NBA Star Blames Britney: Allegations of Security Guard Attack

Britney Spears has shared that she was hit in the face by a security guard while trying to get the attention of NBA star Victor Wembanyama. She approached him from behind at a Las Vegas hotel restaurant and was unexpectedly struck, causing her to feel shaken and almost lose her balance.

Following the incident, During a press gathering at the NBA Summer League, Wembanyama stated that Spears “grabbed me from behind.” This incident prompted his team to quickly respond and take action. However, Britney, who is 41 years old, responded with a defiant statement, clarifying that she had merely “tapped him on the shoulder.” She maintained her position that her actions were not aggressive or inappropriate.

NBA star mentioned that he was not sure about what happened to Spears and how much force his security guard used. He explained that security intervened and pushed her away, but he didn’t stop to investigate and continued with his dinner. It was only later that he realized it was Britney Spears who approached him.

Spears’ husband, Asghari, defended her in an Instagram statement, stating that she was physically assaulted and criticizing Wembanyama’s security team. However, he emphasized that the blame should not be directed towards Wembanyama himself, but rather towards the person responsible for the violent behavior, those who hired the security guard without proper screening, and the overall culture that disregards women in sports and entertainment.

On Thursday evening, Spears issued a statement expressing her distress over the incident, describing it as “traumatic.” She highlighted the fact that she has not received a public apology from Wembanyama or the San Antonio Spurs team.

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