It’s official between Austen and Claudia on ‘Love Island’

One of the more resilient couples on the Love Island this season has been Austen and Claudia. In Episode 25, the couple ultimately spoke those three simple words in a tender bathtub exchange making it official!

Austen had made the decision to try and make the occasion as memorable as possible, so he enlisted the help of some of the guys to prepare a bubble bath and toss rose petals.

“I want to do something really, really special for Claudia today because I feel as if there’s something I need to tell her that’s very, very important,” He said in the Beach Hut.


“I am so stressed to tell Claudia how I feel, because I’ve never said I love you to anyone before.”

After making a whole dish of chocolate, strawberries, and breadsticks, he led Claudia into the restroom while she was holding her eyes closed. The platter was then given by Callum and Mitchell, and it was up to Austen to give his partner the speech he had planned hours earlier.

“Claudia, from the moment that I spoke to you, you made me feel like a child. Happy, jittery and warm. I knew I could see somethings so special in us,” He read. “You are truly my dream girl from your laugh, to your smile. From your nose, to your one pink-painted toenail. And you can’t forget how hot you look when you’re jealous. People say when you’re in love, you will know. I never understood that until now. Claudia, I love you and I can’t wait to continue sharing every moment together.”


As she beamed opposite him, he reached in for a kiss and she replied: “I love you too.”

The fourth season of Love Island Australia new episodes debut every day from Monday through Wednesday at 6 p.m. AEDT.

Anoosha Khan
Anoosha Khan

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