How To Watch HBO Max On LGTV in UK [December 2023 Updated]

Here’s a guide for streaming HBO Max on an LGTV in the UK. In August 2021, it was officially launched on LGTV sets. Recently, Warner Media made an exciting announcement that the HBO Go service can now be accessed on LG smart TVs in the United States. This development follows its availability on nearly all other broadcasting platforms. The HBO Max app was initially introduced on LG televisions in Latin America and the Caribbean in June before becoming accessible in the United States. To enjoy the HBO Max best shows in UK, you’ll need a dependable and high-performing VPN, such as ExpressVPN.

How to Watch HBO Max on LGTV in UK Via VPN? (Quick Guide)

  1. To watch movies/TV Shows & Live Sports from a platform that is geo-restricted in the UK, we recommend ExpressVPN OR NordVPN

  2. Download the VPN and connect to a US server.

  3. Log in to your streaming platform.

  4. Find your favorite movie or show and stream it no matter where you are.

Unleash the Ultimate Streaming Experience with HBO Max and LGTV

If you’re someone who loves seamless access to your favourite services, you’re in for a treat, especially if you use live-streaming devices or game consoles. Imagine effortlessly tuning into HBO Max on popular platforms like Apple TV, Chromecast with Google TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Xbox or PlayStation – it’s an entertainment dream come true!

But, if you’re a devoted fan of traditional TV apps, you’ll be thrilled to know that a major update has filled a crucial gap in the LG webOS platform. Now, the list includes all the essential services, making it an even more comprehensive hub for your entertainment needs. It’s time to elevate your viewing experience!

How to Install HBO Max on LG TV?

To install HBO Max on your LG TV, you typically need to follow these steps:

a. Check LG’s App Store: Start by turning on your LG Smart TV and accessing the LG Content Store (also known as the LG App Store) from the TV’s home screen.

b. Search for HBO Max: Use the search function within the LG Content Store to search for “HBO Max.” You should see the HBO Max app in the search results.

c. Download and Install: Select the HBO Max app from the search results, and then click the “Install” or “Download” button to download and install the app on your LG TV.

d. Launch and Sign In: Once the installation is complete, open the HBO Max app, and sign in with your HBO Max account credentials or follow the on-screen instructions to create a new account and subscribe if you haven’t already.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch HBO Max in UK?

You need a VPN to watch HBO Max in UK because HBO Max is geo-restricted outside US. If you want to stream HBO Max, you need a VPN to solve the geo-restriction problem.

Best VPNs to Watch HBO Max in UK?

Express VPN and Nord VPN are the best options for users to access HBO Max outside US. Below we have discussed Express VPN and Nord VPN for your guidance.

ExpressVPN vs NordVPN Features 1
  1. ExpressVPN: ExpressVPN, a beacon of digital privacy, stands tall as a guardian of our online security. With its robust encryption and lightning-fast servers spread across the globe, it seamlessly shields our internet activities from prying eyes. Its user-friendly interface and wide device compatibility make it a trustworthy companion, ensuring our data remains our own, even in the vast expanse of the virtual world.
  2. NordVPN: In the realm where cybersecurity reigns supreme, NordVPN emerges as a stalwart defender of our digital realm. With a vast network of servers and the power of double encryption, it’s a fortress against data breaches and surveillance. NordVPN’s dedication to user anonymity, coupled with its intuitive applications, empowers us to surf the online universe without fear, preserving our privacy as an unyielding priority.

How Do I Sign Up for HBO Max UK in 2023?

a. Check Availability: First, verify if HBO Max has officially launched in the UK by visiting the official HBO Max website or checking the app stores on your device.

b. Create an Account: If HBO Max is available in the UK, you can visit the official website or use the app to create an account. You will need to provide your payment information to subscribe.

c. Subscribe: Choose a subscription plan (if multiple options are available) and complete the subscription process. You may be required to enter your payment details and choose a billing method.

d. Start Streaming: Once you’ve subscribed, you can start streaming HBO Max content on your compatible device, including LG TVs if the app is available.

How Much is HBO Max UK in 2023?

HBO Max have different pricing and plans for different membership plans. However, you can also enjoy and avail HBO Max free trial.

HBO Max Membership PlansPrice (in USD)Price (in GBP)
With Ads$9.99/mo (99.99/yr)£8.04/mo (£80.57/yr)
Ad-free$15.99/mo (149.99/yr)£12.89/mo (£120.87/yr)
Ad-free Ultimate$19.99/mo (199.99/yr)£15.61/mo (£156.22/yr)

How to Setup HBO Max app on your LG Smart TV?

To set up HBO Max on your LG Smart TV, follow these general steps:

a. Connect to the Internet: Make sure your LG Smart TV is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable.

b. Access the LG Content Store: Navigate to the LG Content Store from your TV’s home screen. This is where you can find and download apps.

c. Search for HBO Max: Use the search function within the LG Content Store to search for “HBO Max.”

d. Install HBO Max: When you find the HBO Max app in the search results, select it, and then click the “Install” or “Download” button to install the app on your LG TV.

e. Launch and Sign In: After the installation is complete, open the HBO Max app, and sign in with your HBO Max account credentials or create a new account if you haven’t subscribed yet.

How Can I Watch HBO Max on my Older LG TV?

If you happen to own an older LG TV that lacks direct support for the HBO Max app, there are a couple of handy alternatives at your disposal:

a. Harness the Power of External Streaming Devices: Transform your older LG TV into a streaming powerhouse by connecting an external streaming device like a Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, or Google Chromecast. Simply install the HBO Max app on your chosen external device and start streaming content seamlessly.

b. Unlock Screen Mirroring Capabilities: Some older LG TVs come equipped with screen mirroring features like Miracast or LG Screen Share. Take advantage of this functionality by casting HBO Max from a compatible device, such as a smartphone or tablet, which supports screen mirroring directly to your LG TV.

How Do I Pay for HBO Max in the UK?

Credit Card: You can subscribe to HBO Max by providing your credit card information during the sign-up process.

b. In-App Purchase: If HBO Max is available through app stores like Apple App Store or Google Play Store in the UK, you may be able to subscribe and pay through those platforms.

c. Official Website: Visit the official HBO Max website for the UK and follow the subscription instructions provided there.

How can I watch HBO Max on my LG TV from my iPhone/AirPlay?

To watch HBO Max on your LG TV from your iPhone using AirPlay, you need a compatible LG TV model that supports AirPlay 2. Here’s how to do it:

a. Make sure both your iPhone and LG TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

b. On your iPhone, open the HBO Max app.

c. Start playing the content you want to watch.

d. Swipe down from the upper-right corner of your iPhone screen to open the Control Center.

e. Tap on “Screen Mirroring” or “AirPlay.”

f. Select your LG TV from the list of available devices.

g. The content from your iPhone will be mirrored on your LG TV screen.

How to cast HBO Max on LG TV with Android?

  • Make sure your LG TV and Android devices are on the same Wi-Fi network.
  • On your Android device, download the HBO Max app and sign in.
  • Open the HBO Max app and start playing the content you want to cast.
  • Swipe down from the top of your Android device’s screen to access the Quick Settings menu.
  • Look for the “Cast Screen” or “Screen Mirroring” option and select your LG TV from the list of available devices.
  • Your Android device’s screen should now be mirrored on your LG TV, and the HBO Max content should be visible.

How to watch HBO Max on LG TV by connecting a laptop?

  • Connect your laptop to your LG TV using an HDMI cable.
  • On your laptop, open a web browser and go to the HBO Max website.
  • Sign in to your HBO Max account.
  • Choose the content you want to watch, and it should play on your LG TV.

Can I Watch HBO Max in UK with a Free VPN?

  • Subscribe to a reputable VPN service that offers servers in the US.
  • Install and configure the VPN on your device.
  • Connect to a US server using the VPN.
  • Once your connection is secure, access the HBO Max website or app.
  • Sign in to your HBO Max account and start streaming.

How to watch HBO Max via YouTube TV on LG TV?

  • Ensure you have a YouTube TV subscription that includes HBO Max (as this may vary by region and package).
  • On your LG TV, open the YouTube TV app.
  • Sign in to your YouTube TV account.
  • Navigate to the “Live” or “Library” section to find HBO Max content.
  • Select the HBO Max content you want to watch and start streaming.

How to Install HBO Max on LG TV Outside US?

  • If you are outside the US, HBO Max may not be officially available on your LG TV’s app store.
  • One option is to set up a VPN on your LG TV and connect to a US server. Then, access the LG Content Store, where you may find the HBO Max app available for download.
  • Alternatively, you can use an external streaming device like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, or Apple TV, and set up the VPN on that device. Download the HBO Max app on the external device and stream it on your LG TV.

Wrapping It All Up!

Unlock a treasure trove of entertainment with HBO. Dive into a world brimming with beloved TV series, blockbuster movies, and an extensive library of content, all within your grasp, provided you already have HBO in your repertoire.

Worrying about watching HBO Max on your LGTV in the UK is a thing of the past. Embrace the experience today and indulge in the world of HBO Max on your LGTV. To make it happen without breaking the bank, simply stick with a trustworthy VPN provider that ensures your seamless access. Your gateway to HBO Max awaits – don’t miss out!


What is the best way to receive HBO Max on my LG TV?

Using a VPN to unlock HBO Max in other countries is one method to obtain it on your LG TV. Then utilize screen streaming and AirPlay to play live streaming on your LG TV anywhere.

LG TV HBO Max Will Not Download

If the HBO Max app won’t download, network issues may be at blame. It might be a firmware bug. Try updating or resetting your device. These steps are listed above.
Make sure you have adequate room to download HBO Max. Installing the software on an Apple iPhone requires 75MB of space.

Is my LG TV too old for the HBO Max?

HBO Max is now on some LG TVs with the proper webOS version.

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