YouTuber Harasses Harry and Meghan, Calls for Restraining Order

YouTuber Andy Signore invited fans to join him in staging a protest outside Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s home as part of a YouTube stunt.

Andy Signore, the creator behind Honest Trailers, utilized his royal-themed YouTube channel called Popcorned Palace to propose the idea of a “Worldwide Privacy Tour” to Montecito.

This channel, which is monetized by YouTube and has around 41,000 subscribers, charges members a monthly fee ranging from $5.99 to $49.99 to join, with higher levels labeled as “investor” options.

South Park recently featured a satirical portrayal of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as a “Prince and Princess of Canada” on a global tour advocating for their privacy.

The animated show depicted characters resembling the couple engaging in this humorous scenario.

Signore initially proposed renting a tour bus to take himself and his audience to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s residence in Montecito for a mock protest. However, after facing criticism, he clarified on Twitter that his statement was meant as a joke and he had no real intention of going to their house.

“What if we got a bus and we put together a worldwide privacy tour where we get to get the bus, a coach bus, and we take it up from L.A. all the way to Montecito and we’re gonna bring our ‘we want privacy signs’ and our megaphones and we will go outside of their home and demand privacy,” he said on his channel.

“That is right and we may be able to invite some of you as well. We may be able to offer a few tickets to help us offset this bus tour.”

Christopher Bouzy from Bot Sentinel, a company that studies negative behavior online directed at Meghan, suggested that Harry and Meghan should consider taking legal steps against Signore.

“The recent escalation by this group of YouTubers to target Harry and Meghan offline, and go on a targeted harassment tour, is a matter of great concern and seriousness,” Bouzy spoke to Newsweek.

“This incident underscores the worrisome trend of bad actors weaponizing YouTube to target individuals and the disturbing reality that YouTube is turning a blind eye to targeted harassment.

“In light of these circumstances, I sincerely hope that Harry and Meghan explore every legal avenue to safeguard their wellbeing, such as seeking a restraining order, given the escalating nature of this harassment and its potential risks to their family’s safety,” he said.

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