‘The Walking Dead’ star share the glimpse of spin-off series

The Walking Dead star Danai Gurira shares the photos on the sets of the series.

The stars of the much awaited series shared that she and Andrew Lincoln are now working diligently on the next series, as evidenced by recent images. 

The Walking Dead’s series finale gave viewers a glimpse into both of the fan favorites’ individual experiences since leaving the show, and the tease only helped to rekindle their interest in finding out what happens to Michonne and Rick next.

The franchise is about a zombie apocalypse and shared universe that is based on a number of connected television series that are all based on the same-named comic book. Eight live-action web series that connect to the first two television series have also been created, all of which are situated in the same fictitious universe as the first four live-action television series in the franchise.

Gurira shared the behind the scenes pictures from the sets.

After The Walking Dead’s thrilling conclusion, fans are especially interested to find out how the two characters will reunite and where their adventure will lead them.

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