Chucky Peculiar Trailer Reaction: Paid Promotion for The Exorcist: Believer

To mark the release of The Exorcist: Believer on October 6, aligning with Chucky season 3 premiere on October 4, the official Chucky Instagram account unveils a delightfully eerie paid promotion video.

Joining forces in a one-of-a-kind trailer reaction video, Chucky and The Exorcist: Believer bring double the horror legacy. Chucky, the latest installment in the Child’s Play saga, continues its gruesome legacy after seven movies. Meanwhile, The Exorcist: Believer, the sixth film and seventh overall entry in the series, featuring original star Ellen Burstyn, emerges 50 years after the iconic original.

In this eerie crossover, Chucky treats viewers to his live reaction of The Exorcist: Believer trailer. His commentary starts with cheeky quips like ‘I don’t know what possessed them to put me through that.’ Yet, as the trailer unfolds, his icy demeanor thaws, culminating in an explosive exclamation: ‘What a f—ing rush!’ With fervor in his voice, he boldly proclaims, ‘Get ready for the best scare of your life!


Chucky’s no stranger to mingling with major horror counterparts. Just two years ago, during the premiere of Chucky Season 1, the infamous killer doll (voiced by Brad Dourif) starred in a showdown against none other than Michael Myers, courtesy of a spooktacular cross-promotion with Halloween Kills. While it’s not the norm for a slasher icon, it’s easy to see why Chucky is the top pick for these electrifying encounters.

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Chucky’s ability to participate in crossovers is facilitated by being a Universal property and the character’s evolution towards fourth-wall-breaking humor. Universal’s ownership of various horror franchises, including Chucky’s, provides the legal framework for such collaborations.

Additionally, Chucky’s transition from straightforward horror to humor, starting with Bride of Chucky in 1998, allows him to interact with other franchises without compromising his own narrative continuity. This shift in tone and Chucky’s pop culture awareness enable him to engage in activities like reacting to trailers without breaking the established canon.

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