Shiv willing to make ruthless sacrifices for power, tensions are at an all-time high.

Succession Season 4 finale sneak peak left fans anticipating. What lies ahead for this captivating and morally ambiguous world of wealth, influence, and the ruthless pursuit of power. In the impending Succession Season 4 finale, the answers to these speculations and the fate Ebba, the GoJo deal will unfold.

Providing closure to some storylines while leaving room for unexpected twists and turns. With the weight of their family legacy on their shoulders, each sibling must confront their own demons and make choices that will shape their future.

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