Watch ‘The Sex Life of College Girls Season 2’ in UK: Say Bye To Sexual Confusions!

With time the concept of women´s sexuality has been enhanced and modernized but even when women of the new age confidently express their sexual desires, they are still confused about what they actually want. Written and created by Mindy Kaling and Justin Noble, The Sex Life of College Girls is one of the shows talking about this topic in a very light comic way. Watch The Sex Life of College Girls Season 2 in UK on HBO Max on November 17, 2022.

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The Sex Lives Of College Girls Season 2 Release Date UK

After the release of season 1, in December 2021 release date of season 2 was announced. The Sex Life of College Girls Season 2 will release on HBO Max on November 17, 2022.

What Is The Series The Sex Life of College Girls Season 2 About?

Watch The Sex Life Of College Girls Season 2 in UK, the drama comedy series is about students who are roommates at Essex College in Vermont. In the series, we get to see these young girls with raging hormones living through their college years.  

What Is The Storyline of TSLOCG Season 2 in UK?

The story of the new season is expected to continue from where it was left in the season 1 finale where each girl of the main 4 characters was going through something. Leighton is on the quest for her sexuality while Kimberly has failed her final exam and is in a relationship with Leighton´s brother but he has left, Bella has quit the comedy club and is now figuring out what she wants to do next then there is Whitney having a hard time at the campus.

After Kimberly found out that Nico has a girlfriend in another city the growing romance did not develop a relationship, Nico will not be returning for season 2 as the actor Gavin Leatherwood said in an interview that he was happy to do season 1 but will be ¨going in a different direction¨

But don’t be sad because the other character Canaan who´s Whitney´s love interest will be an important character in season 2. Justin Nobel thinks that the couple looks so cute together and he is shipping for them, 

After opening up to Kimberly about her sexual preferences in the first season Leighton and Alicia will also be seen romantically involved in the new season

Official Trailer of the show The Sex Life of College Girls Season 2 IMDb 

Here is the official trailer of the season,  from winter Underland party to sexy ¨striptacular¨ fundraiser events this season will definitely be ¨sex positive¨ and ¨female forward¨.

The Sex Life of College Girls Season 2 Cast

Here is the cast of the show:

  • Pauline Chalamet as Kimberly
  • Reneé Rapp as Leighton, a closeted lesbian, and an affluent legacy student
  • Kaur as Bela, an Indian-American who wants to be a comedy writer
  • Alyah Chanelle Scott as Whitney, a popular soccer player 
  • Ilia Isorelýs Paulino as Lila, Kimberly’s coworker
  • Chris Meyer as Canaan, Kimberly’s coworker
  • Renika Williams as Willow, one of Whitney’s teammates
  • Lolo Spencer as Jocelyn
  • Midori Francis as Alicia, 
  • Mitchell Slaggert as Jackson

The Sex Life of College Girls Season 2: How Many Episodes?

There is no official episode count for season 2 but from the number of episodes in season 1, we can expect 10 episodes in this season too.

EpisodeTitleRelease date
Tslocg S02 E01Winter Is ComingNov 17, 2022
Tslocg S02 E02Frat ProblemsNov 17, 2022
Tslocg S02 E03The Short KingNov 24, 2022
Tslocg S02 E04Will You Be My Girlfriend?Nov 24, 2022
Tslocg S02 E05Taking ShotsDec 1, 2022
Tslocg S02 E06DoppelbangerDec 1, 2022
Tslocg S02 E07The Essex College Food Workers StrikeDec 8, 2022
Tslocg S02 E08Pre-Frosh WeekendDec 8, 2022
Tslocg S02 E09Sex & BasketballDec 15, 2022
Tslocg S02 E10The Rooming LotteryDec 15, 2022

TSLOCG Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

Leighton, Whitney, Bela, and Kimberly return to Essex in episode 1 of The Sex Lives of College Girls, Season 2. Nico was expelled along with many other senior Thetas who were accountable for the cheating incident, according to Leighton.

TSLOCG Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

Leighton musters the confidence to come out to Whitney and Bela. Leighton agrees after they persuade her to DM the party girl. Bela visits Eric’s residence to express her gratitude at the conclusion of the episode. then gives him a kiss. After bringing her inside, he closes the door behind them.

TSLOCG Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

After coming out, Leighton is relishing in her newfound independence; Bela is searching for a charismatic but petite partner; Whitney is challenging herself by taking a difficult course to broaden her perspective; Kimberly is actively seeking a new opportunity to overcome her financial struggles.

TSLOCG Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

Kimberly is invited by Jackson to join a study session, Canaan asks Whitney to be his girlfriend, and Leighton is confronted about something.

TSLOCG Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

Leighton opts to assist Kimberly with her hormone injections, while Bela faces conflicts with her replacement.

TSLOCG Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

A comedian plans to visit the campus, Leighton pursues a junior, and Whitney makes a contribution to a group project.

TSLOCG Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

Kimberly turns to an unexpected individual for assistance with the food workers’ strike, Leighton attempts to date someone who is considered above her league for the first time, Whitney is determined to excel in her final exams, and Bela must confront the repercussions of her actions.

TSLOCG Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

Priya, Bela’s childhood friend, is a guest at her place; Leighton opens up to her father about her sexuality; Whitney sparks a connection with her lab partner.

TSLOCG Season 2 Episode 9 Cast

Bela puts in the excessive effort to manage Foxy’s spotlight; Canaan and Kimberly attend the Economics Awards Gala; Leighton pays a visit to the women’s center.

TSLOCG Season 2 Episode 10 Recap

Kappa elects Leighton as the upcoming year’s social chair; the other roommates are attempting to determine their housing options for their sophomore year; Kimberly is hesitant to express her emotions to Canaan; Whitney is resolute in achieving her desires.

What are the reviews on The Sex Life of College Girls Season 2 Soundtrack?

The audience loved the first season of the popular show and is now eagerly waiting for the second season. Don’t forget to watch The Sex Life of College Girls Season 2 in UK and catch up on the exciting stories of these girls.

Will There Be A The Sex Life of College Girls Season 3 Release Date?

On December 14, 2022, it was officially announced by HBO Max that Season 3 of “Sex Lives of College Girls” will be happening. Mindy Kaling and Justin Noble created The Sex Life of College Girls.

Latest Updates

The antics at Essex College are just getting started.  The Sex Lives of College Girls has been renewed for a third season at HBO Max!

Where Can I watch The Sex Life of College Girls in UK For Free?

The Sex Life of College Girls Season 2 is streaming on ITV Hub and Sky go in UK. But wait, which VPN should you buy to watch The Sex Life of College Girls Season 2? Here’s our comparison.


Is Essex college real?

Yes, there is a college named Essex college but the one seen in the series is totally fictional.

Will Kimberly and Nico patch up?

Nico will not be in season 2.

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