‘Gossip Girl’ Season 2 is back with unfinished businesses

Two episodes from Gossip Girl Season 2 of the HBO Max series debuted on Thursday, easing viewers back into the drama at Constance Billard. Season 2 reveal “the kids became this way for a reason” now that we’ve had some time to get to know this new cast of incredibly wealthy kids and their secrets, according to creator and executive producer Joshua Safran.

“Essentially what would happen in the first Gossip Girl was the first half of the season would be, ‘These kids are disasters and they’re destroying each other.’ And in the second half of every season, we know the reason is because of their parents,” Safran said, explaining that the two-season story arc is mirrored after one, 22-episode season of its broadcast predecessor.


“Whether it was Lily misreporting something that happened to Serena that hurt a teacher’s life. And that teacher’s sister was the one causing all of the havoc to the kids lives. Or whether it was Georgina doing something based on what Serena did. But because Serena did that her mother helped cover that up and sent her away. It was always the parents.” She added

SPOILER ALERT: First two episodes of Gossip Girl Season 2.

In the first two episodes, Gossip Girl forms a partnership with Julien (Jordan Alexander) in exchange for details about pharmaceutical tycoon Camille de Haan (Amanda Warren). Camille has expressed her displeasure in her daughter Monet (Savannah Lee Smith). Who is causing her own chaos for Julien, in public. Zoya (Whitney Peak) is struggling to accept her dad’s invitation for Julien to move in with them. The relationship between Audrey (Emily Alyn Lin), Aki (Evan Mock), and Max (Thomas Doherty) has been kept a secret. Oh, and Michelle Trachtenberg will soon make a comeback as the notorious Georgina Sparks.

“It’s social media. You choose what to put out. Whereas with the old Gossip Girl, that was not real social media. That’s what they were experiencing and you’re with it in the moment. Here, you’re not actually. There’s a plot to that point this season” Safran said

Safran broke down the first two episodes of Season 2. Revealing what information Gossip Girl is looking for about Camille de Haan, how Aki, Audrey, and Max will handle being a newly outed trio. And of course, what viewers can expect when Georgina makes her appearance.

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