Jimmy Kimmel Spoof Calls Kim Kardashian for His Late-Night Comeback

To mark the comeback of late-night show, Jimmy Kimmel is immersing himself in the Kardashians world.

Kimmel is set to make his long-awaited return to television on Monday, October 2, presenting the inaugural episodes of Jimmy Kimmel Live since the writers’ strike commenced in May. And who better to share the joyous news with than his close friend, Kim Kardashian? Yet, as we all are aware, conversations with Kim can be quite intense.

In a playful take on the recent Kim and Kourtney feud that has been making rounds on social media, Kimmel is promoting his comeback by creating his rendition of a heated exchange with Kim. The promotional video, shared on his Instagram, depicts Kimmel reaching out to Kim to deliver the exciting news.

Jimmy Kimmel spoofs Kim Kardashian

“I’m very happy,” Kimmel says after sharing the news. “Are you happy for me?”

“Why would I not be happy for you?” asks an incredulous Kim

“I don’t know, you just don’t seem that happy for me. Everyone here is really happy,” Kimmel says into the phone, while his nightly sidekick Guillermo walks by with a celebratory margarita. “It’s been 150 days since we did a show, and I’m happy we’re back at the show. But you don’t care. You don’t even like the show, I guess.”

“No, that’s where I think that you’re wrong,” Kim responds. Their conversation hilariously derails from there.

“She’s a witch — she’s an actual witch,” he later tells Guillermo.

Kimmel, along with other late-night hosts, will return to their regular weekday schedules starting this Monday. While the lineup may be subject to change, the current list of guests expected on Jimmy Kimmel Live includes Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kathy Griffin, Wanda Sykes, and Dax Shephard.

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