Ellen Burstyn and Linda Blair’s Role in The Exorcist: Believer

Director David Gordon Green hinted at how The Exorcist: Believer incorporates elements from the original Exorcist, with Linda Blair and Ellen Burstyn offering insights into the trajectories of their characters five decades later. The film centers on two girls, Katherine and Angela, who vanish for three days in a wooded area.

Upon their return, they possess no recollection of their absence and start displaying unsettling behavior. In a quest for answers, Victor delves into the realm of possession and seeks assistance from Chris MacNeil.

In an interview with Screen Rant, Green discussed how The Exorcist: Believer delves into the events of Regan’s exorcism half a century ago.

David Gordon Green: Yeah, well, it was conversation that I had with both Ellen Burstyn and Linda Blair, just asking them questions of where their characters would have gone. I began this journey creatively, not having any idea if either of those amazingly talented actresses would have any involvement in what we’re doing.

The Exorcist: Believer

I reached to them as friendship and kind of creative inspiration for where I might go with what happened in Georgetown, and then the evolution 50 years later. And so as their trust of me and our creative team started to fall into place, then we just started to explore what felt meaningful, not gimmicky, and not just genre tropes, but felt like this is a personal exploration that they as human beings on this earth could relate to.

The Exorcist: Believer offers the original actresses input into their characters’ journeys, enhancing the narrative. Chris MacNeil, now somewhat famous due to her daughter’s ordeal, raises questions about Regan’s own experiences.

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The film could delve into the aftermath of their trauma, with Chris helping others in similar situations. A key difference is that Chris remembers everything, while Regan has no recollection of her possession.

The movie may explore how this trauma affected their relationship, particularly if Chris brought them into the public eye. “Believer” arrives on the fiftieth anniversary of “The Exorcist,” providing an opportunity to revisit these iconic characters and examine the enduring impact of past events on their lives.

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