‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Season 3 Release Date and Key Art Revealed

With Star Trek: Strange New Worlds having had its Season 1 finale last week, this is the first week since February that we’ve not had a new episode of Star Trek to watch tomorrow. But never fear! Paramount+ has just revealed the release date, and a shiny new poster, for Season 3 of the hit animated series Star Trek: Lower Decks. Following the previous release date patterns of the live-action shows, Lower Decks will return on August 25 with 10 episodes airing weekly on Thursdays on Paramount+.

Along with the release date, Paramount+ also unveiled a new poster for the comedy’s third season featuring a startling image of Ensign Rutherford’s head shining blue and pink light through the galaxy. Below Rutherford stands our rowdy group of lower deckers with Beckett Mariner front and center, flanked by Ensign Tendi and Brad Boimler. Above everything, the USS Cerritos appears to be going head to head with a Klingon Bird of Prey. The new poster gives off Star Trek: The Next Generation energy mixed with a hint of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. The composition of the poster harkens back to that first original movie, while the image of Rutherford feels akin to the TNG episode “The Nth Degree” where Reginald Barclay essentially interfaces with the computer. This could indicate that something’s up with Rutherford’s cybernetic implant — he’s currently on his second, having lost a significant portion of his memories.

Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 3 begins on August 25, exclusively on Paramount+ in the US. Check out the official poster for Season 3 down below.

Anoosha Khan
Anoosha Khan

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