Yankees reliever Jimmy Cordero suspended for rest of 2023 season for violating MLB’s domestic violence policy

Jimmy Cordero, Major League Baseball has suspended Cordero, a relief pitcher in the New York Yankees’ bullpen, for the rest of the 2023 season due to a violation of the league’s joint policy on domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse. The Yankees organization announced on Wednesday that Cordero has accepted the suspension and has been placed on the restricted list, resulting in an immediate unpaid ban.

The following statement was made public by the Yankees:

“The Yankees are fully supportive of Major League Baseball’s investigative process and the disciplinary action applied to Jimmy Cordero. There is no justification for domestic violence, and we stand with the objectives, standards and enforcement of MLB’s Joint Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Policy.”

Cordero, a right-handed relief pitcher, is 31 years old. He joined the Blue Jays as an undrafted player in 2012 and has since played for the Nationals, Blue Jays, White Sox, and now the Yankees in Major League Baseball. In the current season. he has made 31 appearances, achieving a 3.86 ERA, 1.07 WHIP, 34 strikeouts, and 10 walks in 32 2/3 innings.

On Wednesday, when questioned about the suspension. Yankees manager Aaron Boone shared (according to SNY Yankees), “I received information about the suspension last night. He came to me a few days ago and informed me about an ongoing investigation. That’s essentially all the information I possess.”

Cordero pitched on July 2 and threw 42 pitches, a season-high workload by 14. 

The Yankees have 76 games left in the season, so this is essentially a 76-game suspension. To this point, the longest suspensions under the domestic violence policy are as follows: 

  • Trevor Bauer, 194 games (reduced on appeal from 324 games)
  • Sam Dyson, 162 games
  • José Torres, 100 games
  • Carlos Martínez, 85 games
  • Odubel Herrera, 85 games
  • Héctor Olivera, 82 games
  • Domingo Germán, 81 games
  • Jimmy Cordero, 76 games

The league has instructed Cordero to undergo a private and thorough assessment and treatment program supervised by the Joint Policy Board. As previously mentioned, Cordero willingly accepted the suspension and thus received information regarding the conditions involved.

As of now, the public remains unaware of the specific details concerning Cordero’s offense.

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