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Are you too tied up in the royal family drama and events? Watch King Charles III Coronation on BBC to witness him become the new King as he replaces the late Queen. While many of you have been desperately waiting for this day, the wait is finally over. People residing in UK, can watch the coronation of His Majesty using a reliable VPN such as ExpressVPN
Watch King Charles III Coronation as he gets crowned the King and follows all the necessary steps including the Oath as per the tradition. After the death of Queen Elizabeth, many have been waiting for this moment, to see Prince Charles III become the King. Watch the coronation on BBC and witness Prince Charles III become the King and replace his mother.

Watch on BBC airing May 6, 2023

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What is King Charles III Coronation time and date?

King Charles III or His Majestry will be crowned the King on May 6, 2023, at 11: 00 am. Watch the coronation as he and his wife get crowned and get a hold of the power and responsibilities. The ceremony is said to take place at London’s Westimer Abbey, the place where Queen Elizabeth’s funeral took place.

Where can I Watch King Charles III Coronation Online in UK?

The coronation of King Charles III can be watched on BBC on May 6, 2023. If you are someone residing in UK, there is still nothing to worry about. You can now watch the coronation of King Charles III using a safe and reliable VPN

How Much Does King Charles III Coronation Cost?

As the world will watch King Charles II being crowned this weekend, some very grand arrangements have been made. The costs estimated for the made arrangements are up to 63 to 125 million dollars. Similar to many public events the cost is covered by UK Government, British taxpayers and Buckingham Palace. It has also been revealed that only 2000 VIP guests are attending the coronation, which is one-quarter of the guests at the late Queen’s coronations. Watch King Charles III Coronation to have a look at the royal celebrations of the new king!

King Charles III Coronation

What events will take place at King Charles III coronation?

The coronation of the King as per the tradition is divided into various segments, including the recognition, oath and investiture. Let’s have a look at the events take will take place at the coronation in order.

Event I- The Recognition

According to the Anglo-Saxon tradition, King Charles III will be presented to ‘the people’ while standing beside a 700-year-old Coronation Chair. While he will turn to face the four sides of the abbey, he will be proclaimed as the “undoubted King.†The first declaration will be made by Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, whereas the next ones will be made by the Lady of the Garter and the Lady of the Thistle – representing the oldest orders of chivalry in England and Scotland. After each recognition is made the trumpets will sound and the whole congregation will be chanting “God Save the King!”

Event II- The Oath

Right before the Oath taking ceremony takes place, the Archbishop of Canterbury will acknowledge the multiple faiths observed in the UK after which he would administer the Coronation Oath which is a legal requirement. King Charles upon being asked about upholding the law and the Church of England during his reign will place his hand on the Holy Gospel and pledge to perform all the duties and responsibilities that he has promised to. In the second Oath, the King will state that he is a “faithful Protestant” and complete the Oath Taking Ceremony.

Event III- The Anointing

In this event to be anointed King Charles III’s ceremonial robe will be removed and he will be asked to sit on the coronation chair, stressing the sovereign’s spiritual standing as head of the Church of England. Before this anointing ceremony occurs, the archbishop will pour special oil from the Ampulla in the shape of a cross on the King’s head, chest, and hands.

Event IV- Investiture

This is the occasion when the King will wear St Edward’s Crown for the only time in his life. The crown is named after an older form created for the Anglo-Saxon monarch and saint, Edward the Confessor, and is supposed to have been worn at coronations after 1220.

Event V- The Enthronement

This is the final event of the ceremony where King Charles II will take the throne. He may even be lifted into it by the archbishop, bishops and other peers of the kingdom. According to the tradition, the royal successors and peer would pay homage to the king by kneeling before him. The ones paying homage would also pledge their alliance and kiss the right hand of the King. Moreover, for the first time, the archbishop will invite people in the abbey to pledge their alliance.

King Charles Coronation Outfit

While it’s a tradition to re-use the Supertunica and Imperial Mantle, King Charles has chosen to reuse his grandfather George VI’s Colobium Sindonis, a white tunic put after the anointing along with his coronation sword and white glove.

King Charles Coronation Medal

The medal in King Charles’s Coronation will be awarded to those working in Public Service, including armed forces, emergency services workers, prison workers and those working at the coronation. Watch the Coronation to witness the royal event!

How are the people reacting to King Charles III Coronation?

King Charles III Coronation Concert

One event that the public is very excited to see than the coronation itself is the concert. You can watch the concert at 8 pm on May 7, 2023. King Charles III’s Coronation Concert has various celebrities performing in it. It was King Charles’s wish to have Adele, Harry Styles and Ed Sheeran perform at his coronation concert. However while Adele refused for some unspecified reasons, both Ed Shereen and Harry Styles refused to perform because they were busy. Following is the list of celebrities that will be present at the concert

Gary Barlow, Howard Donald and Mark Owen (Trio Performance)
Freya Ridings and Alexis Ffrench (Dou Performance)
Andrea Bocelli and Sir Bryn Terfel (Dou Performance)
Katy Perry
Lionel Richie
Bette Midler

Queen Elizabeth vs. King Charles III Coronation

The difference in both mother and son can be identified by the coronation events they are opting for. While the coronation of Queen Elizabeth lasted for 4 hours in total, King Charles shortened his ceremony to just 60 mins. Moreover, King Charles is expected to take a much shorter route than what Queen Elizabeth had taken on her coronation.
While Queen Elizabeth’s coronation was attended by over 8000 people, the expected guest list of King Charles III is of only 2000 VIP Guests. King Charles also does not have a strict dress code like the Queen’s coronation, his dress code seems to be much more relaxed

queen elizabeth and prince charles

How can I Watch King Charles III Coronation Online in UK?

King Charles III Coronation will be airing live on BBC on May 6, 2023. People residing in the UK can watch the coronation using a safe and reliable VPN like ExpressVPN. Do not miss out on the once-in-a-lifetime royal event!


As we head near the Coronation of King Charles III, we can’t help but feel excited and overwhelmed. Watch King Charles III Coronation on BBC to experience the eventful day as King Charles II gets a hold of the throne. People residing in the UK can watch the coronation of King Charles III using Express VPN. You can watch King Charles III Coronation on BBC in 4D, HD, and SD using a VPN while getting additional access to 500+ streaming services globally.

When is King Charles III Coronation Day Bank Holiday


King Charles III Coronation Day Bank Holiday is on Monday, 8 May 2023.

When did Queen Elizabeth Die?

Queen Elizabeth died on September 8th, 2023. According to her death certificate, she died of old age.

Will Prince Harry attend the coronation?

It is rumoured that Prince Harry will be attending the concert, however, Meghan Markle and the kids won’t be present at the event.

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