‘Chainsaw Man’ anime series reveals new cast members

Chainsaw Man revealed two new cast members.

Chainsawman Cast

Chainsaw Man, reveals the two additional cast members in the show. The two new characters include Kengo Kawanishi as Kurose, and Hitomi Ueda as Tendo. Both of the characters will appear in the ninth episode of the season.

The anime series is available on Tokyo TV and other platforms like Amazon Prime Video. Crunchyroll, an American company is streaming the series in more than 200 territories around the world. Crunchyroll, on October 7 broadcast-ed the American premiere at New York Comic Con. Prior to the release of the subtitled version, the company debuted the English dub at the event.

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On October 25, Crunchyroll began screening the English dubbed animated series.

The animated series opening theme song “Kick Back” was performed by Kenshi Yonezu. Each episode will end with a theme song and so there will be 12 theme songs by the end of every episode.

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