Netflix Hints at ‘The Crown’ Season 6 Surprise

Netflix gave a little peek into what will happen in the last season of its popular show, The Crown.

The series, which started in 2016, tells the ups and downs of the British Royal Family. It all begins with King George VI passing away and his daughter, Queen Elizabeth, taking over as the monarch.

The final season, set to air later this year, is believed to cover the death of Princess Diana and, Netflix has revealed, will also feature a royal wedding.

But it’s not going to be Prince William or Prince Harry’s wedding that the series will focus on. As per the tweet posted on Netflix’s Twitter account today, viewers can expect to watch Prince Charles’s wedding to Camilla Parker-Bowles, which happened in 2005 at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

Queen Elizabeth II was initially against Charles’s relationship with Parker-Bowles, partly because it had damaged the family’s reputation due to Charles’s affair. It’s even said that she left the wedding celebration to watch horse racing in another room.

Charles’s first wife, Diana, famously mentioned in an interview that there were three people in her marriage, referring to Parker-Bowles, and this caused a lot of controversy at that time.

Following Diana’s tragic death in a car crash in Paris in 1997, Charles continued his relationship with Parker-Bowles, and it became more public. This caused a significant decline in his popularity among the British public. However, over time, Parker-Bowles began to be seen as the partner of the future king and, eventually, they got married in a civil ceremony in 2005.

Prince Harry disclosed in his surprising memoir “Spare,” earlier this year, that he and his brother Prince William had pleaded with their father not to get married again.

“Despite Willy and me urging him not to, Pa was going ahead,” Harry wrote in the book. “We pumped his hand, wished him well. No hard feelings. We recognized that he was finally going to be with the woman he loved, the woman he’d always loved.”

According to Claudia Harrison, who portrays Princess Anne in Seasons 5 and 6 of The Crown, the wedding scene was the last one that the cast filmed. It took place at York Minster Cathedral in England and featured the entire family, including Imelda Staunton as the Queen, Jonathan Pryce as Prince Philip, Ed McVey as Prince William, and Luther Ford as Prince Harry.

Source: Variety

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