Top 10 Lessons That Rick & Morty Taught Us About Life

Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon’s animated sitcom, Rick and Morty, has built up a devoted following with its irreverent humor. But beneath the show’s lighthearted exterior lies something deeper – profound insights into the complexities of human existence. In this article, we explore some of the invaluable life lessons that Rick and Morty have offered us: from biting satire to existential musings and thought-provoking storylines that unravel before us.

As we journey through these 10 points – deep in conversation with wise adventurist Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty Smith – let’s go beyond mere entertainment value, gaining valuable understandings of ourselves and our world along the way.

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1. “Treasure those who love you for who you are”


One of my favorite episodes is “Rixty Minutes”. In this episode, Rick installs a cable that allows the family to access television shows from other dimensions. The family puts on special goggles and views alternate versions of themselves—Jerry becomes famous while Beth is a successful surgeon. Overall, this episode portrays each character achieving their ultimate goals and dreams.

The characters of the show have an alternate reality in which they are living separate lives from their real selves. The alternate versions reach a place where they realize that, although they may be living fanciful lives apart, being apart isn’t fulfilling. As this realization leads them back together, we can take away a message from it: some people are destined for each other and regardless of time or distance, you’ll always find your way back to them eventually.

2. “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

Rickstruggles with depression

From Rick and Morty, we learn that appearances can be deceiving. At first glance, it may appear as though Jerry is a hapless person whose luck never seems to turn his way. However, Rick is the one who actually struggles with depression – although he often appears up for an adventure and has a lighthearted nature about him almost like naiveté to death’s consequences.

If you look closer, you can see signs of suicidal ideation in Rick’s words and actions. So while outwardly it might seem that Jerry needs more help than Rick, the opposite might actually be true.

3. “Family is more important than career.”

rick and morty the abcs of beth

The lesson of Rick and his daughter Beth sheds light on an important reality – the importance of making quality decisions that achieve a balance between professional ambitions and familial priorities. Rick’s journey with science has constantly been clouded by his regret of leaving his family life and his devotion to amending that mistake.

Beth made a decisive decision that, ultimately, favored her family; despite her inner conflict, as to whether this was the right choice. She initially believed that by choosing her profession, she had settled for being an animal doctor; however, when she experienced a glimpse of the alternative reality – one in which she chose career over family – it became crystal clear that her original was a sound course of action.

4.  “Live a bit, love a lot more.”

rick and morty 5

Rick and Morty is an excellent show full of interesting characters that remind us all to live life with joy and freedom. We shouldn’t be afraid to break out of our daily routines, take risks, try something new, have a good time with our loved ones, and above all else- let them know how much we care.

It’s important to make time for your family, friends, and loved ones – because no one can go through life alone. As a society, we need each other in order for any real progress or happiness to exist.

5.  “Make Difficult Choices.”

Rick with Vindicators

Rick has been a driving force in developing Morty’s character and confidence, often putting him in challenging situations that demand quick and difficult decisions. Even when circumstances arise without Rick’s prompting, such as their experiences with The Vindicators, he still appears to be testing Morty’s resilience and compassion. Rick has pushed Morty to make every experience count, helping him evolve into a decisive individual.

Rick is known for his reckless behavior, often failing to inform Morty of the potential consequences of an action. An example is when Rick allows Morty to use an animal translator device without warning him of the potential alienating effects. As a result, Mortys is forced to abandon his family and flee from the threatening rodents.

6. “The world doesn’t revolve around you.”

rick morty space ship.rsocial.w1200

By simply observing Rick and Morty, it’s clear that we are only a small part of an immense universe with numerous planets, systems, and even life forms. We can barely make a difference in the grand scheme of things; thus, it’s important to remain level-headed when considering our individual responsibilities.

We should accept that some things—like worrying about whether someone cares for us—are inconsequential in what is an overwhelmingly large and ever-changing world. By stepping back and looking at the bigger picture, we can be reminded of how insignificant many worries truly are.

7. “Make the most of it with what you have.”

Pickle Rick 1

The acclaimed Season 3 episode, “Pickle Rick,” featured Rick turning himself into a pickle as a cunning means of evading family counseling. Trapped in the sewers, he used his ingenuity and crafted tools using animal remains for survival.

He also entered a heavily guarded facility and skillfully utilized martial arts to combat armed agents. It’s an inspiring story of extremes and extraordinary problem-solving all embodied in one character: Rick Sanchez.

8. “Doing The Right Thing Isn’t Easy.”

rick and morty captain planet

Morty has been significantly affected by his involvement in Rick’s morally questionable actions. He was forced to leave his original family behind due to the consequences of their actions. He also experienced a turbulent breakup with Planetina due to her inability to contain her anger. Morty has come to accept that doing the right thing often brings great suffering.

Morty’s involvement in Rick’s morally dubious deeds has had a tremendous impact on him. He was forced to leave his biological family because of the consequences of their acts. He also had a tumultuous split with Planetina because of her inability to control her rage. Morty has accepted that doing the right thing often results in considerable pain.

9. “Be ready for an adventure 24/7.”

Be ready for an adventure

Rick’s life experience is valuable, and we can learn from him. He always faces life with enthusiasm and a quest for exploration, helping Morty attain what he wants or throwing big celebrations. Furthermore, Rick helps everybody to stay relaxed in situations and unwind by not taking things too seriously.

In the same way, we should take a page out of Rick’s book and embrace life with a sense of adventure while still remaining carefree.

10. How To Adequately Prepare For Anything.”

Rick Sanchez and Birdperson featured e1646064322421

Rick is a master of preparedness. From the various tools and strategies he has in place, it’s clear that he is ready for any situation. He showed off his ability to craftily utilize gadgets as showcased during his battle against Toxic Rick, as well as the subsequent one with Phoenixperson. It’s a testament to Rick’s creative ingenuity in any given circumstance.

Morty has been developing his personal resilience, allowing him to handle dangerous scenarios with more confidence and tactical thinking. He’s become proficient in finding creative solutions on the spot, often leveraging his own wits to refute Rick’s plans. Morty’s transformation is remarkable; he no longer relies as heavily on others for protection or guidance.


Rick and Morty have provided a unique combination of laughs and introspection to viewers over the years. From its clever writing to its colorful cast of characters, this show has encouraged us to look beyond its science-fiction facade and take time for self-reflection. Its myriad topics—questioning power structures, understanding the meaningless of life, accepting family ties, and pursuing personal growth—provide crucial lessons for anyone facing life’s ever-changing landscape.

As we take on new endeavors and challenges, let us remember all that Rick and Morty have imparted: being unafraid to challenge social conventions, approaching the world with curiosity, pursuing humor in life’s difficult moments, and maintaining healthy levels of skepticism.

Who is the director of Rick and Morty?

The directors of the show are Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon.

Who are the executive producers of Rick and Morty?

J. Michael Mendel and Kenny Micka are the executive producers of the show.

How many seasons of Rick and Morty are there?

The show has a total of 6 seasons.

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