‘1923’ Review: Will the prequel be up to the mark of Yellowstone fans?

The “Yellowstone” creator and relentless workhorse of Paramount+ Taylor Sheridan has already established himself as a prolific writer with a well-defined vision for the stories he wants to convey. Three “Yellowstone” spin-offs including “1923” are among his outstanding list of dramas featuring cowboys cobras and corrupt cops.

Harrison Ford making his series television debut and Helen Mirren are part of Sheridan’s cast in “1923.” The connection between Mirren and Ford who are both in their 80s and are also no strangers to action badassery. It makes for such a compelling match that “1923” feels like an improved version of Sheridan’s neo-Western fare.


The iconic American picture of Harrison Ford firing a gun is almost wholly unrelated to the iconic American genre that so frequently produces such macho iconography.

For those who haven’t seen “1883” a spoiler alert: Elsa recounts the fate of her family after her limited series ended while narrating from beyond the grave. In essence Elsa conveys in her trademark overdone breathy narration that her parents who were portrayed on the series by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill fell on hard feet as “1923” presents the newly updated environment 40 years later. Her younger brother John was the only one of her siblings to live.

Banner Creighton (Game of Thrones‘ Jerome Flynn) a Scottish-born sheep herder will be one of those issues. He was originally depicted raising hell at being refused access to the Duttons’ land for grazing. Flynn will make a formidable opponent as evidenced by his sharp gaze and barely contained wrath. Beyond the premiere episode the only one from the first of two eight-episode seasons planned for “1923” there will be many more enemies to defeat.


Ben Richardson a former cinematographer who is now Taylor Sheridan in-house filmmaker expertly captured the action in “1923”. Sheridan certainly knows how to write some wonderful melodramatic language about folks. Who “survived every horror the 20th century hurled at them.” Or Harrison Ford complaining about the “bullies moaning about the repercussions of the rules they disobeyed”. And the “local hypocrisy” which honestly sounds a lot like a modern-day dig at Republicans for everyone who calls Sheridan a conservative.

Jack Dutton John Dutton Srson is about to wed the strong and capable Elizabeth Strafford (Michelle Randolph). The devoted ranch hands Zane (Brian Geraghty) and Emma Dutton (Marley Shelton) John Dutton Srwife. Sheridan knows how to pick them because Mann and Randolph. Much like Isabel May already feel like stars in the making.


All things considered the plot of “1923” is somewhat murky and perplexing. Sheridan perhaps takes for granted that we may not be as invested in the thorny Dutton family tree as he is. But one supposes the viewer at least gets by.

Anoosha Khan
Anoosha Khan

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