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Brace yourselves, UK viewers, for a spine-chilling journey into the heart of darkness with Fright Krewe in UK. Imagine a world where shadows come to life. Where the line between fear and fascination blurs, and where an ancient evil awakens to the eerie symphony of New Orleans. This is not your ordinary animated series; this is an adventure that will send shivers down your spine. Not only this but it will keep you on the edge of your seat. Join us as we step into the macabre world of Fright Krewe, where the supernatural meets the every day, and the thrill of horror awaits. So, are you ready to confront your deepest fears and unlock the mysteries that lie in the shadows? Let’s dive into the abyss together.

Where to watch Fright Krewe online in UK?

Fright Krewe is set to launch on Monday, October 2, 2023. This animated horror series by DreamWorks will be accessible for streaming on both Hulu and Peacock starting from its premiere date.

Hulu Pricing In UK

PlansNo. of DevicesPrice in USDPrice in GBP
Hulu (Ad-Supported)2$6.99£5.56
Hulu (No Ads)2$12.99£10.33
Hulu + Live TV2$69.99£55.65
Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV2$75.99£60.43
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Fright Krewe Plot – What the Series is All About

Deep within the heart of New Orleans, where the cobblestones whisper dark secrets, a cursed Tree of Life has unleashed ancient evil. The storyline is centred around Soleil Le Claire, a girl who lives for horror and adventure. But her quest for thrill leads her to inadvertently break a spell on the Tree of Life, setting in motion a series of spine-chilling events.

The voodoo queen of New Orleans, Marie Laveau, emerges as a spectral guardian of the cursed tree and compels Soleil and her misfit gang to bear the mantle of protectors against the nefarious Belial, an ancient demon who thrives on fear. And as the story unfolds, they learn that the world they thought they knew is far more terrifying than they ever imagined.

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For generations, vampires, rougarous, ghosts, and demons have hidden in the shadows, silently coexisting with humans. But now, with newfound powers, the Fright Krewe is thrust into a world of supernatural horrors. It’s a heart-pounding odyssey through the occult, where friendships are forged in the crucible of fear, and the line between hero and villain blurs in the fog of dread. So, Are you ready to join the Krewe and face the abyss?

A Glance at Fright Krewe Trailer

The official trailer for Fright Krewe, released in September 2023, offers a tantalizing glimpse of what to expect from DreamWorks’ first exclusively horror series. The trailer, lasting one and a half minutes, combines classic art styles from the animation powerhouse with darker, scarier motifs. It opens with a group of oddball friends exploring one of New Orleans’s above-ground cemeteries.

Fright Krewe Cast: Meet the Voices Behind the Chills

A stellar voice cast brings the characters of ‘Fright Krewe’ to life. Each character is imbued with their unique personality and charisma, making them all the more relatable.

Sydney Mikayla voices Soleil, the fearless horror enthusiast whose curiosity sets the story in motion.

Jacques Colimon adds his talent to the mix by portraying the malevolent demon, Belial.

The misfit gang, burdened with supernatural gifts, includes Tim Johnson Jr. as Maybe, Grace Lu as Missy, Chester Rushing as Stanley, and Terrence Little Gardenhigh as Pat.

In supporting and recurring roles, the cast is equally impressive. Vanessa Hudgens, Josh Richards, X Mayo, Rob Paulsen, David Kaye, JoNell Kennedy, Melanie Laurent, Chris Jai Alex, Reggie Watkins, Cherise Boothe, and Krizia Bajos, among others, round out the ensemble, each contributing their unique flair to the world of Fright Krewe.

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Detailed Episode Guide of Fright Krewe 2023

The Blood Awakening Part 1 – Episode 1

  • Mon, Oct 2, 2023

Inadvertently setting free an ancient malevolence from a cursed cemetery, Soleil, along with an unexpected assembly of children, receives extraordinary abilities bestowed by the Loa upon the intervention of Marie Laveau’s spirit.

The Blood Awakening Part 2 – Episode 2

  • Mon, Oct 2, 2023

Overwhelmed by their newfound abilities, the children turn to Pat’s Aunt Alma, a voodoo priestess, in their quest for guidance. With her assistance, they establish a connection with the spirits. Meanwhile, the enigmatic ancient malevolence they unwittingly set free targets Missy.

The Craving – Episode 3

  • Mon, Oct 2, 2023

As Soleil and Stanley face the urgent mission of rescuing Stanley’s younger sister, Cece, from the rougarou Missy, they discover deeper facets of each other. Meanwhile, Pat and Maybe embark on a quest to procure the necessary offerings to invoke Ogoun.

The Haunting – Episode 4

  • Mon, Oct 2, 2023

Despite Maybe’s persistent reluctance to venture into the Shadow Realm, an encounter with a school spectre plaguing the Krewe prompts Soleil to unearth the source of Maybe’s apprehensions.

The Feast – Episode 5

  • Mon, Oct 2, 2023

Recognizing that Belial thrives on fear within large gatherings, the Krewe takes on the responsibility of monitoring the Friday the 13th parade. Meanwhile, Soleil endeavours to harness and unleash her latent powers.

fright krewe episode guide

The Swamp – Episode 6

  • Mon, Oct 2, 2023

During a field trip to the swamp, Krewe uncovers the surprising fact that Pat used to reside there before his father’s tragic demise in an alligator-related incident. Pat had harboured doubts about the circumstances surrounding his father’s death, and an enigmatic voice presented the opportunity to reveal the truth.

The Light- Episode 7

  • Mon, Oct 2, 2023

Following their conversation with Honey Lou, the Swamp Monster, who revealed that Pat’s father’s soul was ensnared by the Feu Follet at the Court of Light, the Krewe assists Pat in bidding a final farewell to his beloved parent.

The Bait- Episode 8

  • Mon, Oct 2, 2023

The Krewe seizes a chance to covertly enter the Furst Mansion and gather evidence implicating Furst’s collaboration with Belial. Their subterfuge nearly falls apart when it becomes apparent that Furst is convening a meeting with the rougarous and vampires.

The Trap – Episode 9

  • Mon, Oct 2, 2023

The Krewe’s covert operation is foiled, aligning with the intentions of both Furst and Belial. Following their apprehension, Soleil confronts Belial for the first time, leading to an encounter with genuine terror that shatters her spirit.

The War – Episode 10

  • Mon, Oct 2, 2023

In their quest to escape the attic and prevent the catastrophic conflict at the amusement park, Krewe faces the daunting task of persuading Nelson to reevaluate his father’s convictions. Additionally, Soleil finds herself at a crossroads, where she must make a decision between righteousness and malevolence, a choice that burdens her with overwhelming guilt.

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Fright Krewe IMDb Ratings

Fright Krewe has earned an impressive IMDb rating of 7.5/10, a testament to its ability to captivate and engage its audience. With its unique blend of horror and adventure, this animated series has struck a chord with viewers who appreciate its thrilling narrative and intriguing characters.

Chilling Feedback: Audience Reviews for Fright Krewe Hulu Series

I think this show is a must see. The sportsmanship, spookiness, secrets and so much more. I started this 3 days ago, finished on the same day and have rewatched it two more times because I put it on for others.

John D

Fright Krewe was a fun show. It leaned a little young, but it packed enough story and chills for the kid in us all. The antagonist was a bit one-dimensional in his aims, but the friendships were genuine and sweet, and I enjoyed the incorporation of New Orleans lore and landmarks.

David A


When is the release date for Fright Krewe?

Fright Krewe is set to be released on Monday, October 2, 2023.

Who created Fright Krewe?

Fright Krewe is created by actor-filmmaker Eli Roth and writer-producer James Frey. Both serve as executive producers on the series.

How many episodes are there in Fright Krewe?

The first season of Fright Krewe consists of ten episodes, each with a runtime of 22 minutes. All episodes will be available for streaming on the premiere day.

What is the storyline of Fright Krewe?

Fright Krewe follows the story of Soleil and a group of teens who accidentally unleash an ancient evil spirit. Gifted with supernatural powers, they must protect their hometown in New Orleans from demons, vampires, and other malevolent spirits while strengthening their friendship.

Wrapping It All Up!

So, are you ready to face the horrors that await within the heart of New Orleans? With Fright Krewe, DreamWorks ventures into uncharted territory, offering a gateway to the horror genre for older children and adults alike. As the nights grow darker and the air turns colder, there’s no better time to embrace the spine-tingling experience that ‘Fright Krewe’ promises to deliver.

In conclusion, Fright Krewe is a Halloween treat that promises to keep you at the edge of your seats, immersing you in a world where ancient evil lurks around every corner. So, prepare for a chilling adventure and be sure to catch the premiere on October 2, 2023, because the nightmares are about to come to life.

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