Presenting The Top 10 Mind-Blowing Controversies That Rocked the Multiverse of Rick and Morty!

The science-fiction sitcom Rick and Morty, which was created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, has drawn a lot of interest from viewers. Its unique blend of dark humour, complex storylines, and original concepts sets it apart. We will examine the top 10 controversies that have surrounded Rick and Morty throughout the course of its run in this post. The Rick and Morty creator was arrested, formally arraigned, and charged. We hope to gain a better understanding of the intricacy of the show’s reception by exploring these debates.

It’s crucial to comprehend the rick and morty background before talking about these concerns. The Adult Swim‘ s show features adventures of Rick Sanchez and his innocent but loving grandson Morty Smith. Nihilism and existentialism are only two of the many thought-provoking subjects that the program tackles with. All the while keeping the tone of the entire series satirical.

Now let us have a look at the top 10 Rick and Morty controversies:

1. The Police Force’s Pervasive Racism


Season 3’s “The Ricklantis Mixup” episode of Rick and Morty takes on a serious topic: the racial problem. When Cop Rick gets a new partner, he remarks that he didn’t anticipate it to be a Morty—a mirror of racial relations—and that the Citadel of Ricks is a metaphor for politics with unrest. They see Mortys protesting throughout the programme, requesting the same rights and representation.

Cop Morty’s treatment of them is cynical and harsh. At times, he even abuses them, killing a whole Morty family in one scenario while using severe force on them. Furthermore, in “Rickdependence Spray,” when Morty kills the sperm monster, he gets approval without consequences despite the lack of any supporting evidence. This resonates concerns about the ease with which people of colour would face conviction in cases of erroneous allegations from higher authorities.

2. The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy

The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy

The creators of the Rick and Morty television series did not shy away from telling darker and more challenging tales, but there is a point at which the humour should end when the characters are children. In one episode, Rick and Jerry visit an opulent resort but quickly discover that the laws are very different there because of an immortality field.

Unfortunately, after Rick and Jerry are the targets for murder, this rule is no more valid, which causes unforeseen tragic repercussions as a result of harmless play. Even while adult actors frequently make light of serious issues in comedy shows, it is obvious that in this instance, there was little consideration of consequences.

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3. Political Allegory

Raising Gazorpazorp

In the first season episode “Raising Gazorpazorp,” Rick tries to abort a robot’s pregnancy, but Morty stops him and says he has a duty to the child. This episode depicts the difficulties of teenage pregnancies and how children may not be able to decide what is best for an animal.

Morty was growing more and more worried about his son’s erratic and turbulent behaviours. The president had to choose whether or not to smash the enormous egg in Season 5’s “Ricksdependence Day,” knowing that doing so would cause a media frenzy over its contents—a giant incest baby. He objected, citing the election-season gift-giving customs as a sufficient justification.

4. Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction

The usage of alcohol negatively impacts Smith and Sanchez’s parenting in a big way. Rick battles long-term alcoholism; he is frequently pictured belligerently inebriated and going on adventures with Morty. Similar to how she’ll reach for a glass of red wine when upset, Beth poured herself a drink right away after shooting Mr. Poopybutthole.

This fits into a troubling pattern of behaviour that also includes Rick making an entire Saw-style puzzle while intoxicated during the Vindicators mission and Beth giving Summer a black eye on picture day. This has a sadly predictable negative effec. Their children are repeatedly let down by the people who are should be their role models.

5. Simulated Relations

Zigerions scammers 1

Jerry is happyto be nearby as Rick is navigating the virtual world of Zigerions scammers. After giving a group of holograms a sincere marketing pitch, Jerry is optimistic. He approaches Beth right away with his good news and an unexpected suggestion. He rushes home with the intention of romancing his alleged replica wife, feeling confident at the time.

This might be Jerry’s personal emotional high point. It’s important to keep in mind that this “Beth” is robotic. He is completely unresponsive as of right now in the simulation. This makes it all the more unsettling and depressing that this was his best moment.

6. Depression & Suicide

rick and morty Depression Suicide

Rick fights an inner conflict even though he looks to be confident and assured on the outside. Viewers occasionally catch a peek of this inner turmoil. When Rick is by himself, he is overcome with melancholy and self-loathing. So it should come as no surprise that Rick has thought about suicide numerous times, including in “The Old Man and the Seat“. The season finale is “Rickturn of the Jerri,” when he eventually decides against it.

These moments, ultimately brought on by his loneliness and intensified sense of unwantedness. They provide us a glimpse into the wounded soul of possibly the smartest man ever.

7. Abuse of political power

Abuse of power

Rick definitely has a low regard for authority. His contacts with the president of the United States, who personifies power abuse and corruption in contemporary society, show how he feels about the idea. The President even goes so far as to employ government resources and join forces with the military in an effort to outwit or defeat Rick and Morty.

Throughout the story, the main guy ignores and distances himself from everyone around him, even when his fellow countryman makes an argument. As Evil Morty utilises a seductive persona to mask cunning intentions to subjugate civilizations in distant areas of the cosmos, viewers start to realise the possibilities for manipulation.

8. Emulation of National Tragedies

0 Rick And Morty main

The opening sequence of Adult Swim’s popular sci-fi cartoon, Rick and Morty, makes a subtle yet noteworthy allusion to the September 11th attacks. In it, the protagonists narrowly avoid destroying structures that are reminiscent of the Twin Towers from Earth in order to carry out their “Pearl Harbor.”

Through this action, co-creator Justin Roiland seeks to put a spotlight on the relative lack of censure for behavior demonstrated by both Rick and Morty throughout the rest of series that viewers may consider inappropriate or unacceptable in reality.

9. Environmentalism & Activism

Rickconvenient Mort

The audience is given a fantastic illustration of environmentalism gone wrong in Rickconvenient Mort. The central theme of this narrative sheds light on how humans are misusing natural resources and, if allowed uncontrolled, would ultimately be responsible for their own extinction.

Attacking or punishing individuals for their ignorance does not solve problems, even while Planetina has the best of intentions when it comes to protecting planet Earth and removing those who do not treat it with respect. If fact, this might have the reverse effect. By removing people who are ignorant of the harm they inflict to the environment, there might not be anyone left to live on our planet.

10. Sexual Assault

Meseeks and Destroy

Rick and Morty, an animated comedy, frequently makes references to terrible events, especially in the episode “Meseeks and Destroy.” When Morty exits from the bathroom after being cornered by King Jelly Bean, he is clearly scared and emotional. Fortunately, viewers may put this event to rest by witnessing King Jelly Bean’s repercussions.

Another, equally subtle allusion may be seen in the “Anatomy Park” episode. Jacob breaks down in tears while describing how his brother took him fishing “in the bushes,”. He said that it made him feel like a girl. The conversation does not go into more detail about what this comment meant.


Regardless of one’s opinion on the current debates surrounding the show, Rick and Morty continue to be a powerful force in popular culture. It pushes boundaries and tests preconceived conventions. As it moves forward, engaging in meaningful dialogue is essential for both creators and fans. This ensures that any potential controversies are addressed thoughtfully and respectfully. By fostering an inclusive environment, we can promote empathy and critical thinking in entertainment as a whole.

How many episodes of Ricky and Morty are there?

There is a list of Rick and Morty episodes. There are 61 episodes of Rick and Morty as of December 11th, 2022.

Who is the creator of Rick and Morty?

Roiland, and Dan Harmon co-created Rick and Morty in 2013.

Who are the executive producers of Rick and Morty?

J. Michael Mendel and Kenny Micka are the executive producers.

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