How To Watch ‘All American’ Season 5 in UK Online For Free

“All American” season 5 was released on January 23, 2023 on The CW. If you have not wached it yet, stay tuned to watch All American Season 5, which is one of the most-watched shows on The CW with a huge fan base. The fifth season aired its episodes from October 10, 2022 and now it’s returning with the most-anticipated eighth episode. Fans are now expecting something as captivating as the previous episodes and anticipating to find out what will happen to their favourite crew of Crenshaw High School. Let’s explore the show, as we’ve mentioned everything you need to know. You can also catch this up on Netflix.

When and where to watch All American Season 5 online in 2023 in UK?

If you’re interested to know where to watch All American Season 5, which was released on January 23rd, 2023, The CW in UK & Netflix in UK is your answer.

What is All American about?

Inspired by the real-life story of American professional football player Spencer Paysinger, the sports drama series All American follows Spencer James who is a popular high school student and football player at South Crenshaw High School.

A head coach Billy Baker hires him to join his team located in Beverly Hills. However, young Spencer has to live with Baker and his family forcibly to get permission for transfer to Beverly Hills along with Jordan, Baker’s son. Jordan is also beginning quarterback of the newly formed team of James and he doesn’t seem much interested in it.

All American Season 5 Trailer

As seen in the promo released by The CW for the upcoming 8th episode named “Feels So Good,†much hasn’t been revealed about what’s to come. But, it does show a sneak peek of the love lives of Spencer and Jordan. Spencer is looking for a new partner despite having feelings for Olivia. On the other hand, Jordan leaves Layla distressed. Here’s the glimpse of the upcoming episode of All American Season 5:

What was the release date of All American Season 5 Episode 8?

The episode 8 of All American Season 5 was released on 23 January, 2023 at 9 pm ET on The CW in UK. 

What happened in All American Season 4?

In Season 4, Spencer and Olivia bumped into each other many times throughout the season. In the finale, Olivia was creating a news story that could bring awful outcomes for Spencer’s football career as well as for the football program held at Golden Angeles University. Will they be able to fight the storm if Olivia discloses publicly what she knows?

Their relationship was getting fragile, whereas Jordan also broke up with Simone and confused his love for Layla. However, Layla kept their relationship stagnant for sometime despite having feelings for him. Their relationship was expected to blossom gradually. Although Layla had a fling with her boss and they both didn’t end up well, her relationship with Jordan might be complicated.

What’s the cast of All American Season 5?

The following cast members will be starred in the fifth season of the show:

  • Daniel Ezra as Spencer James  
  • Samantha Logan as Olivia Baker 
  • Michael Evans Behling as Jordan Baker  
  • Greta Onieogou as Layla Keating 
  • Taye Diggs as Billy Baker  
  • Monet Mazur as Laura Fine-Baker  
  • Bre-Z as Tamia ‘Coop’ Cooper  
  • Cody Christian as Asher Adams  
  • Chelsea Tavares as Patience 
  • Hunter Clowdus as JJ Parker  
  • Kareem J. Grimes as Preach

What can you expect from All American Season 5?

We can suppose that Jordan is also wise enough to not continue playing football with a broken head in his college football’s freshman year. With a track record of injuries in the past, it can’t be expected that he will be smart enough to resolve his issue. It can also be expected that Coop will be ambitious for a career in law, Asher will be developed as a football coach, and Billy will be promoted as a high school principal.

What’s the plot of All American Season 5?

The first half of Season 5 didn’t go well for Spencer as not only he and Olivia ended their relationship, but his football team is also facing conflicts after the news story by Olivia. Jordan also made a big decision due to her news in the finale.

Spencer James and his friends have witnessed many changes till now in the fifth season. This season’s plot twist is the investigation about the head coach of GAU carried out by Olivia Baker. Spencer and Jordan Baker’s future is crumbling due the termination of the team’s coach and the investigation of GAU’s football program.

Cast of All American Season 5

What are the IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings for All American in 2023?

All American has an overall IMDb rating of 7.6 out of 10.

What are the reviews of All American Season 5 in 2023?

“The show’s main conceit is completely realistic.”

Daniel Fienberg

“High school sports transfers are an ethically murky epidemic that flows perfectly into the even shadier world of the NCAA and college sports. This, plus its treatment of race relations, ought to be enough to fuel a show for several seasons without any contrivances. Where All American stumbles is in crafting the artificial drama within what already ought to be a fraught premise,” he added.

“Unflashy, keenly insightful beats like these lend subtlety and elegant pacing to the story of two cultures within a single city learning from each other. And they’re proof that all American’s is a rookie show with real promise.”

Daniel D’Addario

What are the age restrictions and genres of All American?

All American is a sports drama series and there is no age restriction on it.

How are the fans reacting to All American Season 5?

How many episodes of All American Season 5 are there?

As announced by the All American fan page, All American Season 5 will have a total of 20 episodes, just like season 4.

Episode Guide of All American Season 5:

Further details regarding the episodes are mentioned below:

Further details regarding the episodes are mentioned below:

EPISODE 5.1: Ludacrismas

Spencer, amidst the holiday break, decides to host a memorable Christmas party with JJ and Asher’s help. The intention is to bring him closer to Olivia. Jordan receives concerning news about his hand. Meanwhile, Olivia and Billy make progress in their investigation. Layla takes matters into her own hands to reclaim her father’s company. Coop feels replaced at work, prompting her to contemplate her future.

EPISODE 5.2: Don’t Sweat the Technique

Spencer faces challenges, prompting him to take some decisive actions.

EPISODE 5.3: Feeling Myself

Spencer joins Olivia in investigating Coach Garrett, leading to a realization. Layla attends a red carpet event with Patience, navigating the complexities of exclusive events. Meanwhile, Coop becomes deeply involved in a work case, prompting Laura to intervene.

EPISODE 5.4: Turn Down for What

Antics ensue as Grace and Carter’s wedding approaches. The night takes unexpected turns as characters find themselves in situations they hadn’t anticipated. Secrets come to light during a Vortex game night, causing tension among friends. Coop grapples with disappointing news.

EPISODE 5.5: I Need Love

Olivia seeks Billy’s help to enhance her article. Jordan questions his relationship with Layla during a fraternity speed dating event organized by JJ. Coop faces competition for a coveted spot in a law class. JJ wonders if Asher’s recruiting efforts are a ploy.

EPISODE 5.6: Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down

Spencer and Jordan strive to secure commitments before National Signing Day. Asher capitalizes on an opportunity with assistance from an unlikely source. Olivia grapples with how to publish her article while protecting loved ones. Patience steps outside her comfort zone in a music video shoot. Jordan witnesses a rude awakening at a party.

EPISODE 5.7: Hate It or Love It

Spencer reaches out to Billy for help in managing fallout after shocking news. Jordan contemplates his priorities. Olivia balances work and family feelings. Layla aids Patience in a professional crisis. Coop’s first day of auditing law classes doesn’t go as expected.

EPISODE 5.8: Feels So Good

Laura throws a surprise birthday party for Billy, leading to roasting and a looming decision for him. Spencer takes steps for his own well-being, hoping it aids in moving on with Olivia. Jordan and Layla have their first fight. Asher receives sage advice from Jayme.

EPISODE 5.9: Feel It In the Air

Santa Ana winds confirm Billy’s theory of bad omens. Spencer convinces an ally to speak the truth with consequences. Jordan juggles too many secrets. Olivia moves on and has an unexpected realization. Skye changes the dynamic of her relationship with Patience.

EPISODE 5.11: Time

Spencer attends the Crenshaw combine with Jordan to avoid a big life decision about his relationship with Olivia. Layla clashes with her father, Olivia contends with success behind a pseudonym, Preach gets a surprise visit, and Asher receives life-changing news.

EPISODE 5.12: Lost One

An unexpected event rocks both Beverly Hills and Crenshaw communities, prompting them to support each other.

EPISODE 5.13: Day Ones

Olivia struggles with the loss of her father, requiring friends and family to set aside grief and help her stay sober.

EPISODE 5.14: Make Me Proud

Jordan attempts to assert himself in his dad’s absence. Billy’s death is used to gain attention for the GAU football program. Back at the Baker house, confrontations arise, and Patience prepares for a video premiere event.

EPISODE 5.15: United in Grief

Spencer confronts grief, causing collateral damage. Jordan attempts to lead, but no one follows. JJ makes a shocking appearance, and Layla warns Patience about her #1 fan.


Billy preps his team for the combine, leaving Spencer rattled. Asher helps Jaymee, and Layla devises a plan with unconventional dates. Coop assists Preach in his custody trial, and Jordan faces a confrontation between Layla and Clay.

EPISODE 5.16: My Name Is

Spencer and Jordan attempt to revive the GAU football program without Coach Kenny’s approval. Olivia, Layla, and Patience seek an escape and rediscover themselves. JJ navigates between football and fraternity, and Coop receives great news with potential costs.

EPISODE 5.17: Mask Off

Spring Break for GAU brings new challenges and developments.

EPISODE 5.18: This Is How You Do It

The GAU football team undergoes growing pains, and Spencer tries to bring them together. Asher and Jaymee face varying support for their news. Coop encounters new challenges in class, and Olivia’s direction changes.

EPISODE 5.19: Sabotage

Olivia faces a big decision, and Coastal football training prompts a check-in on JJ. Patience deals with ramifications after ignoring Layla’s advice.

EPISODE 5.20: Now That We’ve Found Love

Dramatic changes are on the horizon for the whole gang, with the road forward influenced by the past.

Where else can you watch All American Season 5?

If you’re wondering where to watch All American Season 5, then you can watch it on FOX TV. However, fuboTV will also stream the episodes live.

Is All American Season 5 a show?

Yes, All American Season 5 is a sports drama series.

What are some other popular shows on The CW?

Where Can I Watch All American Season 5 for Free in UK?

Currently, the show will be available to watch All American Season 5 for free on The CW.

Where can I watch All American Season 5 Episodes in UK?

You can watch all of the episodes of the show on The CW and fuboTV, if you’re wondering where to watch All American Season 5 episodes.

Where is All American filmed?

The earlier seasons as well as Season 5 of All American has been filmed in Los Angeles, California.

Can I watch All American Season 5 in UK online?

Yes, you can watch All American Season 5 in UK with the help of a reliable VPN.

Where is All American Season 5 available in UK?

All American Season 5 is available in UK on The CW and to stream on fuboTV.

Is All American on Netflix?

Unfortunately, the earlier seasons of All American are only available on Netflix in the United States only. 

Is All American based on a true story?

Yes, All American is based on a true story of Spencer Paysinger who is a former professional football player.

All American Season 5 Live Without Cable

All American Season 5 is available live on fuboTV.

What TV channel is All American Season 5 on?

The sports drama All American Season 5 is available on The CW.

Where can I watch all seasons of All American Season 5 in UK?

The CW is officially allowing it, so you can watch All American Season 5 all seasons. However, you can also watch this season on fuboTV.

Is All American Season 4 removed from Netflix?

No, it is available on Netflix, but only in the United States.


All American season 5 was a great season that continued to explore the important social issues that the show is known for. The characters faced new challenges and made tough choices, but they always found a way to come together in the end.

The season finale left us with a few cliffhangers, but we’re excited to see what the future holds for Spencer and the rest of the South Crenshaw team. We can’t wait for season 6!

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