Everything You Need To Know About The Traitors Canada 

Prepare for the thrill of a lifetime, because a brand-new show hit your screens this October 2nd on CTV, and it’s none other than The Traitors Canada. In the heart of a historic manor in Montréal, an epic battle is about to unfold, featuring twenty participants engaged in a high-stakes showdown. Get ready to stream The Traitors Canada in UK where contestants will grapple with intricate challenges and employ cunning strategies, all while aiming to claim a grand prize.

So, stay with us as we unveil the full story behind The Traitors Canada. In this article, we will reveal all the details about this show from the release date to the cast. 

The Traitors Canada Release Date?

The debut season of The Traitors Canada premiered on October 2, 2023. This Canadian television series promises to be a captivating blend of suspense and strategy that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Don’t miss out on the thrilling adventure that awaits!

What is The Traitors Canada About?

Imagine a thrilling TV show, like The Traitors, but with a twist made just for Canadians. The Traitors Canada is the 18th edition of this popular series, designed especially for English Canadian fans. In this season, 20 contestants, including everyday people and even some famous faces, gather in a historic manor in Montréal. Their mission? Well, that’s a secret we won’t spill just yet.

The Traitors Canada

This show is all about strategy, cunning, and a bit of deception. The contestants have to work together, but some might not be as trustworthy as they seem. There’s a big cash prize at stake, but it all depends on who can figure out who the real Traitors are. If the good guys win, they share the prize. But if the sneaky Traitors outsmart them all, they take home the whole pot. It’s a game of trust and betrayal that’s tied to keep you hooked. 

The Traitors Canada Plot

The stage is set with 20 contestants – two teams: the Faithful and the Traitors. The latter must collaborate in a clandestine effort to eliminate the Faithful without exposing their true identities. Amid this intense trust challenge, the Traitors craft elaborate schemes, leading to nail-biting eliminations. The inaugural episode serves as a crucial prologue, introducing the rules and laying the foundation for an ongoing battle where allegiances teeter on the edge of a knife.

The ultimate quest of faithful contestants: to unmask the Traitors lurking among them and seize a concealed cash prize of up to $100,000. The stakes are sky-high, as Traitors endeavour to usurp the entire prize, while the Faithful aim to banish them. In the end, it’s a game where fortunes hang by a thread.

Here’s a Sneak Peak – Trailer!

The Traitors Canada trailer offers a tantalizing glimpse into a world of intrigue and treachery. With every thrilling second, anticipation grows as we await the secrets, alliances, and betrayals that will define this gripping competition. Get ready for heart-pounding suspense!

Where can I stream The Traitors Canada in UK?

The Traitors Canada is available exclusively on CTV. If you’re in UK and eager to stream The Traitors Canada on CTV, you might encounter geographical restrictions. Unfortunately, CTV’s content is primarily accessible within Canada, posing a hurdle for viewers abroad. Here’s a detailed guide of how you can watch CTV in UK. So, get ready to enjoy as the world of The Traitors Canada becomes accessible at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

Is The Traitors Canada available for free?

Great news for viewers interested to watch The Traitors Canada in UK! Both the CTV app and its content come at no cost. That means you can access this captivating show without opening your wallet.

Who is the Host of The Traitors Canada? 

This captivating show is expertly hosted by acclaimed actress Karine Vanasse. Her charismatic presence brings together a diverse cast of contestants, promising an engaging and suspenseful viewing experience. With Karine Vanasse at the helm, this show is set to be a thrilling journey of strategy, trust, and betrayal.

The Traitors Canada Cast!

Collin Johnson37Transit Operator
Crystal Mayes50Nurse
Domenic Ielasi32Project Management
Donna Hartt53Psychic Medium
Erika Casupanan33Former Communications Manager and SURVIVOR Winner
Gurleen Maan35Third Generation Farmer, FARMING FOR LOVE Winner
Gurpyar Bains25Paediatric Registered Nurse
Kevin Martin30Champion Poker Player and BIG BROTHER CANADA Winner
Kuzie Mujakachi29911 Operator, Miss World Zimbabwe 
Leroy Fontaine38Firefighter
Mai Nguyen34Entrepreneur, MASTERCHEF CANADA
Mary Wisden31Twitch Streamer
Melissa Allder49Educator, High School Teacher 
Melissa Best35Realtor
Mickey Henry33CFO 
Mike D’Urzo39Magician/Mentalist
Miss Fiercalicious26Drag Performer 
Dr. Nazila Dehghani47Dentist
Rick Campanelli53Former Much Music VJ and Radio Host 
Travon Smith28Public Relations Specialist

The Traitors Canada Episode Details 

Season 1 – Episode 1 – Dead Man Walking 

The stage is set as contestants converge on the enigmatic manor. Here, alliances are forged amidst an atmosphere of mystery and intrigue, all in pursuit of identifying the hidden Traitors within their midst

Season 1 – Episode 2 


Season 1 – Episode 3 


The Traitors Canada Reviews!

Age restriction of The Traitors Canada

The Traitors Canada welcomes viewers aged 12 and above. This age restriction ensures that a wide range of audiences, including teenagers and adults, can enjoy the thrills, suspense, and strategic gameplay of the show. With intriguing challenges and a gripping narrative, it promises entertainment for those old enough to appreciate the complexities of trust and betrayal in the game.

Rating of the Show

With an IMDb rating of 6.5/10, The Traitors Canada showcases its appeal, but keep in mind that ratings can evolve as the show unfolds. As more viewers weigh in and new episodes add twists, the show’s rating may shift, reflecting changing opinions and experiences. Stay tuned for ongoing developments in this captivating competition.


Is The Traitors Canada on Netflix?

No, you can’t find it on Netflix. You can only watch it on CTV.

Where was The Traitors Canada filmed?

The Canadian version was filmed in a historic manor in Montreal earlier this year.

Which country first introduced the Traitors TV show?

The Traitors TV show, also known as The Traitors UK, first aired in Britain.

Wrap up 

With its enigmatic plot, hosted by the talented Karine Vanasse, and a diverse cast of contestants, The Traitors Canada offers a thrilling blend of strategy, trust, and betrayal. Viewers can anticipate heart-pounding moments, suspenseful alliances, and dramatic twists as the season unfolds. The unique premise, age-inclusive appeal, and accessibility through CTV ensure a wide-ranging audience can partake in the excitement. As ratings fluctuate and new episodes air, The Traitors Canada stands as a testament to the enduring allure of reality competition, were secrets and suspense reign supreme.

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