How to watch ‘See Season 3’ in UK on Apple Tv+

She is a fantasy drama that portrays the story of the aftermath of an apocalypse that has left humankind deprived of the sense of sight. You can now watch ‘See Season 3′ in UK on Apple Tv+

The See tv series’ first season premiered on  November 1st, 2019, and now has season 3 on the horizon. The show features our very own Aquaman, Jason Momoa, Sylvia Hoeks, and more!

How to watch ‘See Season 3′ in UK on Apple Tv+

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See— The main plot

The plot of the show centres primarily upon the after effect of an apocalypse which resulted in killing a huge chunk of the human race, leaving rarely two million people behind. However, the twist is, that the survivors have lost their sense of sight. The babies being born now are also deprived of sight. This was just a prologue, the story forwards to a few years later when people have now accepted to live in their current condition and have confided in it. The people can now perform activities such as constructing houses, searching for food and surviving in the current environment. Moreover, the people have almost forgotten they could actually see.

The show involves Baba Voss as the main character, a warrior who founds a pregnant woman seeking shelter. Baba Voss married the girl and decided to take care of her children. To their surprise, the kids are born with vision. Now Baba Voss has to keep the children safe from Queen Sibeth who is ready to slaughter anybody born with functional eyesight. Furthermore, everybody eventually finds out about the ‘famous’ children which result in Baba Voss’s children becoming Queen’s target.

See Season 2

The second season of see includes Baba Voss’s battle with his own brother, Edo Voss who holds a grudge against Baba Voss. Edo is also the Commander General of the Trivantian army. Baba Voss is doing everything in his power to keep his family intact, keeping them as distant from war, fights and politics as he can. Every time Voss tries to step away from trouble, that is exactly when he faces new challenges.

See season 3 plot

Season 2 ended with Baba’s combat with Edo which resulted in Edo’s death. According to the trailer, this season shows the battlefield which seems like the end of everything. The people are all ready to fight the queen and there are new deadly weapons spotted. We could not deduce much from the trailer but there is one thing we know for sure; this season is going to be intense

See season 3 release date

See season 3 is all set to premiere on August 26, 2022, on Apple Tv+.

Jason Momoa on Final Season of ‘See’

Jason Momoa has to bid an emotional goodbye to a character he was extremely attached to. He loved being casted as Baba Voss. He mentions:

“I have a pretty large career doing action so if there’s something that feels a bit stale and I’d like to try something different, they’re open to it,” Momoa told The Hollywood Reporter on Tuesday night outside L.A.’s DGA Theater, site of the red carpet premiere. “And the truth of it is, me and and [showrunner Jonathan Tropper] have a wonderful working relationship. There are things he sees in me that most people don’t and if I say, ‘Hey, I’d literally like to go here with the character,’ it challenges him to get to that level to write me something that is at that level. It’s nice to be able to make him proud.”

Season 3 Episode 1 “Heavy Hangs The Head” Review

Season 3 takes us 256 days after the big battle. There is so much to catch on to, so many consequences so many twists! The episode began with Queen Kane’s birth and now people have eyesight and apparently.. guns?

There is a new threat right around the corner for Tormada. The episode does not include much and merely builds the storyline for the season. We’ll probably see more in the upcoming episodes!

See season 3 cast members

Jason Momoa will reprise his role as Baba Voss along with Hera Hilmar as Maghra Kane (Voss’s wife). The rest of the cast members would be as follows:

  • Dave Bautista

  • Sylvia Hoeks

  • Christian Camargo

  • Archie Madekwe

  • Olivia Cheng

  • Michael Raymond-James

  • Trieste Kelly Dunn

  • David Hewlett

  • Eden Epstein

  • Nesta Cooper

Where to watch all seasons of See in UK?

You can easily stream all seasons of See in UK on Apple TV+ by using a reliable VPN such as PureVpn and get access to all the episodes.

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How many episodes will be there in See Season 3?

Similar to seasons 1 and 2, season 3 of See will comprise eight episodes released every week. The final will air on October 14th, 2022!

Is See on Netflix?

See is not on Netflix. See will be released on Apple TV+.

Will there be season 4 of See?

Sad news for See fans, season 3 will be concluding the series with a banger finale.

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