Extraction 2 Audience Furious On Sandro Radiani

Extraction 2 starring Chris Hemsworth is on Netflix’s worldwide charts just two days after its debut and is getting higher reviews than the original. Whereas some viewers are finding one aspect of it particularly annoying.

Netflix subscribers are complaining about an annoying character in the movie.

One user said, “The only annoying part was this guy not getting a single scratch. His family either got shot or beat up,”. While another said, “Just finished Extraction 2 and Sandro is such an annoying character.”

Netflix Users Furious On Sandro Radiani In Extraction 2

One fan wrote, “I hate stupid kids in movies. Especially serious scenes, like this Sandro guy. While another wrote, “I’m still wondering why it was only foolish Sandro that was unhurt in the whole movie.”

Someone who hasn’t yelled at a movie character in a while said, “Sandro made me shout at a movie character for the first time in a while.”

Find more reactions to Sandro’s character below.

Both Extraction and Extraction 2 are available to stream on Netflix.

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