The Crown Lead Take On Memory Of Diana’s Death

On the red carpet for the Season 6 premiere of Netflix’s The Crown, Elizabeth Debicki, the actress portraying Princess Diana, revealed a personal connection to the tragic events of 1997.

Debicki, who was a nine-year-old girl in Australia at the time, recalled the impact of Diana’s death on her family. She remember her mother’s reaction very, very strongly as she was sitting on the floor of their living room, and her mother was watching the funeral procession and she was weeping.

Debicki shared,

“I didn’t understand what was going on, and she explained to me who this person was. It’s actually quite a strong core memory in a way, so I learnt a lot and I did a lot of research when I was approaching this role.”

The actress discussed how her understanding of Diana’s influence on her mother played a significant role in her portrayal of the iconic princess. Season 6 of The Crown explores the events leading to Diana’s death and its immediate aftermath, featuring scenes that have sparked controversy for their depiction of Diana’s ghost.

According to Deadline, however The Crown creator, Peter Morgan, addressed the term ghost in these scenes, clarifying that he did not intend a supernatural interpretation.

Morgan stated,

“I was never writing anything from a supernatural perspective, not at all. It was more an indication that, when someone has just passed, they’re still vivid in the minds of all those close to them and love them.”

As Season 6 unfolds on Netflix, viewers can expect a unique exploration of grief and loss through the lens of Princess Diana’s final days. Fans cannot wait for The Crown Season 6 to unfold so that they can grip on to the edge of their seats.

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