Finsbury Park To Host Wireless Festival For The Next Five Years

Finsbury Park will host wireless festival every summer until 2027 in hopes of generating significant income for the north London park and stimulating the local economy. Haringey Council has inked a five-year contract with the festival’s organizer.

Before, organizers would plan each year’s gathering individually. The organizers previously tried to end the festival events due to complaints about loudness, drug use, and antisocial behavior.

The park hosts rap and urban music events that attract up to 50,000 people each day. Despite acknowledging that the agreement would “reduce the income level received,” Haringey Council stated the five-year pact will ensure money to pay for the park’s maintenance.

Friends of Finsbury Park reportedly stated the transaction was “about money, not culture” to the Local Democracy Reporting Service.

Associations Opposing the Wireless Festival

Haringey Council is spending a lot of money on parks in other parts of the borough. And paradoxically, it seems like this contract will bring in less money for Finsbury Park,” the association added.

Finsbury Park To Host Wireless Festival For The Next Five Years

Highbury Community Association also voiced opposition to the arrangement, citing similar worries and expressing fear that quality control might deteriorate.

Alexandra Worrell, a Labour councillor for Stroud Green ward voiced her opinion that Wireless-sized events were “unsuitable” for the park.

The council estimates that the annual revenue from the wireless festival amounts to roughly £1.2 million. It is used to pay for things like play areas, air quality monitoring stations, and an enlarged skate park. As part of the agreement, Festival Republic will be granted permission to host an additional weekend of annual big events in the park. In addition, there will be free activities for the public for two days.

Peray Ahmet, the head of the council, said that, “events are an important opportunity for residents. Specially for our youth to access world-class music and culture in an affordable and sustainable way.”

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