Ryan Reynolds Swears Deadpool’s not in Doctor Strange 2, but do we trust him?


Ryan Reynolds denied that Deadpool would debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Doctor Strange 2. Ever since we looked at what looks like the back of Professor X’s bald head, fans have been speculating that anyone from the other side of the Marvel multiverse could make an appearance.

Recently, Ryan Reynolds is promoting his upcoming Netflix film The Adam Project, in which the actor appears with two Marvel stars (Mark Ruffalo and Zoe Saldaña). Reynolds was asked about the rumor that Deadpool was involved in Doctor Strange 2. Here is how he responded:

I guess I’m not supposed to say anything about that, but I’m really not in the movie. I could be an unreliable narrator, but I’m promising I’m not in the movie.

Well, it may be possible that Reynolds is not being honest. Let’s not forget how many times the Spider-Man trio has denied its appearance before No Way Home. And you know, all of Ryan Reynolds’ schtick. However, fans will have to take his word for it until the confirmation that he will appear.

Rumors began to circulate about the addition to the film’s list after the film’s recent poster drop, which included a ton of teasing of potential actors. Some fans believe that Deadpool can be seen in this poster, but it is not clear if that is the case.

Reynolds had some promising names for Deadpool fans, though. The third film in a character’s series is “coming along.”

The film is not expected to be released until 2023, so fans are still waiting to see it for themselves, but to complete it, there is plenty of Marvel content to come this year with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness which will appear on May 6.

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