Is South Park on Netflix?

Want to watch a show that uses dark humour, crude language, and absurd scenarios to highlight various social, political, and cultural aspects and some very specific controversial topics to raise awareness? Well, South Park is the show for you! While South Park has one of the most loyal fan bases, the show is not available on Netflix anymore. It has been removed from all Netflix libraries. However, there are other streaming platforms where you can stream the show!

What are South Park All Season Release Dates?

South Park has a total of 26 seasons, however, it is predicted that season 27 will be released next year. Let’s have a look at all the release dates of South Park all seasons!

Season Number Release Date Season Number Release Date
South Park Season 1August 13, 1997South Park Season 14March 17, 2010
South Park Season 2April 01, 1998South Park Season 15April 17, 2011
South Park Season 3April 07, 1999South Park Season 16March 14, 2012
South Park Season 4April 05, 2000South Park Season 17September 25, 2013
South Park Season 5June 20, 2001South Park Season 18September 24, 2014
South Park Season 6March 06, 2002South Park Season 19September 16, 2015
South Park Season 7March 19, 2003South Park Season 20September 14, 2016
South Park Season 8March 17, 2004South Park Season 21September 13, 2017
South Park Season 9March 09, 2005South Park Season 22September 26, 2018
South Park Season 10March 22, 2006South Park Season 23September 25, 2019
South Park Season 11March 07, 2007South Park Season 24September 30, 2020
South Park Season 12March 12, 2008South Park Season 25February 02, 2022
South Park Season 13March 11, 2009South Park Season 26February 08, 2023

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Where to watch South Park Online?

As of now, South Park is available for streaming on various platforms such as Max Amazon Channel, Max, DIRECTV, Comedy Central, Paramount Plus, HBO Max, YouTube TV, Amazon Prime Video US and fuboTV. Additionally, you have the option to purchase and download episodes from platforms like Apple TV, Vudu, Amazon Video, and Google Play Movies.

Where to watch South Park for Free?

We have some amazing news for you! South Park is available for streaming for free on South Park Studios’ official website. Moreover, you can now watch it using Amazon Prime and HBO Max’s free trials option as well! So do not miss out on South Park and other favourite shows of yours. WATCH NOW

What is South Park about?

South Park is an animated series that takes viewers on a wild rollercoaster ride through the quirky and unpredictable lives of four boys in the small town of South Park, Colorado. With a wickedly sharp sense of humour and fearless social commentary, the show fearlessly delves into controversial topics, satirizes popular culture, and pokes fun at everything from politics to celebrity meltdowns. From the iconic quartet’s outrageous misadventures to its rapid-fire humour, it is a boundary-pushing, laugh-out-loud experience that keeps audiences hooked, wondering what hilarious mayhem will erupt in the next episode.

South Park Season 26 Plot

In South Park Season 26 Stan becomes envious when he sees Kyle and Tolkien growing close while creating TikTok videos together. Cartman tries to sabotage their friendship with the aid of Cupid Ye, but things take a dark turn when Cupid Ye uses it as an opportunity to spread harmful and anti-Semitic content about Kyle throughout the school.

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Is South Park on Netflix?

We regret to inform you that the show South Park is no longer available on Netflix, as it has been removed from all Netflix libraries. However, if you wish to watch the show you can do so by streaming on other platforms including Amazon Prime and HBO Max

South Park Season One Trailer

Let’s have a look at the first season of South Park to see how the show started!

South Park Season 26 Trailer

Want to see what the latest season of the show looks like? Well, Let’s have a look at the teaser trailer of Season 26 South Park!

Do not forget to watch South Park Season 26 to enjoy the series’ take on important issues and get into fits of laughter!

South Park Cast

Have to know whose voices have been used in the show? Let’s find out!

Trey Parker as Eric Cartman
Matt Stone as Kenny McCormi
April Stewart as Liane Cartman
Mary Kay Bergman as Liane Cartman
Mona Marshall as Linda Stotch
Adrien Beard as Tolkien Black
Isaac Hayes as Chef

Fan Reactions to South Park Series!

What are the IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings for South Park?

While the IMDb ratings for the show are 8.7/10, the Rotten Tomatoes ratings are 80% for Avergae Tomatometer and 87% for Avergae Audiencemeter. Watch as this light-hearted comedy show discusses the most controversial issues, making viewers reflects on various topics!

What are the age restrictions and genre of South Park?

There are no age restrictions for the show South Park, however, the genre of the show is animation and comedy. Watch to see how these animated characters reveal some shocking truths and talk about the most controversial topics!

Wrap Up!

Currently, the show Suth Park is not streaming on Netflix, however, you can watch the show using different streaming platforms, including but not limited to Amazon Prime Video US and HBO Max. Watch the show now and join the crazy adventures of four boys in South Park, a quirky animated show full of laughs and surprises. From silly pranks to outrageous escapades, this series delivers a wild ride that’ll keep you hooked and giggling along the way!

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