Best Shows On Viki To Binge Watch In UK

Step into the enchanting realm of Viki, where entertainment transcends borders! Viki has taken the United Kingdom by storm, captivating the hearts of viewers with its treasure trove of globally celebrated shows like Descendants of The Sun and Flower of Evil. From heart-warming K-dramas that tug at your emotions to gripping international series that keep you on the edge of your seat, Viki offers an unparalleled entertainment experience that has become a cultural phenomenon in the UK. Discover why Viki best shows are igniting a passionate fanbase and setting the standard for quality in the world of streaming.

Why Viki best shows are considered outstanding?

Viki’s line-up showcases shows known for their intricate storylines, deep emotional connections, and stellar acting performances. With a diverse array of dramas, including romantic comedies, gripping crime thrillers, and epic fantasy sagas, Viki platform ensures there’s something for everyone. These top-rated Viki best shows are considered the best, thanks to their impressive IMDb ratings, proving their exceptional quality and widespread appeal. It’s no wonder they have garnered a global fanbase that continues to grow. Prepare to watch Viki in UK, and explore the exceptional shows that have left audiences craving for more!

1. Suspicious Partner (2017)

IMDB Rating7.8/10
GenreRomance, Comedy, Legal
StarsJi Chang-wook, Nam Ji-hyun
Runtime60m episodes

Suspicious Partner is a blend of romance and crime-solving genres. It features Ji Chang-wook as a prosecutor and Nam Ji-hyun as a judicial trainee. They team up to solve a murder case while navigating their own complex relationship. Additionally, Episode 39 is memorable for its suspenseful elements and the resolution of the central mystery. It’s likely a key episode in the development of the overall story and characters. You can also watch the series on Netflix. Do checkout some of the best Korean movies and TV shows on Netflix, if you are a subscriber to the platform.

Viki best shows

2. True Beauty (2020- 2021)

IMDB Rating8.0/10
GenreRomantic Comedy, Drama
StarsMoon Ga-young, Cha Eun-woo
Runtime60 episodes

True Beauty follows Im Ju-kyung, a high school girl who hides her insecurities behind makeup. When she transfers to a new school, she gets caught between two handsome classmates, leading to a complicated love triangle. Episode 13 is a standout as it marks a turning point in the story, with significant developments in the romantic relationships and character growth, making it a must-watch for fans.

Viki best shows
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3. Heirs (2013)

IMDB Rating7.5/10
GenreRomance, Drama
StarsLee Min-ho, Park Shin-hye, Kim Woo-bin
Runtime60m episodes

Heirs is a classic K-drama that delves into the lives of wealthy high school students and their tangled relationships. The drama explores themes of love, rivalry, and family dynamics. Episode 16 is particularly memorable, as it brings resolution to the main characters’ relationships and sets the course for their futures, providing a satisfying conclusion to the series.

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Viki best shows

4. While You Were Sleeping (2017)

IMDB Rating8.3/10
GenreFantasy, Romance, Thriller
StarsLee Jong-suk, Bae Suzy
Runtime60m episodes

While You Were Sleeping is a fantasy-romance drama centered around characters who possess the ability to foresee future events through their dreams. Additionally, episode 15 stands out as a pivotal episode filled with intense courtroom scenes and crucial moments in the characters’ lives, making it a compelling watch for fans of suspenseful storytelling. You can also watch the series on Hulu. You will find some of the best Hulu original movies, if you subscribe to the platform.

Viki best shows

5. Flower Of Evil (2020)

IMDB Rating8.6/10
GenreCrime, Thriller, Mystery
StarsLee Joon-gi, Moon Chae-won
Runtime60m episodes

Flower of Evil is a suspenseful thriller that follows a detective who begins to suspect her husband of being a serial killer. Moreover, episode 14 is a gripping installment as it reveals shocking truths about the husband’s past and his connection to the crimes. It’s a turning point in the story, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats as the mystery deepens. You can watch the series on Netflix in UK, if you are a subscriber to the platform.

Viki best shows

6. Descendants of the Sun (2016)

IMDB Rating8.2/10
GenreDrama, Military
StarsSong Joong-ki, Song Hye-kyo
Runtime60m episodes

Descendants of the Sun is a South Korean television series that gained immense popularity worldwide. The series follows their love story of the protagonists as they meet and fall in love while working in a fictional war-torn country. Episode 16 serves as the finale and is beloved by fans for its emotional and heart-warming moments. It brings closure to the main characters’ relationship and provides resolutions to various story arcs. Additionally, the drama is known for its intense action sequences, romantic moments, and the challenges faced by the characters in a high-stress environment. The show is also available to watch on Netflix. You can also get Netflix free trial in UK, if you want to explore through the platform.

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7. Reborn Rich (2021)

IMDB Rating8.1/10
GenreFantasy, Romance
StarsSamuel, Ahn Seo-hyun
Runtime30m episodes

Reborn Rich revolves around the lives of individuals entangled in a complex web of secrets and revenge. It explores themes of wealth, power, and betrayal. Episode 20 is a significant episode as it plays a crucial role in unravelling many of the mysteries and secrets. These secretive elements have been building throughout the series. It is often the point where various character arcs come to a head. Moreover, viewers see satisfying resolutions to the conflicts and tensions that have been brewing.

Viki best shows

8. The Red Sleeve (2021)

IMDB Rating8.5/10
GenreHistorical, Drama
StarsKim Hae-sook, Lee Tae-ran
Runtime60m episodes

The Red Sleeve is a historical drama set during the Joseon Dynasty in Korea. It focuses on the life of a palace seamstress, depicting the challenges and triumphs she faces in a rigid and hierarchical society. Episode 24 is pivotal as it showcases the protagonist’s strength and determination in the face of adversity. Furthermore, history dramas often have episodes like this where the protagonists’ character development and resilience are highlighted.

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9. I Hear Your Voice (2013)

IMDB Rating8.1/10
GenreFantasy, Romance, Crime
StarsLee Jong-suk, Lee Bo-young
Runtime60m episodes

I Hear Your Voice is a legal drama that combines elements of supernatural abilities with courtroom intrigue. It stars Lee Jong-suk as a lawyer who can hear people’s thoughts. Lee Bo-young stars as a high school student with a traumatic past. Episode 18 is a standout with intense courtroom scenes and significant character development. Additionally, it features pivotal moments in the legal case and further explores the emotional depth of the characters. You can also watch the series on Amazon Prime Video in UK. If you are a fan of heart-felt movies, be sure to checkout best romantic series on Netflix.

Viki best shows
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Final thoughts!

So, whether you’re a seasoned fan of K-dramas or a newcomer to the world of international series, Viki has a captivating adventure waiting for you. Don’t miss out on the shows that are taking the United Kingdom by storm, offering a world of entertainment that transcends boundaries. Dive into the treasure trove of Viki best shows and join the global community of avid viewers who can’t get enough of these exceptional shows. Your next binge-worthy experience is just a click away on Viki!

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