Jamie Foxx Sued For Sexual Assault By Jane Doe!

Jamie Foxx is being sued for an alleged incident of sexual assault that took place at a New York rooftop bar in 2015.

The plaintiff, identified as Jane Doe in the lawsuit, claims that Foxx, accompanied by bar owner Mark Birnbaum, subjected her to unwanted advances in a secluded corner of the Catch NYC rooftop lounge.

According to the lawsuit, the woman and a friend were seated adjacent to Jamie Foxx and Birnbaum. Around 1 a.m., the woman’s friend approached Foxx for a photo, to which he agreed. After taking several pictures, Foxx allegedly complimented the plaintiff on her appearance, making comments about her body and scent.

The situation escalated when Foxx reportedly led her to a more isolated area of the rooftop, where he allegedly groped her breasts and proceeded to touch her inappropriately under her pants. According to Plaintiff Fox, “put his fingers on and in Plaintiff’s vagina and anus.”

As Variety reported, The lawsuit contends that despite the woman’s attempts to resist, a security guard present at the scene did not intervene. Foxx ceased his actions when the woman’s friend returned and found her. The legal action seeks compensation for the emotional distress, pain, anxiety, and humiliation caused by the incident, asserting that the woman had to seek medical treatment due to the assault.

As of now, Jamie Foxx’s representatives have not provided a comment in response to the allegations. The unfolding legal proceedings will shed light on the details and implications of this case.

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