Taylor Swift Shares Touching Note as Eras Tour Film Release Expands

After Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour shattered records with a staggering $26 million in pre-sale tickets in a single day, the momentum hasn’t stopped. The film’s release has now spread to 100 countries, with ticket sales still soaring.

Swift, ever gracious, turns to Twitter to craft a heartfelt message for her fans as ‘The Eras Tour’ continues its global journey.

The singer announced, “Due to unprecedented demand we’re opening up early access showings of The Eras Tour Concert Film on THURSDAY in America and Canada!!,” moving the release date from October 13 to October 12 in these regions. In response to this overwhelming interest, Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour will now include additional weekend screenings.

Swift went on to express her gratitude to ticket buyers, admitting she “can’t really wrap [her] head around this.” She cherished the fact that the film “so vividly captures” a tour experience that held such significance for her. In her message, Swift emphasized that the Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour film represents “an adventure [Swift and fans are] still on together.”

Considering the buzz surrounding the live Eras Tour, from Ticketmaster glitches to sky-high resale prices, the triumph of its concert film is somewhat expected. Yet, the enormity of Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour’s box office forecasts is impressive and poised to make history.

Concert documentaries typically don’t achieve blockbuster success, making Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour’s status as the highest advanced ticket seller at AMC, surpassing even the superhero hit Spider-Man: No Way Home, all the more remarkable.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour’s impact goes beyond its initial success. Its pre-sales and reputation led other films like The Exorcist: Believer, Dumb Money, and The Marsh King’s Daughter to adjust their release dates. This not only shook up the pre-sale market but also shifted the fall release calendar.

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Now, Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour is on track to become the highest-grossing concert documentary ever. The current domestic record, held by Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, stands at $73 million. Predicted to surpass $100 million domestically, it may even challenge the global box office record held by Michael Jackson’s This is It, which earned $181.9 million worldwide. With further expansion ahead, Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour’s success is bound to soar.

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