The audience of ‘The White Lotus’ Season 2’s finale is double than Season 1’s

Audiences have officially checked out of The White Lotus after the Season 2 finale aired Sunday night, but not before final episode achieved yet another record-high rating.

Over all HBO Max and linear broadcasts, the Season 2 finale attracted 4.1 million viewers, more than double the 1.9 million viewers who watched the Season 1 finale. Additionally, it is a startling increase from the 1.5M viewers that watched the Season 2 premiere in its debut.

Over the previous seven weeks, The White Lotus has been able to increase its audience each week.

Season 2 episodes are currently tracking with roughly 10.1M viewers on average across platforms in delayed viewing, which is about 50% more than how Season 1 episodes were tracking at this time. There were 11.5 million viewers for the Season 1 debut.

The hype surrounding the finale also seems to have attracted new viewers to the show. The first season had the biggest viewing since the week after the Season 1 conclusion, according to HBO.

Although the setting of The White Lotus has relocated from Hawaii to Sicily for Season 2, the suspense that gripped viewers in Season 1 has returned and is now darker than ever. Tanya, who was formerly portrayed by Jennifer Coolidge, comes back, as is her new husband Greg, who is portrayed by Jon Gries.


Mike White is the creator, author, and director of The White Lotus. Mark Kamine and David Bernad also serve as executive producers and hopes for a way better come back of Season 3.

The first episode recently received 10 Emmy awards out of 20 nominations, including Outstanding Limited or Anthology Series, making it the show with the most wins this year.

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