The Best Reality Shows On Paramount Plus – Unscripted Gems 

In a boundless realm of entertainment, Paramount Plus stands out as a sanctuary for aficionados of reality shows, offering unscripted escapades, intense competitions, and poignant human narratives. From adrenaline-pumping challenges that push contestants to their limits to soul-stirring journeys, Paramount Plus showcases a diverse array of unscripted programs to cater to every palate. Before delving into the best Paramount+ shows, explore our guide on the Best VPNs for Paramount+ to ensure a seamless, unrestricted entertainment experience.

This article immerses you in the captivating universe of Paramount Plus’ finest reality shows. Join us on a virtual exploration through the domain of unscripted entertainment, illuminating the most thrilling challenges, touching moments, and unforgettable characters that grace the screen.

Here is the list of Best Reality Shows On Paramount – Top Ranked

If you find yourself grappling with the daunting task of selecting the crème de la crème among the myriad reality shows available on Paramount+, fret not; we’ve got you covered. Allow us to be your compass in the vast sea of entertainment options as we present a thoughtfully curated compilation of the latest and most enticing additions to the Paramount+ reality show lineup.

These handpicked gems are poised to be a delightful addition to your viewing repertoire, promising not only to capture your attention but also to elevate your entertainment experience. So, say goodbye to indecision and embark on a journey through our carefully chosen selection that guarantees to make your time on Paramount+ truly worthwhile.

1- Survivor (2000-Present)

CreatorCharlie Parsons
No of Seasons 45
IMDB Rating 7.5/10

Survivor, an iconic TV show on Paramount Plus, stands as a classic reality competition. Conceived by Charlie Parsons, this series thrusts participants into remote locales, challenging them to outwit, outplay, and outlast competitors to claim the esteemed title of Sole Survivor. Boasting over 40 riveting seasons, it has solidified its status as a television staple, celebrated for its pulse-pounding challenges, strategic manoeuvring, and unforgettable cast members. 

Guided by the seasoned host Jeff Probst, the show’s enduring popularity is evident through its devoted fan base and critical acclaim. Renowned for its innovative premise and captivating narrative, Survivor remains one of the best reality shows on Paramount Plus.

2- Teen Mom (2009)

Creator Morgan J. Freeman
No of Seasons 5
IMDB Rating 4.3/10

Teen Mom, a standout among Paramount Plus enduring reality shows, stands as a long-running favourite. Chronicling the journeys of five young mothers, the series delves into their experiences of parenthood amidst personal and relational trials. This unfiltered portrayal offers an unvarnished view into their lives, earning a dedicated fan base and serving as a captivating guilty pleasure for numerous viewers. 

Despite facing scrutiny for the potential glamorization of teen pregnancy, Teen Mom 2 has maintained its popularity, even giving rise to spin-off series that continue to resonate with audiences. As one of the platform’s cornerstones, this show exemplifies the blend of authenticity and entertainment that has propelled Paramount Plus’ reality offerings to the forefront of modern television.

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3- Are You The One? (2014)

Creator Jeff Spangler
No of Seasons 9
IMDB Rating 6.6/10

Securing a prominent position among Paramount Plus’ adored reality dating shows, Are You the One? orchestrates an intriguing scenario by assembling a group of captivating, young singles under a single roof. The primary objective of the show is to unravel the mystery surrounding each participant’s ideal romantic partner. Amidst weekly trials and romantic rendezvous, the contestants embark on a journey to unearth their most compatible connections. The culmination of each episode builds suspense through a matching ceremony, where participants strive to accurately identify their ideal matches.

The stakes are high, as successful pairings translate into a shared cash prize, injecting an alluring element into their pursuit of love. Are You the One? distinguishes itself with a unique blend of drama, romance, and strategic elements, captivating audiences through its exploration of modern relationships and the intricate web of human connection. Its compelling narrative and engaging format solidify its standing as one of the premier reality shows on Paramount Plus.

4- Big Brother (2000)

Creator Mark W. Roden
No of Seasons 25
IMDB Rating 5.5/10

Chronicles unfold within the lives of a diverse assembly of individuals, dwelling under the unwavering gaze of continuous surveillance. The setting is an intricately equipped house adorned with cameras and microphones, meticulously documenting every nuance of their interactions. Isolated from the outside world, contestants endure this confinement until they face elimination through peer votes or emerge triumphant, claiming the coveted grand prize.

In the most recent season, Big Brother Season 25, participants engaged in trials and engaged in thought-provoking deliberations regarding eviction decisions. This journey culminated in a gripping narrative, ultimately leading to the crowning of the ultimate winner. The season unfolded with a series of intense moments as contestants navigated through the challenges and uncertainties, adding layers of excitement to their quest for victory.

5- Bar Rescue (2011) 

Creator Darrin Reed
No of Seasons 8
IMDB Rating 7.5/10

Bar Rescue is a riveting reality TV series following the journey of acclaimed bar expert Jon Taffer as he crisscrosses the nation to salvage struggling bars, transforming them into thriving ventures. Tasked with revitalizing the establishment’s ambience, menu, and overarching concept, Taffer and his dedicated team labour to reinvigorate the failing businesses for their owners. 

Packed with gripping drama, comedic moments, and nail-biting anticipation, the show proves to be an enticing watch for enthusiasts of the bar industry and reality TV lovers alike. Beyond its entertainment value, Bar Rescue also imparts invaluable insights and practical advice for those venturing into or looking to enhance their bar enterprises.

6- True Life (1998)

Creator Aaron Saidman
No of Seasons 21
IMDB Rating 7.3/10

Embark on an eye-opening journey with MTV’s Emmy-winning documentary series, True Life, as it skillfully navigates a captivating spectrum of topics, from the gritty world of grassroots wrestling to the profound struggles of addiction. True Life takes a deeply grounded approach, immersing viewers in the lives of individuals connected to each week’s thematic focus, be it the participants or those profoundly impacted.

This series breathes vitality into subjects as diverse as sex work, racism, and plastic surgery addiction, providing a fresh and humanizing perspective on often-taboo topics. True Life’s unique strength lies in its ability to empower viewers, urging them to reconsider their preconceptions by revealing the intimate narratives that underscore each theme. It stands as an enlightening and emotionally charged exploration of the human experience, solidifying its place as one of the absolute best reality TV shows waiting to be discovered on Paramount Plus. Dive in and broaden your horizons with True Life’s poignant and thought-provoking storytelling.

7- Made (2003)

Creator Angie Day
No of Seasons 7
IMDB Rating 5.9/10

Made, the captivating MTV series showcases the dreams and aspirations of young people, encompassing desires as varied as becoming a cheerleader, pursuing opera singing, or simply graduating high school. This compelling show focuses on empowering teens and young adults to surmount their challenges and attain their coveted goals. In each episode, an aspiring individual is paired with a dedicated coach specialized in their desired field, propelling them to conquer what once seemed insurmountable. 

The series’ pinnacle moments involve witnessing personal growth and triumphant victories against adversity. Yet, the show’s emotional depth also shines when individuals encounter setbacks, providing poignant and heartrending moments. Made serves as both an inspiring odyssey and a poignant exploration of human tenacity, reminding viewers that the journey toward achieving dreams is just as significant as the destination itself.

8- Ink Master (2012)

Creator Original Media
No of Seasons 14
IMDB Rating 7.4/10

Ink Master is a vibrant and intense competition, presided over by tattooed maestro and Jane’s Addiction guitarist, Dave Navarro. This captivating series draws tattoo artists from across the nation into a fierce battle, vying for the grand prize of $100,000. Beyond mere skin deep, Ink Master challenges contestants by pushing them beyond their comfort zones, prompting them to excel in diverse artistic mediums such as wall graffiti, 3D body paint, and airbrushing, before they wield their needles on living canvases. 

With a gathering of exceptional talent, each season unveils an unending array of breathtaking artistry, showcased on the human form. Ink Master Season 14 weaves a tapestry of creative ingenuity, transforming every episode into an unforgettable display of skill, imagination, and the captivating fusion of body and art.

Final Wrap Up!

From the strategic challenges of Survivor to the heartfelt narratives of Teen Mom, the best reality shows on Paramount Plus deliver a diverse range of experiences that cater to all tastes. Whether it’s the romantic twists of Are You the One? or the empowering transformations on Made, Paramount Plus showcases unscripted gems that captivate, educate, and resonate deeply with audiences. Paramount Plus’ collection of unscripted reality shows is more than just television – it’s a journey through the raw, the real, and the remarkable. Whether you are a fan of best cop shows or best disaster movies, Paramount+ has everything for all!

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