‘Zatima’ Season 2 Episode 4: A Masterful Review of the Latest Installment

The audience is excited to watch Zatima season 2, the BET+ series, Zac and Fatima are beginning a new relationship together, but the path they must take is far from smooth. As they start their new life together, they are confronted with a number of issues: secrets, lies, infidelity, and old exes.

They have to find a way to overcome these obstacles and make their relationship work. The couple must learn to handle the highs and lows that come with being in a romantic relationship. They must learn to trust each other and be honest about their feelings.

Zac and Fatima

They must also learn to forgive each other for past mistakes and understand that no relationship is perfect. Through their journey, Zac and Fatima can discover the strength of their love and the potential for a lasting relationship.

Zack’s Confrontation with Fatima and Friend Leads to an Embarrassing Online Video

Episode four of Zatima fans is already creating a buzz and excitement. In season two, episode four, Zack is humiliated when a video of him is posted online following an argument with Fatima and a friend. Fatima is now faced with the difficult task of informing her mother about her relationship with Zack.


Even though episodes had some flawed character motivations and writing, the back half of the episode was a redeeming quality. As soon as Mona, Fatima’s mother, made her appearance on screen, the atmosphere of the episode changed. Her presence was felt even over the phone with Fatima, and it was clear that she did not tolerate any nonsense. It was quite unexpected for her to show up at the house at the end of the episode.

Uncovering Injustices in Latest Episode: Something’s Not Right

This episode of the show starts off with Zach and Fatima talking in an elevator for seven minutes. From the outset, Zach appears to be acting immature and childish, making jokes which don’t land and going off on long tangents.

Meanwhile, Fatima is trying to explain herself, but Zach is not listening. The elevator doors close and they are stuck in there for an hour. Fatima takes off her shoes in discomfort and falls into Paul, who helps her back to her feet. Here, Zach assumes something inappropriate is happening, and refuses to listen to Fatima’s explanation.


This is especially frustrating as Fatima has never given him the benefit of the doubt in the past. This behavior from Zach is immature, and it takes until the 8-minute mark for the episode’s theme song to be heard. Overall, this episode begins with Zach behaving immaturely and Fatima trying to explain herself but is not being listened to.

Angela’s Uncomfortable Picture Reveals Unexpected Tension Between Her and Zach

When Angela showed Zach a picture of him and Karen, it felt very strange. Zach then called out Paul and accused him of being involved in something wrong. He suggested that Paul had been in the area to help Fatima fix her tire and that he was part of the construction team.

Zach’s accusatory approach was very off-putting and he was quickly put in a difficult situation. Paul stated that he had been trained in a lot of different things and that street fighting wouldn’t work. He tried to start again and offered his hand, but Zach headbutted him in the face and ran away.

Fatima and Angela

This was not a good representation of Zach as a character and it showed a lack of respect for Fatima and Paul. It was not a nice way to show his love for Fatima, and it showed a disregard for the situation.

Zach was in a compromising situation and Fatima did not give him the benefit of the doubt. Although this episode was not as good as episode three, Zach can still do better.

She has to make a living, so everyone admires her for doing what she loves. Angela is over at Belinda’s place, talking about collaborating. Everyone knows they have bills to pay, so they appreciate Belinda’s dedication to her podcast. Through her hard work, Belinda has become a successful podcaster and a role model for many people. All of them recognize the dedication she puts into her work and admire her for it.

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Belinda’s Loyalty Outshines Angela’s – A Tale of Two Friends

Angela and Belinda have been friends for a while, but recently there has been a poll circulating around the office that suggests Angela is a worse friend than Belinda. It is unclear how this poll began, but the situation may have been made clearer if there had been a clip to accompany it.

Recently, Paul and Zach had a confrontation in the elevator of the building Paul works and surveillance footage of it has been circulating. Although it is not clear how the footage was released, it is possible that Paul’s team had requested it to ensure the safety of the people in the elevator.


It is also possible that the footage was released against a company policy, similar to the Jay-Z and Beyonce Solange elevator fiasco. Ultimately, the question of how the footage was released is as random as what happened in the last episode.

Andy had asked Fatima to tell the construction team to keep it down over the phone. This happened to be recorded and the clip went viral, leading Angela to show it to Belinda and then send it to her. Angela warned Belinda not to post it and said that it was something that was meant to stay private between them.


Unfortunately, Angela then proceeded to tell Belinda something private about her friend, Fatima. She was trying to make a point that Fatima wasn’t acting funny for no reason and then mentioned how Zach had tried to make a move on her. Angela then left, and we know she has a podcast that she runs. This incident showed how Angela was a bad friend as she had gone against her promise to keep something private.

She was taking advantage of her friend’s trust in her and revealing secrets that weren’t meant for anyone else. This can be seen as a breach of loyalty and respect and would have been damaging to the friendship. It also shows how easy it is for something to become viral and how it can be damaging if it is something private.

Fatima Seethes With Righteous Anger After Angela’s Video Posting Plan

Fatima is angry that Angela was planning on posting a video. Fatima is misunderstanding Angela. Angela is being careless. This was related to a photo of Karen and Zach. Angela was showing the video to people she shouldn’t have.

Fatima then leaves, and Angela takes her drink. A guy attempts to stand up to her and Angela. Everyone in the group hoped Bryce would show up. Nate and Tony then went to the basketball court to talk about the situation, as they knew Connie had recently seen Zach. They spoke about Zach and Connie.

zac and fatima

Back in the day, Zach had a certain look that everyone could read. Fatima was feeling a bit blue, so Tony and Nate decided to have Connie come to the basketball court to try to take Zach’s attention away from her. Tony was surprised that Nate would do this, but Connie was wearing blue, which was their favorite color of Belinda’s.

Connie tried to seduce Zach and remind him of their past, but he was not interested. Zach did a better job of defending his engagement to Fatima than he did with Deja, someone he had just met. Apparently, he had a lot of past relationships, including with Connie and Karen. He even had drunken sex with a stripper, Heather, which could have been avoided if he had stayed with Connie. In the end, Zach quickly left the basketball court.

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Mona Reunites with Fatima After Realizing Her Daughter Has Been M.I.A.

Connie can’t believe it when he steals the basketball, which is quite funny. This leads to Mona, Fatima’s mother, calling her as she realizes that her daughter has been away for three weeks. Care packages were sent, but returned to the sender.


The mailman gave Mona a forwarding address which explains how she knows Zach’s name and where he lives. Mona wants Fatima to invite Zach for dinner with her parents that coming weekend. The episode ends with Zach getting home from the basketball court and finding Deja in the parking lot. She makes up a story about a big guy from one of her “daddies” dropping her, although Zach is able to tell she is lying.

He carries her into the house in a bridal position and she tries to give him head. Zach puts her down, and Mona arrives, asking who he is. Zach is shocked and the episode ends. We applaud Tyler Perry for this episode, as the continuity and writing are good. It is a touching moment when Mona sends care packages to her daughter, and we understand where Fatima gets her looks from. We are also reminded of a scene in Sister series one episode one with the actress portraying Mona who also portrayed Andy’s client.

Wrap Up

In the end, Zac and Fatima managed to navigate the rocky waters of their relationship, overcoming the secrets, lies, infidelity, and exes that threatened to break them apart. Despite the difficult times, their love was strong and resilient, allowing them to work together and grow closer together as a couple. In the end, Zac and Fatima’s journey serves as a reminder that true love is worth fighting for.

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