Watch ‘Tulsa King’ in UK on Paramount Plus: Sylvester Stallone’s new crime drama

Released from prison, Sylvester Stallone assumes an Italian mafia role and relocates to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Yeah, we’ll take a little of that, for sure. Additionally, two powerful individuals are behind Sly’s upcoming Tulsa King on Paramount Plus. Taylor Sheridan and Terence Winter are the creators and showrunners of the upcoming American crime drama television series Tulsa King, which will air on Paramount Plus. Sylvester Stallone makes his first appearance in a scripted television series. Stallone portrays a Mafia boss recently released from jail, and he attempts to establish a criminal enterprise. Watch Tulsa King crime drama series will premiere on Sunday, November 13, 2022.

Quick Steps: How to watch Tulsa King in UK on Paramount+

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What is Tulsa King release date in UK?

Tulsa King will debut on Sunday, November 13, with two episodes, according to a Paramount Plus announcement made in June. Only Paramount Plus will have access to the remaining episodes of the season.

Where can I watch Tulsa King online free in UK?

Tulsa King is only streaming on Paramount Plus. Tulsa King is not available to stream for free in UK.

Is Tulsa King on Netflix in UK?

Tulsa King is only streaming on Paramount Plus. It is not available on Netflix.

Mafia, Crime: Tulsa King is all about it!

Dwight “The General” Manfredi, the capo of the New York mafia, is abruptly exiled by his boss to establish himself in Tulsa, Oklahoma, just after he is freed from jail after serving 25 years. Dwight progressively assembles a “crew” out of a cast of oddballs after realizing that his mob family might not be acting in his best interests to help him create a new criminal empire on what seems to him to be another planet.

Thrilling Tulsa King’s plot!

In the fish-out-of-water crime drama Tulsa King, a former mobster, attempts to establish himself as a major player in another city. Tulsa King “follows New York mafia capo Dwight “The General” Manfredi immediately after he is released from jail to set up shop in Tulsa, Oklahoma,” according to the official synopsis. Dwight progressively assembles a “team” out of a cast of oddballs after realizing that his mob family might not be acting in his best interests, helping to create a new criminal empire in what seems to him to be another planet.

watch tulsa king in uk

Tulsa King’s official trailer

In addition to the mafia story’s thrills, the trailer suggests that Sheridan and Winter will also include some humor. That is made clear when Dwight applies pressure to a marijuana dispensary, promising its owner that he will keep the police off his back even though the business is entirely legal.

Tulsa King Behind the scenes

Tulsa King cast members

The cast members include:

Tulsa King Episode List

Only information on the first episode has been revealed.

EpisodeTitleRelease date
Tulsa King s01e01Go West, Old Man November 13, 2022
Tulsa King s01e02Center of the UniverseNovember 20, 2022.
Tulsa King s01e03TBATBA

Tulsa King Episodes and their Overviews!

Tulsa King will include ten episodes, each of which will last roughly an hour.

Tulsa King Episode 1: Go West, Old Man Recap

The first episode will premiere on November 13, 2022. Dwight is moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma, after learning unexpectedly that his crime family has no use for him there. Dwight quickly makes new friends as he settles in and gets a sense of his new surroundings.

Tulsa King Episode 2: Center of the Universe Recap

The second episode will premiere on November 20, 2022. To take care of some business, Dwight, Tyson, and Bodhi travel, and Stacy investigates Dwight’s history.

Is Tulsa King connected to Yellowstone?

New Paramount Plus original series Tulsa King starring Sylvester Stallone comes from the mind of legendary TV creator Taylor Sheridan, who is also responsible for the long-running and critically acclaimed series Yellowstone. To what extent, however, do the worlds of the two series have any common ground beyond the guy behind them?

As much as Rambo needs a bigger knife or Rocky needs another blow to the skull, so does Sylvester Stallone requires an introduction. Taylor Sheridan, who helped create both shows and has written or co-authored many episodes of both, makes sure to pack “Yellowstone” and “Tulsa King” with the same winning formula, despite the shows having little in common in terms of setting, characters, or plotline.

Premiere Launch of Tulsa King

‘Tulsa King’ may become Grand Slam for Paramount Plus

The latest Taylor Sheridan and Terence Winter drama for Paramount+“Tulsa King,“ is far too formulaic and unremarkable but for a few reasons, it is remarkable and curiously fascinating.

One reason is that “Tulsa King†continues Sheridan’s meteoric rise as a writer-director and one of the most successful television creators of the last ten years.

The star of “Tulsa King,†Sylvester Stallone, who is 76 and making his first appearance in a television series, is another unique aspect of the show. However, Stallone is a unique actor, with a post-“Rocky†career that alternates between action franchises with a focus on set pieces and attempts to move beyond the role of heroic soldiers like â€œRambo.â€

Latest Updates

The Sylvester Stallone thriller Tulsa King has been revived for a second season by streaming provider Paramount+ just three episodes after it made its debut. Read Here


When will the Tulsa King premiere?

Tulsa King will debut on Sunday, November 13, with two episodes, according to a Paramount Plus announcement made in June.

Who is the main lead in Tulsa King?

Sylvester Stallone as Dwight “The General” Manfredi is the main lead.

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