Lack of tickets availability for fireworks display in London ahead New Year 2023

Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific island nation of Kiribati are just a few of the first nations in the world to ring in the New Year 2023. Rest wait few hours to let the celebration start. After two years of Covid restrictions, it marks the city’s first New Year’s Eve without restrictions.

In the UK, Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, issued a warning that there are no more tickets available for the city’s fireworks display. Everyone is anticipating tonight’s fireworks, he tweeted. You won’t be allowed to access the event without a ticket, which is a sad fact.

Mr. Khan said: “Whatever your plans, have a great night.” He also reminded those without tickets that they may watch the fireworks tonight live on television. #LoveLondon.’

Thousands of people are expected to watch from the Victoria Embankment of the capital as the fireworks display takes place at the London Eye. Moreover watch ‘Lizzo: Live in Concert’ in UK

At Sydney’s well-known waterfront, more than a million spectators have congregated to take in the magnificent fireworks show. This year, prohibitions on festivities have been loosened as a result of Australia, like many other nations around the world, reopening its borders and removing laws against social distance. From the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, more than 7,000 fireworks have been set off, and another 2,000 have been fired from the Opera House.


The Chinese New Year 2023 festivities are also anticipated to take place despite the country’s rising Covid case count. Events will take place in Shaghai as well as other significant cities and at the Great Wall of China.

Anoosha Khan
Anoosha Khan

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