Christina Aguilera is Not Sure of Being in Britney Spears Memoir

Christina Aguilera is unsure if she wants to make a cameo in Britney Spears Memoir, The Woman in Me which is set to release on October 24.

Spears and Aguilera have been in the public eye for nearly their entire lives. The former Mickey Mouse Club stars began their careers alongside each other in the early 1990s and then both blew up the charts later in the decade during a period when the press constantly tried to pit them against each other in a manufactured battle of the pop divas.

Christina Aguilera

Recently, Aguilera was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Kimmel wondered if Aguilera will make a cameo in Spears Memoir? He asked, “Do you think you will be in it? Has she called you and said, ‘hey, heads up?” Auguleira smiled and answered, “Dude, I don’t know”.

Upon further digging Kimmel asked if Auguleira prefers to be in The Woman in Me or not. “Um…you know… for real?” she stammered as Kimmel said he would like to be mentioned in the book that covers Spears’ difficult 13-year conservatorship, her famous head-shaving incident, and Britney’s difficult relationship with her estranged father, Jamie Spears.

“Maybe you will be in it. Let’s put it this way,” Aguilera said. “I’d rather be it you than me. So hopefully you’ll be in it. You’ll make the book.”

Besides that, Christina talked about her family’s super spooky Halloween decorations. Also about her upcoming show in Las Vegas at the Venetian Resort, which is starting on New Year’s Eve weekend.

Aguilera didn’t confirm if she’ll be in Britney’s book, but she hopes for the best and wants to celebrate the future.

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