James Corden labeled ‘most difficult obnoxious presenter’ by a TV Director

A show director has branded James Corden as the ‘’most difficult obnoxious presenter’’ after producing a popular panel show. 

The Actor came under limelight from Craig Duncan, who shared to youtube his experience of directing a set of TV series named ‘A League Of Their Own‘.James featured the show from 2010 until 2019 where Craig worked with him on one of the episodes from season 7.

Duncan was given a task to direct Corden along with Freddie Flintoff, Jamie Kedknapp and Jake Whitehall where they filmed a Masterchef-style challenge outdoors. On his Youtube channel Fludded, he slammed him as the ‘most difficult obnoxious presenter’ he has ever worked with.

James corden in A league of their Own episode 1

Craig stated that before agreeing to film the episode, he was asked how he was at working with ‘difficult presenters’. while recalling the conversation, he said: ‘They said, “How are you at working with difficult presenters?” I say, “Oh right, ok. Well, I’ve filmed the Three Tenors before, and you can’t get more of a prima donna than an opera singer”.’

The reply from Craig said: ‘It came to a point where he had to read from a card. It was kind of a joke in there, and he just looked at it like, “That’s not funny, that’s not funny. It’s s**t, we have to rewrite that. I don’t know maybe he was having a bad day or the writing’s not up to scratch, but I definitely thought, man somebody wrote that, not nice to do that.’’

He claimed filming was going “really well” until right at the end when they had to announce the winner of the cooking contest. On top of that, Craig also mentioned the outburst from James Corden which was followed by ‘’What the f**k is going on here? It’s obvious what you do – you put a camera there, you put a camera there (…) It’s so obvious how you shoot it, you’re stupid’.

“I hope I never, ever work with James again” added the Director. 

Source: Mirror

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