7 Best SVT Shows in UK: Must-Watch Picks

Welcome to the world of Swedish television excellence, where storytelling transcends borders. In this article, we embark on a journey to explore the finest SVT (Sveriges Television) shows that have left an indelible mark on viewers. Join us as we delve into the realm of some of the best SVT Shows in UK, each offering a unique blend of entertainment, emotion, and cultural insight that transcends geographical boundaries.

From captivating historical dramas to side-splitting comedies and gripping crime mysteries, these best SVT shows have garnered a dedicated following for their quality, innovation, and compelling narratives. 

Why Are These SVT Shows Our Top Picks?

These SVT shows are our top picks due to their ability to seamlessly blend compelling storytelling with unique cultural perspectives. They offer a diverse range of genres, from historical dramas to quirky comedies and intense crime mysteries. Their captivating narratives, well-developed characters, and thought-provoking themes make them stand out, appealing to a broad spectrum of viewers in the UK and beyond. You can pick a show of your favorite genre and watch it on SVT in UK.

1- NileCity 105.6 (1995)

CreatorAndres Lokko
CastRobert Gustafsson, Andres Lokko, Johan Rheborg, Henrik Schyffert, Carl Dyall, Per Graffman, Peter Gröning.
IMDB Rating 8.5/10

NileCity 105.6 is a comedic gem that thrusts viewers into the chaotic world of commercial radio. The show centers around Percy Nilegård, a man relentlessly driven by the pursuit of money. Set in the rented premises of a fire station, the series introduces us to Percy’s motley crew, including the indomitable fire chief Greger and a group of well-built firemen. What makes each episode unique is the spotlight on one particular fireman, giving us insight into their distinctive personalities and their often-peculiar relationships.

Best SVT Shows in UK

Percy’s unorthodox methods to secure sponsors grow increasingly unconventional, providing a continuous source of laughter. The main radio host, Glenn Killing, welcomes a variety of quirky guests, offering a diverse range of humor. NileCity 105.6 is a comedy series that revels in absurdity and eccentricity, creating a captivating and laughter-inducing experience for viewers who appreciate offbeat humor and unconventional storytelling.

2- Anno 1790 (2011)

CreatorJonas Frykberg
CastPeter Eggers, Joel Spira, Linda Zilliacus, Johan H:son Kjellgren 
GenreHistorical drama 
IMDB Rating 7.5/10

Anno 1790 is a mesmerizing fusion of historical drama and crime intrigue set against the backdrop of 18th-century Stockholm. The series transports viewers to a tumultuous era marked by the Enlightenment and the aftermath of the French Revolution, where societal tensions ran high. At the heart of the show is Dåådh, a complex character who serves as both a controversial surgeon and a police commissioner.

Best SVT Shows in UK

Dåådh employs unconventional methods to solve murder cases, a stark contrast to the crime-solving techniques of his time. His character is further enriched by his closet revolutionary beliefs, which put him in perpetual danger. The series beautifully captures the dichotomy of 18th-century Stockholm, where grandeur coexists with squalor, and where love, politics, and revenge drive the motives behind heinous crimes. 

3- Morran och Tobias (2014)

CreatorMats Lindberg
CastRobert Gustafsson, Johan Rheborg, Micke Andersson, Rolf Andersson
IMDB Rating 7.6/10

This show invites viewers into the lives of Morran and her son Tobias, who find themselves on the fringes of society. Their world centers around Croft 9:4, their home and sanctuary for 34 years. However, the property falls under Trosa municipality’s expropriation, leaving their future uncertain. The show takes a poignant turn when Morran and Tobias sell a portion of their land to the municipality, offering them a brief opportunity to return. 

Best SVT Shows in UK

This transition highlights themes of resilience, adaptation, and the enduring bond between a mother and her son. Throughout the series, the audience witnesses Morran and Tobias navigating life’s challenges and discovering the importance of home and belonging. The narrative is imbued with a sense of nostalgia, showcasing the power of human connections in the face of adversity, making it one of the best SVT shows in UK.

4- The Dying Detective (2018)

CreatorMaurice Elvey
CastRolf Lassgård, Helena Af Sandeberg, Alexej Manvelov, Lena B. Eriksson
GenreCrime Series
IMDB Rating 7.1/10

The Dying Detective introduces viewers to Lars Martin Johansson, the retired Chief of the National Crime Police and Swedish Security Service, who has suffered a debilitating stroke. His life of excess, characterized by stress, fine dining, and wine, has caught up with him, leaving him with dangerously high blood pressure and a frail heart.

Best SVT Shows in UK

Johansson’s life takes an unexpected turn when he encounters a neurologist who reveals a critical piece of information about a decades-old rape and murder case involving a nine-year-old girl. The catch is that the period for prosecution expired only weeks earlier. Undeterred by his health and time constraints, Johansson embarks on a relentless quest to solve this heinous crime from his deathbed.

5- Bert (1994)

CreatorTomas Alfredson and Svante Kettner
CastMartin Andersson, Ing-Marie Carlsson, Oliver Loftéen 
IMDB Rating 7.2/10

Bert is a Swedish television series that captures the essence of adolescence with wit and charm. Based on the Bert Diaries by Anders Jacobsson and Sören Olsson, the show provides a delightful blend of nostalgia and contemporary humor. The series follows the misadventures of Bert, a sixth grader navigating the challenges and hilarities of pre-teen life. Directed by Tomas Alfredson and Svante Kettner, Bert maintains the spirit of the original books while bringing a fresh perspective to the screen.

Best SVT Shows in UK

Bert offers relatable characters and situations, making it a heartwarming and humorous portrayal of the ups and downs of adolescence. The show’s exploration of friendships, school, and the quirks of growing up resonates with audiences, making it a beloved classic in Swedish television.

6- Scenes from a Marriage (1973)

CreatorHagai Levi
CastLiv Ullmann, Erland Josephson, Gunnel Lindblom, Bibi Andersson
IMDB Rating 8.5/10

Scenes from a Marriage delves into the intricate dynamics of a seemingly perfect marriage that conceals a world of turmoil. The series revolves around Johan and Marianne, a married couple who outwardly have it all. However, beneath the façade of happiness lies a relationship fraught with unresolved issues and infidelity.

Best SVT Shows in UK

The story takes a dramatic turn when Johan confesses to having an affair, leading to their separation. Yet, their connection remains strong, and they make attempts to reconcile, even as they explore new relationships. This emotionally charged series delves into the complexities of love, betrayal, and the enduring bond between two people.

7- Pistvakt (2000)

CreatorStephan Apelgren
CastLennart Jähkel, Jacob Nordenson, Tomas Norström, Olle 
IMDB Rating 7.4/10

Pistvakt unfolds in the picturesque setting of Svartlien, nestled at the base of Klimtatjakka. Here, the Marklund brothers—Sven-Erik, Sven-Erik, and Olle—reside with their mother Gudrun. Their lives revolve around tending to the needs of tourists at the family-run guesthouse. They take charge of maintaining the ski slope, ensuring the safety of visitors, and monitoring weather conditions. Adventurous activities like scooter safaris and samesafari add excitement to their daily routine.

Best SVT Shows in UK

Throughout their adventures, the memory of their legendary father, Stor-Erik, who mysteriously disappeared years ago, watches over the Marklund brothers. Pistvakt weaves together humor, camaraderie, and a touch of mystery, making it a heartwarming series that celebrates family bonds and the charm of life in a close-knit community.


In our exploration of the 7 Best SVT Shows in UK, we’ve uncovered a treasure trove of television excellence. From the offbeat humor of NileCity 105.6 to the historical intrigue of Anno 1790 and the heartwarming tales of Morran och Tobias and Pistvakt, these shows have left an indelible mark on viewers. The Dying Detective, Bert, and Scenes from a Marriage further showcase SVT’s storytelling prowess. These shows aren’t merely entertainment; they’re windows into rich narratives, diverse cultures, and complex human experiences. Whether seeking laughter, historical immersion, or gripping drama, these best SVT shows in UK offer an unforgettable journey into the world of Swedish television.

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