Best Comedy Westerns By IMDb Ranking [August 2023]

When you think of Western movies, images of rugged cowboys, saloons, and shootouts may come to mind. But what about Westerns that make you laugh out loud? Comedy Westerns have a unique charm that combines the ruggedness of the West with the hilarity of witty banter, slapstick humor, and outrageous situations. So if you are in the mood for a good laugh and some cowboy action, join us as we explore the best comedy westerns by IMDb ranking that will have you giggling in your saddle.

In this article, we will be exploring the best comedy westerns ever made, as ranked by IMDb. From classics like “Blazing Saddles” to modern hits like “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs,” we’ll be counting down the top funny Western movies that perfectly blend the genres of western and comedy. So, saddle up and get ready for some laughs as we dive into the best comedy westerns of all time.

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Here is a list of best comedy westerns, ranked according to IMDb from best to less liked;

1. ‘Under the Western Sun’ – 2012

Cast: Mark Meir, Troy Streuer, Pam Eichner, Trenton Rostedt, Robert Tamble, Clark Davis, Michael Shell
Release date:March 20, 2012
IMDb rating:8.3

An ambitious journalist named John Miller is the subject of this family-friendly movie ‘Under the Western Sun’ , and his only goal in life is to work for a prominent newspaper. Frank Gleason, referred to in the media as “Mr. Millionaire,” must be exposed for him to get hired. Frank Gleason is John’s father, which presents an issue. To find out the actual story for himself, John aids Frank in escaping. They travel to John’s tiny Texas hometown of Mahoney together. As John returns home, he finds that Mahoney has changed and that it will be difficult to fulfill his desires. Watch this ultimate top best comedy westerns by IMDb ranking.

2. ‘Dirty Sally’ -1974

Cast:Jeanette Nolan, Dack Rambo
Release date: January 11, 1974
IMDb rating:7.8

The funny western television series Dirty Sally follows a young ex-outlaw and a hard-drinking older woman as they go to the California gold fields in a wagon drawn by Worthless, a mule.

Sally Fergus was a grumpy, tobacco-chewing, brash-speaking, hard-drinking older woman traveling to California to pan for gold. Young gunfighter Cyrus Pike, looking forward to the riches of California and sometimes frustrated by the continual delays as Sally opted to intervene in the lives of everybody they encountered, was with her and her mule-driven wagon.

3. ‘Blazing Saddles’ – 1974

Cast:Cleavon Little, Gene Wilder, Slim Pickens, Alex Karras, Mel Brooks, Harvey Korman, Madeline Kahn
Release date:February 7, 1974
IMDb rating:7.7

Blazing Saddles, a bawdy and unconventional comedy film directed by Mel Brooks, is often regarded as the benchmark for humorous westerns or comedies in general. The movie centers on Bart, a guy who becomes the sheriff of a community that could be more excited about having a person of color fill the post. The movie was released at the height of the Western film revival and celebrated and criticized the era. Due to its outrageous comedy and off-the-wall quips, the movie was controversial then and would likely be too contentious to be accepted today. As many of the gags and satires still hold now, if not more so than in 1974, fans of the movie still like them. This highlights how far ahead of time Mel Brooks was.

4. ‘Way Out West’ -1937

Cast:Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy
Release date:April 16, 1937
IMDb rating:7.6

It’s appropriate that one of the funniest and most lauded Western comedies came out while the genre was only getting started. In this timeless movie, Laurel and Hardy play two guys charged with delivering a deed to a goldmine. The traditional Laurel and Hardy antics follow the theft of the act.

As might be anticipated by the legendary comedy team, the film is straightforward and has excellent slapstick humor. The film is unique since it came out at a period when Westerns dominated the still-emerging box office and dared to poke fun at the established tropes of the genre. Another best comedy westerns as ranked by IMDb.

5. ‘Support Your Local Sheriff’ – 1969

Cast:James Garner, Joan Hackett, Walter Brennan, Harry Morgan, Jack Elam, Bruce Dern
Release date:March 26, 1969
IMDb rating:7.5

‘Support Your Local Sheriff’ revolves around a man who might join the sheriff’s department in the old west just for the salary, reasoning that he could leave if things became too difficult. He ultimately opts for creativity.

In a gold rush town, McCullough accepts a job while “passing through on my route to Australia.” He swiftly detains the youngest son of the villainous landowner after an impressive exhibition of shooting (Danby). As McCullough proceeds to alleviate the town and extinguish the gunslingers with skill and humor, a duel of hired shooters breaks out. The classic old comedy western movies stand the test of time.

6. ‘They Call Me Trinity’ -1970

Cast:Terence Hill, Bud Spencer
Release date:December 22, 1970
IMDb rating:7.4

‘They Call Me Trinity’ is about a land-grabbing Major, a Mexican bandit, and his goons, a slow, unconventional gunfighter and his chubby, horse-stealing brother defend a Mormon colony. A vagrant arrives in the community where his brother serves as sheriff. Together, they take on the local landlord attempting to drive out the Mormon settlers from a valley he wants to acquire. In reality, his brother is a thief who shattered the genuine sheriff’s leg and left him for dead; he took on the role of the sheriff to elude capture. This comedy westerns by IMDb earned great response by audience.

7. ‘The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs’ -2018

Cast:Tyne Daly, James Franco, Brendan Gleeson, Bill Heck, Grainger Hines, Zoe Kazan, Harry Melling
Release date:November 16, 2018
IMDb rating:7.3

As with the Western anthology The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs, audiences may expect a lighthearted yet gloomy experience when Joel and Ethan Coen are at the helm. There are six different stories in the Netflix movie, including the trip of an impresario, a prospector looking for riches, and a singing cowboy skilled with a rifle, among others.

This is a perfect example of the Coen Brothers’ trademark dry humor. Each episode presents a different and menacing view of Westerns that deftly balances tragedy with dark comedy. The cast is particularly impressive, brilliantly capturing the tragicomic tone the Coen Brothers are known for in earlier works like Fargo. Fans will undoubtedly find something to love in this contemporary classic, whether it’s Buster singing his way through life or an unexpected James Franco appearance. Don’t miss out on this new comedy western movie.

8. ‘Rango’ – 2011

Cast:Johnny Depp, Isla Fisher, Abigail Breslin, Ned Beatty, Alfred Molina, Bill Nighy, Harry Dean Stanton
Release date:Mar 4, 2011
IMDb rating:7.2

Although not a standard Western, Rango is a classic because of its lawless atmosphere and hilarious comedy. A chameleon named Rango takes up the sheriff’s duties in the town of Dirt so he can acquire some water, but he soon realizes he is in over his head. You can also explore the best animal movies.

Unsurprisingly, the movie won a well-deserved Oscar for Best Animated Feature in 2011. The film has a devoted following that continues to expand over time. The movie pays respect to classic Westerns while yet standing on its own. It is one of the best new comedy western movies ranked by IMDb.

9. ‘The Good, The Bad, The Weird’ – 2008

Cast:Song Kang-ho, Lee Byung-hun, Jung Woo-sung
Release date:July 17, 2008
IMDb rating:7.2

True to its title, ‘The Good, The Bad, The Weird‘ draws inspiration from the iconic 1966 classic ‘The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.’ While both films revolve around three dubious characters seeking hidden treasure in a remote desert, the former delivers a heightened dose of humor and action that distinguishes it from the latter, which is already quite amusing and thrilling.

The movie embarks on a thrilling and uproarious journey from start to finish, effectively maintaining a dynamic and lively atmosphere throughout its extended runtime of over 2 hours. For enthusiasts of films skillfully blending comedy and action, ‘The Good, The Bad, The Weird’ offers a satisfying experience. And if you’re a fan of Comedy Westerns too, this movie is a delightful double treat.

10. ‘Once Upon a Time in Ukraine’ – 2020

Cast:Roman Lutskyi, Sergey Strelnikov, Kateryna Slyusar, Yakov Tkachenko
Release date:December 31, 2020
IMDb rating:7.0

The central theme of the movie ‘Once Upon a Time in Ukraine’ is Akayo Samurai who invaded Ukrainian land to get revenge on the Japanese Harimoto, who bought enslaved people from a Ukrainian master. Akayo encounters the serf Taras along the journey, who is similarly motivated by personal vengeance and plans to orchestrate the liberation of his sweetheart. Explore the charm of this new comedy western movies for a modern twist.

11. ‘Maverick’ – 1994

Cast:Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster, James Garner
Release date: May 20, 1994
IMDb rating:7.0

In 1994, the uproarious Western comedy ‘Maverick‘ was brought to life. Adapted from the television series of the same name, the film stars Mel Gibson as the cunning con artist and skilled poker player Bret Maverick. Sharing the screen with Jodie Foster and James Garner, who was also the star of the original series, the movie creates a winning ensemble.

Bret Maverick’s aspiration to participate in a high-stakes poker tournament for a handsome reward sets the stage for a series of entertaining escapades. Along the way, he encounters the resourceful swindler Annabelle (Foster) and the determined Marshal Zane Cooper (Garner), leading to comedic clashes and unexpected twists. ‘Maverick’ struck a chord with audiences, earning an A- CinemaScore and amassing $183 million at the box office. Additionally, it secured an Academy Award nomination for Best Costume Design.

12. ‘City Slickers’ – 1991

Cast:Billy Crystal, Jack Palance, Daniel Stern
Release date:June 7, 1991
IMDb rating:6.8

While one could engage in some pedantic scrutiny over whether ‘City Slickers‘ fits the traditional mold of a Western, its distinct charm and humor defy categorization norms. Set in contemporary times, the movie revolves around three businessmen seeking relaxation through a Western-themed vacation, only to be thrust into a series of amusing misadventures.

Bringing a light-hearted and enjoyable tone, ‘City Slickers’ remains a delightful cinematic experience that has stood the test of time. The film shines as a testament to Billy Crystal’s iconic roles, gaining prominence shortly after his hit ‘When Harry Met Sally.’ Notably, the late Bruno Kirby also adds his memorable touch to both films, making ‘City Slickers’ an enjoyable addition to the realm of comedy Westerns.

13. ‘Cat Ballou’ – 1965

Cast:Jane Fonda, Lee Marvin, Michael Callan
Release date:June 24, 1965
IMDb rating:6.7

In the 1965 western comedy ‘Cat Ballou,’ the remarkable Jane Fonda starred alongside Lee Marvin, delivering a sensational performance. The film follows the journey of a would-be schoolteacher, Cat Ballou, who takes a turn towards the outlaw lifestyle as she seeks vengeance for her father’s murder. Alongside her quest, Cat enlists the aid of a past-his-prime gunslinger and a charismatic cattle thief, leading to a series of entertaining escapades.

Lee Marvin’s dual portrayal as the menacing hitman and the down-and-out triggerman earned him the Academy Award for Best Actor. The movie ‘Cat Ballou’ secured a place on the American Film Institute’s top 10 list of the greatest westerns of all time, praised for its unique blend of humor and darker thematic elements.

14. ‘Shanghai Noon’ – 2000

Cast:Jackie Chan, Owen Wilson, Lucy Liu
Release date:May 23, 2000
IMDb rating:6.6

In Shanghai Noon, Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson demonstrate their special connection despite seeming like they could be more natural acting partners. To save a princess who has been abducted, the bumbling royal guard teams up with a trained thief. The two characters continuously argue and get into trouble in the movie. It has a fish-out-of-water plot as well as a buddy police situation.

To create a funny fusion of different filmmaking genres, Shanghai Noon is a unique Western that incorporates kung-fu into the story. The movie even had a sequel, Shanghai Knights, when the two traveled to Victorian England and ran across famous historical characters like Charlie Chaplin. Experience the joy of this funny comedy westerns that blend humor and action.

15. ‘Three Amigos!’ -1986

Cast:Chevy Chase, Steve Martin, Martin Short, Alfonso Arau, Tony Plana
Release date:December 12, 1986
IMDb rating:6.5

Legendary comedians Martin Short, Chevy Chase, and Steve Martin feature in Three Amigos. As a group of actors who believe they are traveling to a Mexican village to portray their on-screen bandit characters. Yet, the group is unaware that the locals believe they are the real deal.

The movie is a combination of slapstick humor, musical songs, and Western action scenes. It has made it a classic and attracts new viewers every year. Laughter is always guaranteed in such a movie with this much comic talent on display. Especially when the three main characters sing “My Little Buttercup” by Randy Newman to win over a cantina full of tough gunslingers.

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Wrap up!

In conclusion, the list of the Best Comedy Westerns by IMDb is a great resource for anyone looking for a good laugh and an entertaining movie to watch. Here you’ll discover the Best Comedy Westerns for a good laugh and adventure.

The films on this list showcase the perfect blend of Western and comedy genres. Also providing viewers with a unique and enjoyable movie experience. From classic comedies like “Blazing Saddles” to newer hits like “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs,” this list has something for everyone. So grab some popcorn, kick back, and enjoy some laughs with these top-rated comedy Westerns.

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