‘Swarm’ Review: A Beyoncé’s Fan Goes Rogue

Swarm is a new Prime Video show that follows Dre played by Dominique Fishback a fan of the fictional pop singer Naija. It is set between 2016 and 2018 and begins with Dre’s obsession as a fan leading her on an unexpected cross-country journey.

The show is executively produced by Donald Glover along with Janine Nabors and also stars Billie Eilish Chloe Bailey and Damson Idris. Glover directs the pilot episode and it is clear from the beginning that it is intentional not a work of fiction though with any similarities.

The show progresses slowly explaining Dre’s situation and her friends as well as Naija the singer primarily through the lens of social media. It appears to be aimed at a younger generation with a lot of nudity and drug use as well as graphic content. The dialogue writing and obsession with social media seem to fit better with a younger audience despite the explicit content. The show is an interesting exploration of the life of a fan and the lengths one will go to feel connected to their idol.


Unraveling the fascinating storyline

Dre is a young woman who is incredibly passionate about a fictional pop star. This artist has a style and repertoire of music strongly resembling American singer Beyoncé and their fan base is known as ‘The Swarm’ mirroring Beyoncé’s fan base ‘The Bey Hive’. The series follows Dre as she navigates her life and her fandom which often takes her to unexpected sometimes dark places. Dre is an engaging character full of enthusiasm and dedication to the artist that she adores.

The show provides an interesting insight into the life of the young woman exploring her relationship with the fictional pop star and her fan base as well as her personal struggles. By delving into the inner workings of Dre’s fandom the series shows how it affects her daily life and how it takes her on a journey of self-discovery.

As the story progresses viewers get to see Dre grow and develop as well as the consequences of her obsession. The series is a captivating exploration of obsession fandom and identity. It provides an interesting insight into the world of fan culture and the impact it can have on people’s lives. It is a thought-provoking and entertaining look.

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The Second Episode Had Same Excitment

The second episode of this series was similar to the first one in that there wasn’t a great deal of activity then suddenly all the action happened. This was repeated for the entire series which had seven episodes but there may have been some changes in episodes three and four.

The writing style was questionable as it felt like it was aimed at a younger possibly female audience which didn’t capture the interest of the general viewer. The dialogue felt realistic and natural as people in these situations would likely talk like that however it became grating and irritating to listen to due to the repetition and predictability of the lines. This was a common complaint among viewers.

Behold the Visual Spectacle: A Talk about the Show’s Graphics and Social Media

The visuals of this show are less than ideal. The color tone has a dingy green tint and is not as sharp and clear as one would hope. This is understandable given the show’s gritty nature however it doesn’t make it any more pleasant to watch. The lighting is also off and the contrast is too low making it difficult to make out the characters.


This can be a problem when the show is trying to be artistic with its framing. While the social media aspect of the show is necessary it doesn’t make it any more watchable. There should be some effort to make it more watchable even if it isn’t beautiful. The show Swarm has a few interesting elements but it still isn’t enough to draw in viewers.

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Donald Glover has continued his tireless work ethic since the end of Atlanta. He has kept up the momentum of creating music and African-American-focused works. Glover and Janine Nabers collaborated on Swarm previously known as Hive. Additionally Glover is slated to star in the remake of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and work alongside Francesa Sloane on the project. Glover’s success is a testament to his dedication to creating both music and projects that celebrate African-American culture.

Swarm will release all seven episodes on March 17 2023.

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