Best Comedy Films on BBC iPlayer

Comedy films are a great way to escape from reality for a few hours and have a laugh. Comedy films are a genre of film that is designed to make people laugh. They often feature humorous characters, situations, and dialogue. Comedy films can be based on real-life events or on fictional accounts. BBC iPlayer has a wide selection of comedy films to choose from, so you’re sure to find something that will tickle your funny bone.

Moreover, families can use this chance to get closer, try out new things, and have fun with the best comedy movies easily available on BCC iPlayer. It’s a great way to relax and have a good time together, away from the usual stresses, by watching funny shows as a group.

Why These Shows Were Selected As the Top Comedy Movies On BCC iPlayer:

Reelsgood carefully selected these movies and shows to enhance your viewing pleasure. We relied on IMDb Ratings to guide our choices and organized them neatly. These selections have garnered praise from both viewers and experts alike, so we’re confident you’ll find them enjoyable and well worth your time.

1. 21 Jump Street (2012)

21 Jump Street
IMDb rating7.2/10
CastJonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Rob Riggle, Rosemarie DeWitt

This action comedy follows two undercover cops who go undercover as high school students to investigate a drug ring. The film stars Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum.

Schmidt is a brilliant but socially awkward police officer who is partnered with Jenko, a jock who is more interested in partying than police work. The two are sent undercover at a local high school to investigate the flow of a new synthetic drug called HFS.

The film is a fish-out-of-water comedy, as Schmidt and Jenko struggle to fit in with the high school students. They are constantly making mistakes and getting into trouble. But they also learn a lot about themselves and each other along the way.

You are able to watch “21 Jump Street” streaming on FilmBox+ or for free with ads on Tubi TV.

2. Bridesmaids (2011)

Bridesmaids 2011
IMDb rating6.8/10
CastKristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Rose Byrne, Melissa McCarthy.

This female-led comedy follows a group of bridesmaids who are planning a wedding. The film stars Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Melissa McCarthy, and Rose Byrne. The film follows Annie, a single woman who is asked to be the maid of honor at her best friend Lillian’s wedding. Annie is tasked with planning the bachelorette party and helping Lillian choose her bridesmaids. However, Annie’s plans go awry, and she finds herself competing with Helen, Lillian’s wealthy rival for the title of maid of honor.

Along the way, Annie also has to deal with her own insecurities and fears about being a bridesmaid. She is worried that she is not good enough for Lillian, and she is afraid of making a fool of herself at the wedding. However, with the help of her friends, Annie eventually overcomes her fears and becomes a great maid of honor.

Bridesmaids is a funny, heartwarming, and relatable film that follows Annie as she navigates the ups and downs of being a bridesmaid. The film is full of quotable lines and memorable moments, and it features an excellent cast of actresses.

 You are able to watch “Bridesmaids” streaming on Netflix.

3. The Hangover (2009)

IMDb rating7.7/10
CastBradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha

This raunchy comedy follows four friends who go to a bachelor party in Las Vegas and wake up the next day with no memory of the night before. The film stars Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, and Justin Bartha. The film follows four friends who go to Las Vegas for a bachelor party for Doug. The next morning, they wake up in their hotel room with no memory of the previous night and Doug nowhere to be found, and the only clues they have to his whereabouts are a tiger, a baby, a missing tooth, and a stolen police car. They must piece together the events of the night before in order to find Doug and get him back to Los Angeles in time for his wedding.

Along the way, they encounter a variety of strange and unexpected people, including a stripper named Jade, a gangster named Mr. Chow, and a police officer named Teddy.

The Hangover is a raunchy, outrageous, and hilarious film. The film is full of unexpected twists and turns, and it features some of the funniest scenes in recent memory.

You are able to watch “The Hangover” streaming on fuboTV.

4. The Big Lebowski (1998)

The Big Lebowski 1998
IMDb rating8.1/10
CastJeff Bridges, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, Julianne Moore, John Turturro, David Huddleston.

This cult classic comedy follows a laid-back slacker who is mistaken for a millionaire and is forced to go on a wild adventure. The film stars John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, and Julianne Moore.It stars Jeff Bridges as Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski, a laid-back Los Angeles slacker who is mistaken for a millionaire of the same name. When the millionaire’s trophy wife is kidnapped, The Dude is tasked with delivering the ransom money to her kidnappers. However, things quickly go wrong, and The Dude finds himself caught up in a web of mistaken identities, violence, and drug dealing.

The film was a critical and commercial success, grossing over $17 million worldwide. It was praised for its humor, style, and performances. The Big Lebowski has since become a cult classic, and it is often cited as one of the greatest comedies of all time.

You are able to watch “The Big Lebowski” streaming on fuboTV, Showtime, DIRECTV.

5. Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)

Monty Python and the Holy Grail
IMDb rating8.2/10
CastGraham Chapman, John Cleese, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Michael Palin, Terry Gilliam.

This British comedy classic follows King Arthur and his knights on a quest for the Holy Grail. Along the way, they encounter a variety of challenges, including the Black Knight, the killer rabbit of Caerbannog, and the bridgekeeper. The film is full of absurdist humour and slapstick comedy.

 You are able to watch “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” streaming on Netflix Free trial.

6. 100% Wolf (2020)

100 wolf
Image via BBC
IMDb rating5.6/10
CastJai Courtney, Loren Gray, Samara Weaving, Rhys Darby

“100% Wolf,” directed by Alexs Stadermann and written by Ranald Allan, David Breen, and Fin Edquist, features a cast including Loren Gray, Adriane Daff, and Akmal Saleh. With an IMDb rating of 5.6/10 and a runtime of 1 hour and 36 minutes, this family film follows the story of Freddy Lupin, the proud heir to a werewolf family lineage. In a surprising twist, Freddy’s initial attempt to transform into a fearsome werewolf goes awry, turning him into the most unusual and terrifying werewolf ever seen. Released in 2020, “100% Wolf” is among the family films available on BBC iPlayer, offering an entertaining and whimsical adventure for viewers of all ages.

 You are able to watch “100% Wolf” streaming on Hulu, Hoopla

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7. Young Adult (2011)

Young Adult 2011 1
Image via Netflix
IMDb rating5.3/10
CastCharlize Theron, Patton Oswalt, Patrick Wilson

“Young Adult,” released on BBC iPlayer in 2011, is a compelling film that delves into the life of an author of fiction novels, portrayed by Charlize Theron, who returns to her small-town Minnesota hometown after a divorce. Her primary objective is to rekindle a past romance with her ex-boyfriend, played by Patrick Wilson, who has since married and become a father. As the protagonist navigates this complex web of past relationships and personal growth, the film skillfully explores themes of nostalgia, self-discovery, and the enduring impact of our choices. With its engaging storytelling and stellar performances, “Young Adult” swiftly garnered popularity and acclaim, making it a hit among audiences on BBC iPlayer.

You are able to watch “Young Adult” streaming on fuboTV, Showtime, DIRECTV.

8. Muppets Most Wanted (2014)

muppets most wanted 1
IMDb rating6.4/10
CastRicky Gervais, Tina Fey, Ty Burrell

The film’s plot centers around a case of mistaken identity as Kermit the Frog finds himself in a perplexing predicament. Mistaken for the notorious criminal Constantine, he is imprisoned in the remote reaches of Siberia while his impersonator uses the Muppets’ European tour as a cover for a daring heist of the crown jewels. With its blend of humor, music, and heartwarming Muppet antics, “Muppets Most Wanted” offers a delightful and entertaining experience for viewers of all ages. Released on BBC iPlayer, it quickly became a must-watch film, adding to the Muppet legacy of timeless and family-friendly entertainment.

You are able to watch “Muppets Most Wanted” streaming on Disney Plus.

9. Zog and the Flying Doctors (2020)

zog and the flying doctors
IMDb rating6.7/10
CastPatsy Ferran, Daniel Ings, Hugh Skinner

In this enchanting tale, a trio of flying doctors, Pearl, Gadabout, and Zog, tend to a variety of whimsical creatures, including mermaids, unicorns, and even coughing lions. However, their adventures take an unexpected turn when severe weather forces them to land at the palace, where Pearl is unexpectedly imprisoned by her uncle, the king. This heartwarming and whimsical story takes viewers on a short yet memorable journey, showcasing the importance of friendship, courage, and compassion.

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10. Man on the Moon (1999)

Man on the Moon 1999
IMDb rating7.4/10
CastJim Carrey, Andy Kaufman, Danny DeVito

“Man on the Moon,” released in 1999, is a biographical film that offers a captivating glimpse into the life of the eccentric comedian Andy Kaufman. Directed by Milos Forman, the movie delves into Kaufman’s fascinating journey, from his early success as the lovable mechanic Latka Gravas on the TV show “Taxi” (1978) to his unexpected rise to fame as a professional wrestler. Through a series of comedic antics, the film provides a window into Kaufman’s unique and often controversial brand of humor, as well as his complex personal life. It explores his relationships with key figures in his world, including his manager George Shapiro, his close friend and business partner Bob Zmuda, and his lover Lynne Margulies. “Man on the Moon” is a tribute to an unconventional and enigmatic performer, offering viewers an engaging and thought-provoking cinematic experience.

These are just a few of the many great comedy films available on BBC iPlayer. If you’re looking for a good laugh, be sure to check them out.

Here are some tips for choosing the best comedy films for you:

  • Consider your interests: What types of comedy films are you interested in? Do you prefer raunchy comedies, romantic comedies, or absurdist comedies?
  • Think about the tone of the movie: Do you want to watch a light-hearted comedy, or are you looking for something more raunchy or absurd?
  • Consider the cast: Some of the best comedy films feature outstanding performances from the cast. Make sure to check out the reviews to see if the cast is up to par.
  • Read reviews of the movies you’re interested in. This can help you decide if a movie is right for you

Wrap Up!

Watch the best comedy films on BBC iPlayer in 4D, HD, and SD using a VPN to watch the all-time new favorite movies while also getting additional access to 500+ streaming services globally with VPN in your cavalry. Comedy films can be enjoyed by people of all ages and interests. They offer a variety of stories and characters to connect with, and they can be both educational and entertaining. If you’re looking for a film that will make you laugh, then a comedy film is a great option.

Whether you’re looking for a classic comedy film or a more recent release, BBC iPlayer has something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Start streaming today!

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