Jamie Foxx’s Fans Say No Apology Needed, Aniston Reacts

Jamie Foxx said sorry for posting a message on social media that was seen as antisemitic. Jennifer Aniston also clarified that she didn’t like or support the post.

The controversy started when a Jewish news company, A Wider Frame, shared a screenshot of Jamie Foxx’s Instagram post that said, “They killed this dude named Jesus… What do you think they’ll do to you?”

He added the hashtags #fakefriends and #fakelove.

A Wider Frame condemned the message as “horrifically antisemitic” and pointed out that the belief of Jewish deicide, the idea that Jews killed Jesus, has fueled dangerous antisemitism for centuries.

Following the backlash, Foxx, whose real name is Eric Marlon Bishop, deleted the post and issued a heartfelt apology for any hurt it caused. He clarified that the post was about a “fake friend” who betrayed him.

“I want to apologise to the Jewish community and everyone who was offended by my post,” Foxx, 55, wrote in a statement shared on his social media accounts. “I now know my choice of words have caused offense and I’m sorry.”

He continued: “I only have love in my heart for everyone. I love and support the Jewish community.”

The actor’s fans defended Foxx on social media, writing “it was obvious he was referring to the act of betrayal by people you know and trust”.

Adam Weitsman, an American entrepreneur and philanthropist, made a statement: “I know you personally, I’m Jewish and know you are the last person that would EVER act Anti Semetic. Your kind and thoughtful to everyone. I would vouch for you always.”

Jennifer Aniston, aged 55, got involved in the controversy when it was revealed that someone using her name had liked Jamie Foxx’s original post.

“This really makes me sick,” she wrote over the news organisation’s post, calling Foxx out. “I did not ‘like’ this post on purpose or by accident.

“And, more importantly, I want to be clear to my friends and anyone hurt by this showing up on their feeds – I do NOT support any form of antisemitism,” The Morning Show actor continued. “And I truly don’t tolerate HATE of any kind. Period.”

Certain users criticized Jennifer Aniston for adding to the misunderstanding with her response to the situation.

“Jennifer Aniston owes Jamie Foxx an apology because this is just silly,” one person tweeted on the social media

Journalist Brian Krassenstein said: “how easy it is to misunderstand people and take things out of context based on different cultural ways of looking at things”.

He continued: “Jamie Foxx clearly apologized for being taken out of context. Can’t we just leave it at that?”

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