How to Watch TRT1 in UK in 2022 [Easy Hacks]

This guide is for you if you want to know “how to watch TRT1 in the UK.” For Turkish viewers, TRT1 is a live and on-demand streaming service that offers all the top international TV programmes like subat, Halka, and Vuslat. Turkish entertainment is now getting the credit it deserves, as seen by the growing international acclaim for Turkish television series. As a result, we’ve noticed an increase in interest in Turkish programming on TRT1.

On the other hand, TRT1’s website has tight geo-restrictions, much like the rest of the state-run television networks. Because of this, it can only be found in Turkey. An error notice appears if anyone attempts to access it.

Its content is geographically restricted and inaccessible in the UK unless you purchase a high-end VPN that can switch your US IP for a Turkish one. Fortunately, following this guide will enable you to get past this error message and stream Turkey’s incredible content without any problems.

Quick Guide: How to Watch TRT1 in UK

  • Buy a VPN app. (ExpressVPN or PureVPN)
  • Set up the VPN app on your phone by following the prompts.
  • Please connect to a US server after setting up the VPN.
  • Sign in to the TRT1 website or app.
  • This is available on TRT1 internationally.

Why do you need a VPN to Watch TRT1 in UK?

Geo-restrictions, as well as licensing and copyright regulations, have forced TRT1 and many other channels to be geo-blocked outside of their home countries. Anyone who doesn’t have a Turkish server can’t watch TRT1. To make it appear as though you’re in Turkey, you’ll need to use a virtual private network (VPN).


Best VPNs to Watch TRT1 in UK

Not all VPNs are trustworthy. Finding a service provider with reliable broadband connections and blazing speeds is crucial for HD streaming. Among the tried-and-true VPNs, we may choose the two most reliable ones.

The key features

  • The US has an extensive server network.
  • HD streaming requires high-speed connections.
  • Strong encryption and privacy safeguards are used.
  • All-device-friendly apps

1. ExpressVPN 


We assess ExpressVPN looking for flaws, but they’re not always simple to spot. It astonishes us on every possible level, as evidenced by the fact that we have awarded five stars to the VPN service. ExpressVPN is off to a strong start by offering more than 3,000 servers in 160 countries and 160 locations worldwide. Apps for Mac, iOS, and Android are also great. There are additional add-ons that It can download for Chrome and Firefox. Using Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire devices browsers becomes significantly more straightforward.

  • Breakneck and quick speed.
  • bandwidth is unlimited, so download speed averages at 89.38 Mbps.
  • upload speed of 84.66 Mbps
  • Strong privacy is given from this VPN and security policies are in place.
  • Its Live chat is about 24/7 availability.
  • A thirty-day cooling-off period

2. PureVPN 


PureVPN is the best-recommended VPN service. You may safely access from anywhere with multiple channels to watch your favorite programs on the internet. In addition to buffer-free watching, the 20Gbps servers provide access to various streaming services, including US Netflix, Peacock, BBC player, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Max, and Foxtel, among others. Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android, to mention a few, are among the most widely used systems that Pure VPN currently supports.

  • 20Gbps servers with no buffering
  • US Netflix, Peacock, BBC iplayer, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Max, Foxtel, etc.
  • Streaming 4K channels effortlessly.
  • Mobile devices (apple or android).
  • 31-day refund.

Trouble Shooting Tips if TRT1 Stops working with VPN:

To make it work and watch Turkish series on TRT1, simply follow these simple steps:

  1. Switch to another browser or delete your cookies. As only a few servers can unblock the most popular streaming services, ask the customer support team of your VPN which one to use.
  2. Enable leak prevention in your VPN’s options menu to stop TRT1 from detecting your actual location.
  3. Try watching on a desktop computer rather than a mobile device. This stops your IP address from being associated with GPS location information.
  4. If none of the aforementioned steps were successful, your VPN may not be appropriate for TRT1 usage.

What to Watch on TRT1 in UK?

  • Dirilis: Ertugrul (A fan favorite!)
  • Don’t Let Go of My Hand 
  • Filinta 
  • Subat
  • Leyla and Mecnun 
  • The Last Emperor: Abdul Hamid II 
  • Yunus Emre 
  • Halka 
  • Bizimkiler 
  • The Innocents 
  • Uyanis: Büyük Selcuklu 
  • Gönül Dagi 
  • Ya Istiklal Ya Ölüm 
  • Mehmetçik Kut’ül Amare 
  • Vuslat
  • The Innocents (2020– Present)
  • Uyanis: Büyük Selcuklu (2020– Present)
  • Leyla and Mecnun (2011–2014)
  • Halka (2019– Present)
  • The Last Emperor: Abdul Hamid II (2017– Present)
  • Gönül Dagi (2020– Present)
  • Don’t Let Go of My Hand (2018–2019)
  • Filinta (2014–2016)
  • Subat (2012–2013)
  • Yunus Emre (2015– Present)
  • Vuslat (2019–2020)
  • Mehmetçik Kut’ül Amare (2018–2019)
  • Ya Istiklal Ya Ölüm (2020)
  • Bizimkiler (1989–2002)

What are the Compatible Devices to Watch TRT1 in UK?

You can watch TRT1 in UK on the following devices:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • Roku
  • Xbox One
  • Chromecast
  • LG Smart TV
  • PlayStation 4
  • Amazon FireTV Stick
  • Vizio SmartCast TV

Follow the below mentioned steps if you want to get TRT1 in UK on your devices:

TRT1 in UK For Android Users:

  1. Sign up/Sign up to PureVPN/ExpressVPN app. (WatchinUK highly recommends ExpressVPN).
  2. Connect to a server in USA.
  3. Then for TRT1 app in the Play Store.
  4. Install it and sign up for a free account and subscribe to any of your preferred TRT1 subscription plan.
  5. Congratulations, TRT1 is now available on your Android device.

TRT1 in UK For iOS Users:

  1. Start by going to Settings > Network and changing the region of your Apple ID to the United States.
  2. Get ExpressVPN/PureVPN for iOS right away. (WatchinUK highly recommends ExpressVPN).
  3. Connect to a server located in the US.
  4. TRT1 can be found in the Apple App Store.
  5. Install the app, then create an account.
  6. Voila! TRT1 is now available for streaming in the UK.

TRT1 in UK For Amazon Fire TV Stick Users:

  1. Start up your Fire TV or Firestick.
  2. Connect your device to a VPN. (WatchinUK highly recommends ExpressVPN).
  3. Do a TRT1 search in the Amazon App store.
  4. To download the app to your Fire TV, click “Get.”
  5. Install the app after downloading it to begin watching TRT1 in the UK.

TRT1 in UK for Xbox Users:

  1. Connect your device to a VPN. (WatchinUK highly recommends ExpressVPN).
  2. Choose “My games & apps” from the Xbox menu.
  3. Visit the “Xbox Store” and type in “TRT1.”
  4. Simply select “Install” from the menu.

TRT1 in UK for Roku Users:

  1. Sign up/Sign up to PureVPN/ExpressVPN app. (WatchinUK highly recommends ExpressVPN).
  2. Connect to a USA server by connecting it to your Wi-Fi router.
  3. Now connect your Roku stick via HDMI to your smart TV.
  4. You can now choose TRT1 from the Roku homescreen after turning on your device.

TRT1 in UK for PS3/PS4 Users:

  1. Navigate to the TV/Video Services category.
  2. Look for “TRT1 in the list of alternatives.
  3. From the drop-down menu, select “Get.”
  4. You can now add TRT1 to your list of “My Channels.”

TRT1 in UK for Kodi Users:

  1. Set up ExpressVPN/PureVPN that works with TRT1. (WatchinUK highly recommends ExpressVPN).
  2. Put the USB stick into your Kodi device after downloading the VPN application to your computer.
  3. Navigate to Settings, System Settings, and Add-ons on your Kodi device.
  4. Turn on Unknown Sources now. On your Kodi device, install the VPN app.
  5. After that, connect to a server in the US.
  6. By turning on your TV, access Kodi’s home screen.
  7. To watch, install the TRT1add-on last on Kodi.

TRT1 in UK For Firestick Users:

  1. Go to Search on your FireStick after turning it on.
  2. Install ExpressVPN/PureVPN going to Unknown Sources and connecting to a US server after that. (WatchinUK highly recommends ExpressVPN).
  3. Type “TRT1” and hit the Enter key. The search results will show the “TRT1 app for Fire TV Stick.”
  4. You must click “Get” in order for the app to be downloaded.
  5. Open the TRT1 app after installation.
  6. Launch the TRT1 app, then log in or register using your credentials.
  7. TRT1 is now available on Firestick in UK.

TRT1 in UK For Apple TV Users:

  1. Select a VPN provider that enables Smart DNS.
  2. Locate your Smart DNS addresses, then select Network from the Settings menu on your Apple TV’s bottom page.
  3. The Wi-Fi button should be pressed to select your network.
  4. Then select Manual Configuration under DNS Configuration.
  5. By entering your DNS address and restarting it, you can connect your Apple TV to a US server.
  6. Install the TRT1 app on your Apple TV after downloading it, and you’re done.

TRT1 in UK For Smart TVs Users:

  1. Install a top-notch VPN, (WatchinUK highly recommends ExpressVPN).
  2. Connect to a server in the US.
  3. Enter the admin section of your Wi-Fi router.
  4. Join it to your VPN and create a free account with the TRT1 app on your smart TV to begin watching.

TRT1 in UK For PC Users:

Using TRT1 on a PC Install and download a high-quality VPN on your computer.

  1. Install a top-notch VPN, (WatchinUK highly recommends ExpressVPN).
  2. Contact a server with a US address.
  3. Log in or create an account on the TRT1 website.
  4. Clear your cookies and cache before logging back in if you’re having trouble watching TRT1 in UK and you are good to go!


What Number is TRT1?

The TRT1 is Turksat Kablo TV: Channel 22.

What is TRT1?

This is a Turkish streaming platform and is accessible only in Turkey.

How can I Watch TRT 1 outside Turkey?

A VPN is what you will need to watch all the content of TRT1 without any issues outside Turkey.

Is TRT Turkish?

Yes, TRT is a Turkish channel. All of its content is also streamed in the Turkish language.

Wrapping it Up!

With VPNs, we don’t have to miss any enjoyment. We can now enjoy our favorite Turkish material from anywhere in the world! We sincerely hope that this blog is helpful to you, as by this point you must be aware of how to watch TRT1 in the UK using the best VPN.

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