All the Best Survivor Seasons Ranked

Are you a die-hard Survivor fan eagerly awaiting the premier of Survivor Season 44? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve put together a list of the top 10 best Survivor seasons to keep you entertained while you wait. Survivor has been one of the most popular and longest-running reality TV shows for decades now. Over the years, viewers have seen incredible contestants, exciting gameplay, and unforgettable themes. Some seasons stand out due to their exceptional play, captivating castaways, or unique twists. As Survivor enthusiasts, we’re sure you’ll enjoy this countdown of the best Survivor seasons. With the conclusion of Survivor 43 and Survivor season 42 packed with action and adventures, you can expect a great lineup of entertaining episodes. So sit back, relax, and get ready to explore the top 10 Survivor seasons!

1. Season 20: Heroes vs Villains

Survivor’s 20th season, Heroes vs. Villains, features contestants from previous seasons and is widely considered the best of all Survivor seasons. It satisfies every desire that a Survivor fan could have, excelling in its characters, gameplay, and lack of game-altering twists. The season is renowned for its iconic moments and moves, including impressive idol plays, memorable confrontations and rivalries, and a contestant who essentially voted themselves off. The cast is exceptional, including many of the show’s most iconic players. The Heroes tribe is fantastic, and the Villains tribe is often regarded as one of the best tribes in the show’s history.

season 20 survivors

The season is often recommended as a must-watch for any Survivor fan, with good reason. The players are the cream of the crop, pitting legendary heroes against the sneakiest villains to determine if they deserve their titles. This is the greatest season of Survivor of all time, with plenty of additional elements that lean toward spoilers. It gives contestants the opportunity to demonstrate whether they are worthy of the “hero” or “villain” label. The winner of Season 20: Heroes vs Villains was Sandra Diaz-Twine

2. Season 28: Cagayan

Season 28 of the Survivors is known as Cagayan. The season is famous for its unpredictability as well as the strategic and emotional dynamic of its cast. Survivor: Cagayan boasts an array of personalities that is simply mind-boggling. The show’s decision to split the tribes into three factions based on their strengths – brain, brawn, and beauty – was a highly successful concept as it aptly reflected the skills that various players have used over the years to reach the end of the game. Viewers witnessed players relying on their puzzle-solving abilities, their physical strength, or their charm and charisma to progress in the game. The premiere episode was fantastic, but the merge episode was equally remarkable, heralding a wild post-merge phase packed with unforeseen twists and turns.

survivor cagayan

The unpredictability of this season, especially in the post-merger period, is unparalleled and sets a new standard for future seasons to aspire to. The cast of Survivor: Cagayan is exceptional, with each castaway playing a significant role in the season’s storyline and gameplay. Survivor fans should not miss out on this season, which is filled with captivating characters and gameplay that cannot be overstated. Season 28 of the Survivor winner was Tony Vlachos.

3. Season 7: Pearl Islands

Watching some of the most legendary contestants in their debut season has a certain enchantment. Pearl Islands earns the third spot on this list because Rupert immediately embraces the game upon arrival, Sandra’s “anybody but me” strategy becomes a staple, and Johnny Fairplay deceives everyone about his grandmother’s condition. The pirate theme of this season takes it beyond an average season to something more. It’s as if the theme encourages players to scheme more, and take crazier risks.

Season 7

As a result, we have one of the greatest Survivor seasons ever. Pearl Islands is a top-tier season that any Survivor fan is sure to have on their list, and it is the standard of what older seasons can provide. This season has it all: captivating episodes, eccentric characters, and a satisfying and enjoyable winner making it a must-watch for any Survivor enthusiast. Survivor season 7: Pearl Islands was Sandra Diaz-Twine.

4. Season 27: Blood vs Water

The season of Blood vs. Water did exactly what the producers had hoped it would. When players are forced to make decisions that pit their loyalty to loved ones outside the game against their in-game strategy, it raises the stakes and adds a unique layer to the competition. We saw this in action as Ciera voted out her own mother and Colton quit the game to be with his boyfriend.

season 27

This season also saw the return of Redemption Island, with eliminated players fighting for a chance to re-enter the game. All of these elements made Blood vs. Water stand out from other seasons and made it a better game overall. Despite having a satisfying winner, it’s ranked lower on this list simply because the other seasons are slightly better, but that’s not to diminish its accomplishments. The Survivors season 27 winner was Tyson Apostol.

5. Season 31: Cambodia

Survivors’ 31st season may not have been its first all-returnee season, but it was certainly one of the best. What made this season stand out was the fans’ involvement in voting for which castaways would return, which added a whole new level of competence to the game. Every player felt like they had something to prove, which made it an intense and cutthroat season. The show’s lack of major twists allowed the players to focus on the game without the fear of the twist throwing them off.

The few twists which occurred led to some iconic moments. The producers’ decision to make the castaways feel like they needed to prove themselves was a brilliant one, and it’s surprising they have not gone back to it. With a satisfying winner and all these factors to play, it’s no wonder that Survivor: Cambodia has earned a top in the top five of Survivor seasons. The winner of Survivor season 5 was Brian Heidik.

6. Season 18: Tocantins

The eighteenth season of the show was filmed in the land of Brazil. Season 18 of Survivor, also called Tocantins, featured players who were determined to stay alive in the game and make it to the jury. The cast included players like Tyson, Coach, J.T., Fishbach, Taj, and even Sierra, who was considered a “goat” in later seasons. Despite not being a challenging threat or interested in playing to the ego of those in power, Sierra never gave up. The players in Tocantins were of a higher caliber, showing that by this point, people understood what it took to be a great Survivor player.

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Survivor: Tocantins was a thrilling and dramatic season that kept viewers on the edge of their seats. With its picturesque location, diverse cast of characters, and intense challenges, this season proved to be one of the most memorable in Survivor history. From the fierce alliances and strategic gameplay to the unpredictable twists and turns, every episode was packed with excitement and suspense. The final outcome was both surprising and satisfying, with the deserving winner being crowned after weeks of grueling competition. Overall, Survivor: Tocantins showcased the best of what this iconic reality show has to offer, and will undoubtedly remain a fan favorite for years to come. The season 18 winner of the Survivors were James “J.T.” Thomas Jr.

7. Season 15: China

Season 15 of Survivor has a few exceptional contestants that have become some of the most memorable players in the show’s history. The winner of Survivor: China is not only a remarkable strategist but also an undervalued character in the show’s history. Although the season’s gameplay may not be as intricate as other seasons, it offers a benefit as it is easier to follow. However, the simplicity of the strategy doesn’t take away from its excitement and appeal.


Survivor: China embraces its location by featuring challenges and rewards inspired by Chinese culture, which elevates the season and adds to its excitement and allure. Overall, Survivor: China is a season that should not be missed. The winner of season 15 of the Survivors was Todd Herzog.

8: Season 2: The Australian Outback

Survivor: The Australian Outback introduced several captivating characters to the show, including the infamous cowboy Colby Donaldson, as well as Tina, Alicia, Jerri, Elizabeth, Amber, Skupin, and Jeff Varner. The season boasts a wealth of impressive players, including Jerri, one of the show’s most infamous villains, known for her iconic hat. Although Jerri did not do anything particularly offensive, she was always willing to make bold moves, even if it meant betraying someone.

Survivors 2

For Jerri, winning at Survivor justified any means necessary. Whereas, Colby Donaldson was the runner-up of the show. Overall, Survivor: The Australian Outback is a season that showcases an exciting and diverse cast, leaving a lasting impression on viewers. The season of Survivor: The Australian Outback was Tina Wesson.

9: Season 16: Micronesia

Survivor: Micronesia features a cast of incredible characters, with half of the players being returning from previous seasons and a half being new. Although not every player is outstanding, the standout players make up for it with their engaging gameplay and strategic moves. The pre-merge phase of the season delivers some impressive blindsides, leading into a post-merge phase that showcases some of the show’s most impressive blindsides to date.


Despite being nearly 30 seasons ago, Micronesia still has moments that are frequently discussed, including what is arguably one of the most iconic moments in the history of the show. The season remains intriguing as almost every episode presents something fascinating, and the winner is one of the most beloved players of all time. The season of Survivor: Micronesia was Parvati Shallow.

10: Season 13: Cook Islands

Survivor: Cook Islands is ranked in the middle of the list due to its abundance of flips and flops as the castaways change their alliances frequently throughout the season. However, the show stands out for featuring the most diverse cast of any of the early seasons, with the initial tribes divided by race. Although the decision to begin the game with the castaways sorted along racial lines was controversial, it resulted in a more equitable distribution of racial diversity among the contestants.


The season also showcased remarkable gameplay and introduced influential players like Parvati Shallow, Yul, Penner, Candice, and the survival expert, Ozzy, who would go on to shape the game in ways that were previously unimaginable. The winner of Survivor season 13 is Yul Kwon.

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