Five things you should know about ‘Hellraiser’ before watching it

Hellraiser has been running since 1987 and has established its place in the horror genre. Mark your calendars for October 7th. Fans who have been following the franchise for a long time are pretty enthralled about the 2022 Hellraiser movie. We can’t wait how things would unfold in this movie. But before we watch Hellraiser, here are 5 things that you need to know about Hellraiser!

1. Hellraiser is Rated ‘R’ for Strong Bloody Violence and Graphic Nudity

As Pinhead prepares his Cenobites for another horrifying project, the movie has been rated R for viewers, which includes Strong bloody horror violence and gore, language throughout, some sexual content, and brief graphic nudity.

So if you’re marked safe from the level of sensitivity, we suggest you move on and watch the movie!

2. The movie is an adaptation of Clive Barker’s 1986 novella ‘The Hellbound Heart’

Clive Barker, who is now 70 years old is quite famous in the horror genre because of his novels. He wrote  The Hellbound Heart in 1986 and directed its movie in 1987, which has gotten a lot of adaptations. Now, a 2022 version is on the horizon and if you have read the novel, you are really going to enjoy the movie!

3. Jamie Clayton watched the original Hellraiser to get into character

According to Janie Clayton, she gave out a step-by-step. guide to how to become the ultimate Hellraiser:

1)Watch the original HellRaiser: “I was very grateful to David for all of the time that he took,” she says. “He was working in Serbia months before any of us even arrived. David took so much time to schedule with me, late at night on Sundays […] to sort of help me get to a place where I could really become the Priest.”

2)Spend your half day getting into costume: Clayton mentions that it took her 4-6 hours to get into the Pinhead makeup. “I could not have asked for more amazing makeup artists and confidants,” Clayton says. “I always say getting your makeup done is a very intimate experience. I mean, you have someone in your face like this [gestures right in front of face]. And with prosthetics, it’s a whole ’nother level of intimacy.”

3)Walk on set and astonish the crew: Once you’re done with makeup, you gotta flex those pins! “You can always feel it on set,” Bruckner says. “A hush falls over the crowd, the crew pays their respects. Her Majesty is here. And it is her turn to speak.”

4)Raise Hell!: You gotta set the stage on fire. “I’ve been sitting in this for a year, not knowing what’s going to happen,” she says. “And finally people are starting to see it, and I’m starting to get caught [up in it] and really getting emotional. I’ve just been really worried and really scared. I mean, I liked it. Even David said to me after I saw it, ‘I’m so glad you like it.’ We’re all just, you know, on pins and needles.”

4. Hellraiser is definitely better than previous Hulu horror movies

It is highly suspected that Hellraiser is going to outdo all previous movies of the franchise as well as every existing horror movie of Hulu.

5. Hellraiser has taken a toll on Twitter: #top-notch reviews!

Warning: Once you read the tweets below, you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from watching the movie.

Hellraiser will premiere on Hulu on 7th October 2022!

Anoosha Khan
Anoosha Khan

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