Meghan and Prince Harry mocked on Family Guy 

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and her husband Prince Harry have been mocked on Family Guy.

The Family Guy episode, which aired recently, humorously poked fun at the couple’s lucrative Netflix deal, which remains shrouded in mystery. A character named Peter Griffin compared himself to Meghan and Harry. They made a huge deal with Netflix for £81 million ($154 million). Peter decided to do things his way like Meghan and Harry did when they moved from the UK to the US in 2020.

Family Guy

He announces he is going to “go it alone” like Meghan and Harry, who famously quit the UK for America in 2020. The scene then cuts to the couple lounging by the pool in California as a butler hands them money and tells Harry: “Sir, your millions from Netflix for no one knows what.” In a tongue-in-cheek fashion, Harry’s toon version responds, “Put it with the rest of them.”

Meghan’s phone interrupts the moment, reminding them of their daily $250,000 sponsored Instagram post for Del Taco. Harry playfully laments his departure from what he describes as “made-up nonsense.”

According to Perth Now, This isn’t the first time the royal couple has been lampooned in popular culture. South Park show previously satirized their quest for privacy, depicting them moving to a fictional town to escape the spotlight and even crafting a comical book by Harry titled Waaagh.

Despite the jests, Harry and Meghan’s Netflix series, Harry and Meghan, made headlines upon its release in 2022, topping the Netflix charts. However, Harry’s solo venture, Heart of Invictus, failed to achieve the same level of success. The couple continues to balance fame, fortune, and the occasional bout of good-natured mockery in the public eye.

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